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After finally fixing the issue with my cache, I chose to browse the recruitment page and found something interesting: almost everyone GMing a game has an alias specifically for being a gamemaster.

My question is this: is there some sort of benefit, direct or otherwise, from having it? Or is it just a cosmetic thing?

Just curious since there is only about a week left for my Darkest Dungeon recruitment.

I know I definitely was hyped yesterday when I witnessed all of those reveals. I am going to list all the ones that really make me squee.

1. Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy: I was already psyched about it coming out at the end of the month, but when I saw that Coco Bandicoot was playable... MY GOD. She was definitely one of my favorite characters from back in the day and having her be a swappable protagonist with Crash is amazing.

2. The Evil Within 2: I know that the first game was not as popular to most as it was to my circle of friends, but I personally loved it. Dark, gritty atmosphere, meatgrinder difficulty, intelligent enemies, psychological terror, and a Resident Evil-style system made it all amazing. Seeing the second game being revealed that ties up some loose plot elements is just awesome!

3. Assassins Creed Empire: I have been getting tired of Assassin's Creed in recent years, but this may very well renew my interest in it. Skyrim-esque RPG elements blended in with a more fantastic depiction of ancient Egypt is a huge plus. Plus it looks like the protagonist somehow goes to the Roman Coliseum, so that should prove a fun jaunt.

4. Dishonored Death of the Outsider: First off, Dishonored combats stealth and fantasy gameplay, steampunk and occult themes, and a distinct Batman vs The Punisher juxtaposing of genres. I love how there is the option to be a silent ghost, moving your way through the cities of the series undetected and bringing the villains down without blood or, if you are the type that likes violence, go full-on rampage-mode vigilante on your enemies. Playing as Billy and/or Daud and working to bring down the Outsider, who I have come to despise for causing human suffering and chaos for mere amusement, is going to probably be an amazing experience.

5. Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus It's a Wolfenstein game, you get to kill Nazis in an alternate future where they took over the world, and you can ride on a fire-breathing, metal-covered dog the size of a bus. Need I say anymore?

6. Skull and Crossbones: The folks behind Assassin's Creed Black Flag are finally making a real pirate game! That in itself is enough to look forward to.

7. Beyond Good and Evil 2: It's the sequel to Beyond Good and Evil. If you need more of a reason to be ready for the game to release 30 minutes ago, just watch the trailer.

8. South Park The Fractured But Whole: South Park as a turn-based superhero RPG. Your superpower is your ability to create a variety of farts and Wendy is now a superhero known as 'The Callgirl'. Need I really list any other reasons?

9. Kingdom Hearts 3: It's Kingdom Hearts, people! Why would you not be psyched?

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"Children will always be afraid of the dark, and men with minds sensitive to hereditary impulse will always tremble at the thought of the hidden and fathomless worlds of strange life which may pulsate in the gulfs beyond the stars, or press hideously upon our own globe in unholy dimensions which only the dead and the moonstruck can glimpse."
-H.P. Lovecraft

It is said that the wise know when to leave well enough alone, to understand that some things are better loft forgotten in the deep, dark places of the earth. As we all know, adventurers are not that type of person. Whether for god, gold, or glory, adventurers have plied their harrowing trade and captured our hearts as gamers. With all the things adventurers go through, such as being impaled, flayed, burnt into a mass of scar tissue, eaten by building-sized monsters, and walking through dark, dank, narrow corridors with a secret fear of some hidden blade ending their life, it's a wonder adventurers do not go insane.

A few years ago, a project was conceived by the great minds at Red Hook Games. They wanted to fix the problem of heroes being seemingly immune to stress or madness. They envisioned a dark, gritty, turn-based RPG that delved into the human mind. And boy did they deliver. Darkest Dungeon is one of the most purchased games on Steam and it has great reviews online.

This game, based on the canon setting within Darkest Dungeon, will hopefully bring some that good old black magic to Pathfinder. If you are interested in a dark, gritty game that delves deep into the human soul, has grueling combat, a dark story, deep characters, and just a dash of cosmic horror, this is the game for you. If, on the other hand, you think that heroes are immune to fear, stress, or madness, you may want to look elsewhere. If you are easily offended by dark subject matter like madness or gore, you may also want to try another game. In Darkest Dungeon, there are things that look like terrifying monstrosities from The Thing or Dead Space, so you have been warned.

Still here? Awesome. Now let me give you the rules to see if your character has a shot at getting driven mad or impaled on malformed, eye-studded tendrils.

How to create your adventurer:
Determine ability scores: For this, roll 4d6 six time and drop the lowest number in each. If you don't like the scores or you want to have complete freedom over ability scores, use a 25 point buy. I want slightly stronger PCs that I don't have to put kid's gloves on for.

Pick your race: I should say that Humans are the most prevalent race in the setting. The other races, all derived from at least human stock, are Aasimar, Changeling, Dhampir, and Skinwalker. If you play as a race other than human, you need to make it believable.
Aasimar are not children of angels, they are individuals blessed at birth by a higher power. If you play as an Aasimar, you must take the Scion of Humanity trait since, for all intents and purposes, you are human.
If you are a Changeling, you either have no in-character knowledge of your condition or else have hidden it from most of the world at large.
I was hesitant to add Dhampir because of all the Not-Blade applications, but the Crimson Court DLC honestly made me change my mind. Just try not to make something too cringy. Dhampirs also suffer from The Thirst. Restraining oneself from drinking after seeing a foe get wounded necessitates a Stress check, assuming the Dhampir has not fed on blood in three days.
Skinwalkers are the last topic up for discussion. Skinwalkers, one and all, are people subject to a curse or the product of foul experiments. During the full moon, Skinwalkers must save to resist assuming a true lycanthrope form and spending the night stalking prey to gorge on flesh and blood.

Decide on a class: Starting level 4. As long as the class/archetype does not have Leadership or any technology above blackpowder level and it is from Paizo, you can take whatever class/archetype you want. Ask about others. Just know that psionics are banned. Not because of power, but because of flavor.
*Archetypes that reference a prerequisite organization or deity should be discussed with me for a setting equivalent.
**You may use variant multiclassing.

Pick your skills: Classes now have a minimum of 4+INT skill points per level. All skills are on all class lists.

Select your feats: Leadership is banned and so are crafting feats. If you gain crafting feats from your class, you instead get a bonus feat appropriate to the class itself.

Calculate HP: We are using maximum HP rules so I can get a smoother idea on how to plan encounters.

Buy equipment: You have 6,000 GP to start with. Any excess funds must be held in a pouch.

Determine your secondary stats: Calculate your BAB, HP, AC, etc.

Describe your character: Provide a physical description of your character.

Elaborate on your character's personality: Give an overview of their personality and how they think in general. Are they haunted by guilt? Are they cocky, effette snobs? Do describe them.

Create a backstory: This doesn't have to be 'A Song of Fire and Ice', but should be enough to give people a feel for your character. If you have trouble, use the ten minute background table. The setting will be fairly wide open, so feel free to come up with a village or city. The game itself combines Middles Ages Europe with a rustic Victorian edge. I am not adverse to people creating characters from Not-Japan, Not-Russia, Not-Africa, etc. Your backstory should not incorporate you already having been to the hamlet unless you are a local. We will handle all of the meet-and-greet in-game.

Be aware of the following house rules in the game: 1. Fighters automatically get Stamina.
2. Rogues automatically get skill unlocks.
3. The game will use the feat tax removal system featured here.
4. Each character has a stress bar that goes all the way to 200. Various things, like being the victim of a critical hit or reading a passage from a forbidden tome, can raise your stress. At 100 stress, you automatically acquire a random mental illness or, more rarely, some sort of permanent buff. At 200 stress, you must make a fortitude or will save, whichever is your highest. Failure results in your character having a heart attack and dropping to -1 HP, non-stabilized.
5. All critical hits, whether from an enemy or player, have a chance of causing a permanent injury. When a crit lands and is confirmed, you or the enemy must make a fortitude or reflex save, whichever is your highest. If you fail, you receive an injury. Injuries can be treated, but require procedures or magic to correct. Restoration works in instances where the injured area is still relatively intact, such as with a mass of burn scar tissue or a head injury. More severe things like a missing limb require things like Regenerate.
6. There is no alignment in-game for PCs, unless said PC turns coat and becomes a minion of the dark forces around the Hamlet. If that happens, it is not really relevant for the player anymore, but the character becomes Cosmic Evil. Abilities that specify alignment work on all beings but deal 10% more damage to creatures that are unnatural, such as undead or Lovecraftian monsters. That said, remember the golden rule of don't be an a$%~!## to fellow PCs. If you are a repeat offender, I will give you fair warning through private message. If you continue, your character will die horribly sometime soon in-game and I will offer you the Vial of Salt to cry your tears into. You will also be perma-banned from any game that I run on Paizo.
7. Each character must select a virtue and a vice. Indulging in your virtue will reduce stress levels a lot, but require some more out of you. Indulging in your vice often requires much less, but also reduces stress much less. Saving an orphan or helping someone out will do you more psychological good than just flouncing through the brothel, to put it into perspective.
8. I would prefer to handle rules-discussion as fast as possible, so I would like if people were willing to use Discord. Not a requirement, but it should help keep combat from being too much of a drag. Alternately, we could use FaceBook or something.
9. I will make secret rolls for stress, stealth detection, knowledge, etc. If you have a relevant ability and choose to use it to buff an attempt, contact me as soon as possible when you intend on using it.
10. When a PC reaches the HP amount that would normally kill them, they do not necessarily die. I begin rolling dice to see if they pass beyond the Death's Door threshold. The save gets harder to make every round they stay below dead HP.
11. Resurrection magic is possible in this game but is very rare and players must roll on a special chart to determine if their return from beyond the grave carries with it any benefits or perhaps bonuses.

After having a huge amount of writer's block deciding what sort of character to write up for a recent ETU game, I decided to replay what is in my opinion one of the best new games released in the past few years: Darkest Dungeon.

I spent about 8 hours straight playing through parts of the game again before I finally came up with a cool character concept. In the spirit of Lovecraft's works, however, it drew my concept further into the rabbit hole. What about running a Darkest Dungeon game? I saw one thread of the sort on another roleplay forum (Elliquiy) and was disappointed when the GM never came back with a recruitment/concept about a month back.

You may think that was the end of the rabbit hole, but no. Hannibull Rektor dug to the very bottom, tore through the wall of amoebic flesh, and sundered the paper-thin walls of sanity and reality to uncover a horrifying new idea. It was an idea that no sane GM would ever even consider, something so alien as to drive those reading the thread to utter and inescapable madness.

My friends and keklords, I offer the most forbidden of ideas: a Darkest Dungeon game. Not so bad, right? Consider this: what if the Darkest Dungeon game used multiple gameplay systems simultaneously? What if you had a Changeling White-Haired Witch (Pathfinder) fighting alongside a Toreador Vampire (VtM 20th), a Huckster (Deadlands), and some random Commoner drawn into all this with only his/her wits to get them through it (freeform roleplay)?

The idea is absolutely b@+%!*& and I recognize that fact. I also recognize that it would top the Rule of Cool chart if I could get it to work. I hold no illusions that it will be a particularly easy game to GM, but I am definitely wanting to see if anyone else is crazy enough to want to be a part of the game.

I have no real plan regarding the game apart from some super vague ideas at the moment. I know that it will take either some Really Upstanding Dudebros @TM or some people who failed a Sanity check multiple times to even get onboard and make me believe that this is anything more than a pipe dream. It will probably take weeks for me to figure out which systems to allow and which to ban, not to mention how all the various gameplay systems would interact.

Anyone want to let their cheese slide firmly off their cracker and embrace the madness that could result from this game?


Player-usable stuff would need to be things relatively lore-friendly in the Darkest Dungeon setting. No Ifrit running around and lighting fires with their hair or things like that.


The bleeped out word rhymes with hat snit, not pull grit. :P

I would probably require all players to have a Discord so we could discuss rules and rule interactions at a faster than normal pace. I hate bogging down games for rule questions in normal play-by-posts. This sort of game would exacerbate the problem a lot.