Any point in a GM alias?

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After finally fixing the issue with my cache, I chose to browse the recruitment page and found something interesting: almost everyone GMing a game has an alias specifically for being a gamemaster.

My question is this: is there some sort of benefit, direct or otherwise, from having it? Or is it just a cosmetic thing?

Just curious since there is only about a week left for my Darkest Dungeon recruitment.

Mine is mostly cosmetic, though it does let me add links to maps and stuff in the description lines and not have them show up on every post I make.


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it also allows players to click on your alias and see all the posts to your games without being lost in posts to other boards. So say you have a in character thread, and out of character thread, and a rules question/discussion thread, if one gets 'lost' off the first page you can find it easily if all three are being posted by one account (IE searching the alias' posts for things about ship to ship combat or infamy/disrepute questions for a skull and shackles game)

Same goes for a player, Hannibull Rektor. Imagine if all my characters in all my games were simply called JTDIV*. Sure, I might self-identify as Rotker LLubinnah in the text, but what if I never refer to my actual character name for several pages?

Having said that, it's your pbp, your players. Up to you. I don't have a dog in this fight, but I do like having a GM be in character as much as me.

*LOL, I'm only in one game.

It's also useful for occasionally hosting a few things you want all of your players to know, like how to format profiles or a quick-reference bar, how you run combat in PbP, and so on.

And, of course, it easily distinguishes you from the players in a game.

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I keep the links to my active PbP maps in the alias header, so players can always find them rather than scroll to the top of the page. And it's nice to be able to go look through my GM posts from one list.

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The biggest thing for me is, as JTDIV says, it's my way of "being in character" in my games. It also makes identifying GM posts all that much easier if "GM" is in the header. Having had other GMs who put game information in the alias header, I can confirm that it's a lovely way of doing things, although I haven't yet taken the leap and done the same.

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I like being able to isolate the GM posts from my general posting on the boards. Much easier to scan looking to see if/when I said something.

All of these are great points. I liked the GM alias because it meant that I did not clutter up my regular alias with all my GM headers!


I wanted a GM alias without avatar. Playing first person the BBEG with the cute avatar besides felt wrong. Besides that I make an own alias for every NPC that will last longer than one short encounter.

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I avoided doing it as I felt like it was one more click I had to make every time I updated (switching to the GM alias). If they were "sticky" (which I hope will happen in a website upgrade), I might be more inclined to do so.

Well, if you're using Oladon's browser extension, I think you can 'sticky' an alias for each campaign...

@motteditor - Rednal is correct. My DM alias is "stickied" in the games I DM, and my character alias is "stickied" in the game that I play in. My "main id" is my default so that shows up in all other places.

@GM Rednal - Took a look at your GM alias. I am going to shamelessly copy much of what is there, and add some stuff. Great idea you have, thanks.

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I don't have any browser extensions, and my GM tag is at the top of the list in the game I run, just as my character names are for other PBPs I play as a player in. Not hard to switch.

I also agree with the others that it's very helpful to be able to have a separate GM alias to sort GM/game posts from other posts on the board.

Papa-DRB wrote:
@GM Rednal - Took a look at your GM alias. I am going to shamelessly copy much of what is there, and add some stuff. Great idea you have, thanks.

Ooh, GM Rednal's profile is nice!

I finally got to putting some stuff in my GM Profile too!

I throw my house rules into my GM alias. GM Rednal's is quite amazing! I think I might take parts of it.

Not much to add that hasn't been said.

I usually link my home rules in the campaign header, as I tend to use slightly different rules depending on the campaign.

I do like the idea of putting some useful rules items in the GM profile. My current profile is purely whimsical.

I DM a significant number of game. As many have noted above, it makes sorting through GM game posts MUCH easier as who can remember everything they ever posted?

I also have different information in each of my profiles. In some I have certain rules in other lists of gear the PCs acquired in others nothing at all. While the Campaign Info tab is useful there is a limit to how much information you can have in them (its a big limit but I reached it for one game and had to create Avatars to contain game data that would not fit in the Campaign Info tab) so for information not necessarily I/C campaign relevant, I use the DM Avatar.

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