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Great, thanks for the input. This seems like a suitable formula more or less, you guys are awesome.

The PC's are lvl 12 now and will probably be lvl 13 when this happens. After thinking a bit more on it, there will probably be one cavalry company of 500 lvl 6 fightersal and another company of around 1500-2k infantry lvl 4 fighters. Campaign not set in Golarion and it makes sense in this world to have large skilled free companies. There is a chance of plunder though not that great but the PC's do have the coin to pay. It will be against a larger force if Orcs, Trolls, Ogres and some magical creatures with one adult or old red dragon. This will be the event right before they face the BBEG as they will need to get past all his minions protecting his resurrecting body.

I know.there is a guideline of about 1 silver per day per lvl.of character but this is a little different. I'm thinking more along the lines of a company or two of anywhere between 500 - 2000 sellswords; lvl 8 fighters.

This would be for a big battle against a larger force of monsters/creatures. I was thinking a flat rate for the contract and additional amount per day of service but I don't know how much.


Someone mentioned a rogue trick that delas with something like this. Other than that, I know of no other rules for it. As long as you both are happy with it, should be good. Just remember, that acrobatics skill will get higher and higher and may lead to abuse and/or absurd antics.

Good question Daimaru. I can't seem to find a general censuses on that or if said monk with base speed 80 can make 4 jumps for 20 feet each as a single move action as the total does not exceec base speed.
I think that if you can run then jump as a single move action (10' running distance), why can't you jump then jump?

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Going to have the party encounter 2 lvl 15 monks who will be using terrain to their advantage and jumping a lot... some questions.

1.can you make more than one jump per "move action" as long as itdoes not exceed the maximum distance? Is there a limit or special rules for change of direction.

2. What is the max distance? Is it your base speed or run speed (×3/×4)? If run speed, is that a "full round" jump. If multiple jumps are allowed can sum of all jumps not exceec movement equivalent.

3. What counts as distance jumped? Vertical distance covered, horizontal distance covered, the sum of both?

4. Suppose there is a 40' cliff in front of a monk; to clear that jump would be at least a DC 160... what if there were branches/ledges at 10' intervals? Could you hop from one to the other in one move action and get to the top if base speed is 80?

5. Is there a rule for kicking off the wall or corner (like Jackie Chan) to get another jump if there are no ledges?

6. Do most people do 2 checks on a large jump- length then height, choose the higher DC, or add them together.

Great community here, hoping for some great feedback.

I wouldn't include it in the budget to deem it being too difficult but I would award extra XP especially if.they just kill the orcs and not the mounts so that they can use the mounts after... strategizing and RPing

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I would allow some extra do due to the extra speed and +1 attack for being on horseback. But as GM it's your call.

I think you would still get only half strength damage with off hand still... assuming you don't switch hands and don't have the feat double slice.

Ok. Checked it out and it all makes sense to me. Thank you very much guys, you have put my mind at ease.

Yes he is but they weren't highlighted so I figured they were just regular clothes. Do those up the damage?

Never played a monk and would like to include them in an upcoming encounter as the GM. I've been reading up and thinking of how I will.play the encounter and will B BE using the paizo Monk Master lvl 15 NPC but I can't understand for the life of me why the damage is 2d10 when the chart shows it as 2d6 for lvl 15 medium human. I checked feats and gear but can't find why it's not 2d6... can someone show me why the damage is 2d10 please?

Fickle winds seems to imply that seeking shot would not work. Not too familiar with cluster shot though. This is coming from. GM perspective that this spell is overpowered, I currently only have a cleric so I don't range attack generally.

I think this spell IS overpowered. It says a cylinder that encompasses ... this leads me to believe that the top and bottom also have the effect. You're basically in a can of of windwall/fickle winds. I might house rule in my campaign that magic weapons or arrows can penetrate. Somewhat similar to the AD&D protection from normal missiles. It allows a player to fly above a crowd with it (as it will most likely be used with flight) and rain down on lower foes or Orcs; creatures without magical weapons.

I have a Rogue3/Fighter 5 that uses TWF. I dig it. Adds flavor to your character and can increase saves and class skills.

What levels?

What about Magus? Not a Sorcerer but you still get the magic effect. Pretty sure you can go unarmed or natural attacks with spell strike.
Not sure sure though.

I really dig.all the input. I'm somewhat torn now about whether I want to have them act as groups of 5-10 w different initiative or have them as a troop or swarm. I like the idea of a swarm or troopdue to the auto hit effect as it makes sense to me and shouldn't really be too big if a deal. But I also want them to get the feeling of blitzing the enemy and just one-shotting or cleaving through groups; they started at LVL 1 and that's a good feeling when you realize you can just smash through lesser beings with ease.

Troop or swarm? They will be LVL 10-11 when this happens so it shouldn't be too tough.

How do you convert into a swarm.

Thanks outlaw.

The concept is that the party needs to seek assistance from a town that is under swivel by a massive orchestra army. They will fie.d a weak point (30-50 orcs) and have to take them to get into the city. I'm thinking the orcs would have both melee and range weapons. Javelins at the least.

Under seige... not under swivel haaha. Fat thumbs and small phone, first world problems.

I'm thinking more along the lines of rolls and damage so that I don't have to roll an extensive amount of dice

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I know.the mass combat rules don't quite work with regular combat; so what is the most efficient way to handle this.

I feel your pain. Once had a magic user (ad&d) contract lycanthropy... not good for a magic user. I lost control and attacked a samurai village infecting the leaders son. He was pretty mad and threatening war on my small.little.city I.just created.
I was on a quest for an alchemical item to.fix.this. maybe your GM would allow.it. or.give your allies a control.device, shackles, muzzle or something.

I agree with trying.to get rid.of.it. Talk.to your GM about a side quest to.cure yourself.

I like it. It allows him to BAMF by RAW however, I really want to keep him as an assassin as this will be the first assassin the party will encounter and they already know of him as an assassin. I also really like the idea of him being able to BAMF as
a move action. (think of it as flavored flying). More like the Age of Apocalypse nightcrawler... a killer as opposed to a swashbuckling hero.

Hello everyone, first time poster, long time creeper.
I need some advice on making a BBEG Lieutenant homebrew campaign, I have an idea for a Nightcrawler (X-Men) type of assassin and would like some help/input/advice.

Again, this is for a homebrew campaign and I will be mixing and matching to create this character. It is by no means RAW but I houserule a few things and my PC’s have no issue with it.

Long story short (or shorter at least), The PC’s are on an epic quest to stop the reforming/resurrection of an ancient evil that could destroy the entire lane. This creature was previously stopped by a powerful weapon that was forged by the Dwarves and enchanted by the Elves, long before Mankind ever walked those lands. The weapon broke into seven different pieces when it was last used to stop this great evil and now the PC’s are on a quest to find the Shards of the God-Piercer.

This great evil has Four main lieutenants with varying characteristics and styles. Each is somewhat bound to their personality and traits as those type of individuals, they are: The Knight (an Anti-Paladin, the first one they encountered, not a big thinker, his idea of serving was standing guard in front of one of the shards to protect it), The Fool (a modified Bogey Man with demonic traits and immunities, uses Fear to destroy enemies, bound by his foolishness and love of drama/showmanship). The Sorcerer (the PC’s first encountered him when they found one of the shards and were told to speak with this person about them, The Sorcerer is in the guise of a noble lord who runs a museum and tells the party he wishes them to seek out the shards for him as part of a “History Exhibit”, He will probably be the final lieutenant they finally take on, and The Assassin… which is what brings me to this thread here.

Now as previously stated, they are all bound by who/what they are and all serve their master in different ways because of it. The Sorcerer goes to great lengths and comes up with schemes, using the PC’s as his unknowing tools while the Fool kidnapped a party ally and made the party come after him in his Horror-House (think Joker meets Scarecrow) and makes a big scene and show about it.

This Assassin, let’s say has been following the party for months, observing them. The time will soon come when this creature makes his move and I need some help on finalizing him.

The Assassin will most likely be a Tiefling with the tail that can grab items (archetype or trait) so as to have the Kurt Wagner feel to it. I’m thinking of having him Rog 5/Ass 10 as the PC’s will probably be around LVL 11 when they fight him and I need him to be able to sneak attack/flank against ALL PC’s or it just won’t seem like a boss fight. The problem I am having is determining if this is balanced and/or too difficult or too easy for the party. What things should be removed, what should be added, etc. I belive he should have special abilities for the Demonic essence and for his Assassin for The Great Beast status.


STATS: (call it a combination of good rolls, 4-level bonuses and magic items)
STR: 18 DEX: 30 CON: 16 INT: 18 WIS: 16 CHA: 21

Dodge, TWF, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Kukri), Double Slice, Improved TWF, Blind Fight, Critical Focus, Exotic Weapon Proficiency – Kukri (Bonus Feat, call it an archetype or trait)
Rogue Tricks:
Fast Stealth, Combat* Two Weapon Defense
Special Talents:
Death Attack, Poison Use, 51 save bonus vs. poison, Hidden Weapons, True Death, improved Uncanny Dodge, Quiet Death, Hide in Plain Sight, Swift Death, Angel of Death, Trapfinding, Evasion, Sneak Attack 8d6

Defense: HP: 150 (sounds good, yes?)
AC: 29 (armor is modified Celestial Armor – into Aklo Armor) (armor +9, Dex + 8, dodge +1, Two weap def +1 = 29
SR: 24? DR: 10/Good
Immunities: Acid, Disease, Death Effects, poison
Resist: Acid 10, Fire 10, Elec 10
+3 Keen Kukris (2)
+22/+22, +17/+17 (1d4 +7) plus 8d6 Sneak Attack (crit 15-20/x2)
Mwk Composite Short Bow +4
+1 arrows.

Move 30’ *BAMF* 60’? 100’? w/in eyesight? (cannot be used with any feats to allow movement and attack outside of move action, standard action, when used as full round action may *BAMF* up to 3 times but no attacks whatsoever)
Is this too much? How far should his *BAMF* movement be?I like this type of movement (similar to cape of mountebank) and I like the idea of it as a move action rather than dimension door/teleport as standard action because it allows him to move a great distance very quickly and still get a single attack in w/o allowing full attacks)

SPELLS PER DAY/SPELL LIKE ABILITIES: This is where i feel i am having the hardest time in determining what spells should be at will, constant, 5x, 3x per day, etc or what spells should be included or not. So far I have…

CONSTANT: See Invisibility, Detect Magic, Spider Climb
AT WILL: Obscuring Mist, Invisibility, Ghost Sound, Alter Self/Disguise, Greater Teleport, Telepathy (100’)
5x Per Day: Deeper Darkness, Shield
3x Per Day: Haste, Gaseous Form

I think that pretty much sums up what I’m going for. Again, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m afraid that this might be too much for the party to handle.
They are Rogue: 11, Barbarian 11, Sorcerer 10, and two NPC's that they choose to take with them that i control (will most likely be Cleric of Athena -war/knowledge, and either Ftr3/Pal8 or Ranger 11.

I plan on having them dealing with a bandit lord who agrees to allow them to leave for a small price and takes them to the mess hall to draw up the paperwork but they walk in and see all the badit lord's men face down in their broth with their throats slit. Then about 6-8 Red Mantis Assassin pop out and start attacking; after about 3 rounds of fight, the Assassin makes his move and goes for a Death Attack.

Let me know what you think.