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Lyrica Strom wrote:
Lyrics takes her arms and wraps them around her father lovingly. "We all went to talk with Zarzanna and she told us about the prophecy of the Silent Gods... Are you familiar with this prophecy, Papa?"

Harmon shakes his head and settles back onto his pillows. "I know crops not prophecies, Lyrica. I've never heard of the Silent Gods."

Lyrica Strom wrote:
"When I met Zarzanna, we spoke of Mama and our family. Do you think we were ever unkind to her? I think she has been rather lonely these past years. Do you think it is ok to talk with her? She seems to know a great deal of information."

The farmer seems suddenly weary, "Your mother, Sarenrae keep her, was a woman of strong opinions and could be hard-hearted. She held no love for the hag.

As for what you should do... you've wielded a blade. You've fought and bled. You are a woman grown and can make your own decision in this. Now, you may not be tired but I am - I need sleep. Go rest now and I will see you tomorrow. Goodnight, daughter." With that he closes his eyes and falls back to sleep.

Lyrica wrote:
"Papa, I must ask you. In all of your life and experience with the Dawnflower, has she ever been stern or disappointed with you? The other night she came to me and shook her head at me as though she was not pleased with me and that somehow I have done something to offend her. You've always taught me that she is ever loving and patient, even with those who would do wrong. I know she can be strong like a powerful flame agains those who have no room in their hearts for redemption, but I never though she would shake her head at me as she did. I am willing to give my life to serve her and I clearly remember her telling me to prove myself worthy. This I am willing to do, but I remember you telling me that the trying was what was most important. You told me to leave the results in her hands. Dear Papa, I believe in the midst of this tragic time, I am doing the best that I can. I know that I've been afraid at times and have not been able to stop my tears from flowing, but I know will not give up. I just never expected the Everlight to give me such an unfriendly expression. My dear, Papa, what do you think this all means? Have I failed her, or is this an imposter to the true Sarenrae?"

The older man eases back against his pillow, his eyes seeming far away. He doesn't speak for a few moments. When he does, his voice carries a range of emotions.

"I am a lay priest, daughter, not a Paladin and not one of her blessed servants. Sarenrae has never spoken to me directly so my experience means little. But, I have some thoughts on what you've said... When you girls were children, you sometimes misbehaved or did thoughtless and dangerous things. I punished you all as needed. Sometimes, you didn't understand your error... but did you ever doubt I loved you? I don't think so. I was able to love you and punish you at the same time. So, why do you assume that Sarenrae is less able to do that?

If you are to truly serve her, you must put aside the simple catechisms of your youth and your assumptions about her. The Dawnflower is as complex as any mortal, if not even more complicated. Don't mistake the lore of the Dawnflower - which is used to inspire and guide the faithful - as being all there is to her. She has many sides, not all of them are loving or forgiving. Even among her holy servants are those focused solely on destroying, instead of redeeming, her enemies.

As for the meaning behind this 'stern look'... could it have been a warning not a rebuke? A head shake can mean many things. And it certainly could be an imposter. Guile is a tool of some of her enemies."

Harmon endures his daughter's exuberant attention patiently. "Sarenrae, it seems, has tasks for us other than enjoying her presence, child."

Lyrica bursts through the door of her homestead, waking Allegra with a jolt as she dozes by the hearth. From the bedroom she hears a familiar male voice, "You have always been a dramatic girl, Lyrica, even when people are trying to sleep."