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Rogue Cardcaster
Rogue Cardcaster 2

Avalon, where even the class pets are mages!

Matthias, Tal, and Gwenne Antairus

Matthias: Oldest, at age 5. Creates colorful, ribbon-like swirls as entertainment using his mind.

Tal & Gwenne: Twins, age 4. Really good at finding things. Basically the psychic versions of dowsing rods.

All three resemble their mother(Nimue) much more than Ryo. The only trait they share with Ryo is the way their eyes cloud over when they work magic or psychic abilities, which they have only the barest talents for. This makes it hard for Ryo to conceal their lineage, since his eyes cloud over too, though his cloud gray while theirs... doesn't.

Nimue Antairus(Formerly Nimue Peirs).

The woman Ryo accidentally saw himself marrying when he was learning to control his future sight. Beautiful, she stood only an inch shorter than him and had luscious dark brown hair that reached passed her shoulders easily. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get a date, Ryo finally managed to her to agree to one date, and he knew just were to go... the wonderful crystal filled lake of his childhood. After hearing how hard it was to bring people there, to a place that had been something his parents had shared with him and his brother, she agreed to another date.

Many more dates followed, sometimes one right after the other, over the course of several years. Eventually, Ryo asked her to marry him, nervous despite the fact he knew what she would say. She said yes of course, after the shock had passed. The next year brought the actual marriage(kept very small and private at the wish of Nimue, with only direct family members allowed to even know about it). It was extravagant for such a small event, with both Ryo and Nimue's family doing everything they could to make this a perfect day.

The next few years went by in a flash. Ryo began to take on more children that needed help controlling their magic, and eventually(with Nimue's urging) started a school for that very purpose. Not long after that Nimue grew round with what was to be their first child, Matthias, as spring thawed the ice and let the snow melt. His birth was a joyous day for both parents, who were sure he'd grow to do great things! A year later and the twins Tal and Gwenne were born, bring even more joy to the hearts of Ryo and Nimue even as the brought more stress that every parent feels! Truly it was a good time for the Antairus family!

Or so it seemed..

The year Matthias turned 2, Nimue received word that her family needed her to come home for a while and help them settle some 'family feud'. Her reluctant goodbye was the last time Ryo saw her.

One night, after her departure, Ryo woke to the most abysmal feeling and the cries of his children. It took hours to calm them down enough for them to sleep, and even then they still whimpered. The way Matthias called for his mother sent chills down Ryo's spine...

The next morning one of Nimue's brothers delivered two things: News of Nimue's death and a letter. He left after hugging his neice and nephews.

Devastated, Ryo read the letter numbly.

Dear Ryo,

I'm sorry you have to read this letter, truly I am. These past years have been so wonderful, like an oasis filled with nothing but happiness and love! To know that, even as I write down these words, that I may never see you or our children again.. it is almost too much to bear. Please forgive me for keeping such a secret from you, but hopefully you will understand.

I am a Hunter. Please do not hate me for that.

The 'feud' I was called upon to help settle is over some stupid tradition that I thought no one followed anymore. Not with our kind nearly extinct, killed by one of our most ancient foes. The tradition states that one must slay a beast of powerful magic alone before they earn the title Hunter, or even marry! Know that, before my family sent for me, I had all but thrown away Hunter traditions. But I could not let some band of idiots dispute our marriage! It is not for pride I go now, but for you.

Since you are reading this, you realize we could not talk them out of the tradition and that it has ended in bloodshed. More than likely the other clan is dead, for I am told we outnumber them.

I only ask that you take care of our children, tell them nothing of their Hunter blood, and do not seek some petty revenge upon any of my family that remains.

I wish you nothing but happiness, even now.
Love, Nimue.

Ryo didn't believe a word of it, and threw his mind into thousands, if not millions, of futures in search of Nimue. She wasn't in a single one. His heart would have shattered had it not been for his three children. Tal and Gwenne, though they didn't understand what was wrong at all, still found ways of making Ryo smile. Matthias helped by showing his color swirls every chance he got. Eventually, Ryo's heart mended and he forgave Nimue for her secrecy.

Now, three years later, Ryo learns that a Hunter may be in Avalon and stalking his niece, Ephebe. For twenty years she and her family had been traveling without fear, and there was certainly no way he was going to let Ephebe get hurt.

Of course, those were also twenty years he had not told anyone about Nimue. Aananda had blown up at him long ago for keeping Keaton when she had discovered Ryo had been unable to destroy his brother and was actually trying to reverse his vapirism!

What would she do when she found out she had two nephews and a niece... that were half-Hunter?

Patron's Name: Álmos(The Dreamt One)
Patron's Sanctum: Ialu(the Field of Dreams)



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