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A monster, X, threatens a prone character, Y, who has a standing ally, Z, that is adjacent to character Y but on the opposite side of character Y (placement is the battle grid is XYZ). Character Z is not being threatened by anyone and monster X does not have reach. Character Z wants to drag the willing character Y directly back and away from monster X. Does character Y provoke an attack of opportunity from monster X when leaving the threatened square?

My ruling is that because character Y left a threatened square, an attack of opportunity was provoked.

It was brought to my attention that the combat maneuver Drag simulates the same situation. In the case of the combat maneuver, it is a monster X who is prone being dragged by character Y with neither being threatened by any other combatants. The combat maneuver provokes an attack of opportunity from the monster to the character when it is initiated (for two willing characters this would not occur), however, paragraph 3 under the Drag section states that "an enemy being moved by a drag does not provoke an attack of opportunity because of the movement unless you possess the Greater Drag feat." If an enemy does not provoke because of movement, why would an ally?

Here's the link to Drag, if needed.

So, does a prone PC being dragged out of threatened square provoke an AoO from the creature threatening it?

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I would like to create a flyer to advertise Pathfinder Society games which are free to the public being played at a local library. I would like to use the Pathfinder Society logo on the flyer. What legal text do I need to include on the flyer in order to use the Pathfinder Society logo?

Secondly, I am part of a planning committee to host a small RPG Convention and we would like to use Pathfinder Society modules. The convention will charge an entry fee to cover the cost of the facility rental. Under the community use policy, can we still use the Pathfinder Society logo if we comply with providing the correct legal text on the flyers, posters, and advertising materials?

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I really liked some of the work that both Green Ronin & Fantasy Flight Games put out for 3.5. Is there any word whether either of these companies are planning support for PF RPG? I'd love to see the Midnight and Freeport settings get converted.

Along the same lines, could PF RPG be made into an computer/console RPG along the lines of Neverwinter Nights or Dragon Age?

One can hope, right?

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Just a quick note to potential DMs about a minor error in the mod:


In order to take Improved Trip, both of the Gnolls at the end of the mod need an Intelligence of 13 and Combat Expertise.

I recommend increasing the Gnolls' Intelligence score to 13, add 2 skill points into Profession Sailor, decrease the attack bonus for the Whip to +7, and replace Weapon Focus Whip with Combat Expertise.

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Can anyone tell me the release date for the next Pathfinder Society module(s)? I've really enjoyed the first 4 and look forward to more!

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I was DMing the Eberron adventure "The Forgotten Forge" and this question arose in my mind although fate intervened and saved me from having to address the issue in the game.

Does Entangle work on a swarm of diminutive creatures? Although there is nothing written in the rules prohibiting this, it seems like it shouldn't work for that size of creature. For example, the beetle swarm in the Eberron adventure Forgotten Forge.

Additionally, what if hot, flaming, oil is applied to the Entangle? Does the faming oil damage the plants so as to effectively negate the entangling for that small area?

Any thoughts?