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The Kulak wrote:
Why is there a Dire Rat in Lost Star's A10 (Befouled Shrine)?

Not sure what the intended purpose was, but when I ran it I had the rat run up out of the tunnel leading to Darkus's lair. The party jumped on it non the wiser and split up with the paladin and monk going for the rat while the sorcerer held back. darkus took advantage of this and jumped on the sorcerer criting them with his massive to hit and 100-0 him then used his feed on blood ability to make his saves rougher. it made an otherwise straightforward fight a little higher stakes by putting on of the pcs and dying 3 on round 1. They on the fight no problem after that first surprise, but I think it was a good use of the rat.

TLDR: rat distracks while darkus ganks whoever isn't on the rat.