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That's a good point, I didn't really think about that. I don't really need to destroy the village, the PCs could even just encounter the adventurers mopping up parts of the horde outside the intact village.

Some further information.
I wasn't really detailed enough in my explanation. They are going into the monastery to assassinate the leader of the horde, and to attempt to wipe out the horde itself, as no one knows its true size and the towns folk suspect it is a group of a couple dozen since so far the horde has just been making surprise attacks in the night. The PCs will also find a mysterious artefact in the monastery of odvious value but unkown purpose. I was actually planning on having one of the NPCs being in the employ of the lord and recognizing the artefact, I just forgot to put it in the post. What I could do with the binding the demon lord part of the plot is have the ritual simply summon the Demon Lord, perhaps the Lord Wilhelm could be arrogant enough to think he could control the demon when in actuality he couldn't.

With the kind of characters that my friends play, actually going through with the ritual itself is a likely option.

I'm dumb and accidentally posted this multiple times. My apologies.

I am currently starting to DM a Pathfinder 1st edition RPG game, and could use some feedback on how to improve the plot outline I have. I have only been a DM once before for a completely different system and am not the most creative person, but I know the system the best, so I ended up as the DM.

So the basic idea is this. The PCs start in a small village, as villagers, which is under attack by a horde of orcs and goblins. They have to venture to an abandoned monastery which is the hordes base to deal with the threat. While they are at the base, the horde launches a surprise attack on the village which is destroyed in the process. The PCs come back from the monastery only to find that the village has been destroyed, but the horde managed to be wiped out by some of the surviving village guards, and a group of adventurers who are passing through. The group of adventurers upon hearing of the PCs clearing out the monastery, offers to talk to their employer a person named Lord Wilhelm about getting the PCs a job. The party then travels to the capitol city after having some adventures along the way to the city.

Lord Wilhelm is an archaeologist who recently lost both his legs in a dungeon and wants to employ the PCs to gather artefacts for him as he is no longer physically capable of such a task. Wilhelm then gives them some sort of test to prove themselves after which he assigns them to go to various dungeons throughout the world gathering artefacts for him, each one more dangerous then the last. The artefacts seem unrelated, but Lord Wilhelm is gathering them to perform an occult ritual, to summon and bind a demon lord to him, which he then plans to use to wipe out a certain nation who wrongly executed his wife and children (the PCs don't know of his motives). Each artefact that they gather provides a small hint to his plan, and he finally reveals his true plans to the PCs (in hopes that he can gain their loyalty to go along with it) after he has them go into hell itself to retrieve a crystal that is the last artefact to use in the ritual. The PCs then have a choice to support him (or at least pretend to support him) or actively work against him to try to stop the ritual or to corrupt the ritual and bind the demon to the PCs thus giving them godlike powers to shape the world as they see fit.

The problem with the plot as I see it, is it involves a lot of fetch quests, and doesn't give the players a lot of choices. It is also very heavy in dungeon crawling , and I want to give PCs who are the face of the party, and who picked classes that aren't super suited to dungeon crawling things to do. Also I would just like to add some variety.

Thanks for your input.

What about feats?

Like a Brawler 3/ Rogue 3 with the snakebite striker and burglar archetypes.

What about some combination of unchained rogue and snakebite striker?

What about a combAt maneuver specialist kind of build?

What about using a cestus or tekko-kagi and taking a dip in brawler for profibciency.

I was thinking of human since Catwoman was a human.

So due to suboptimal descisions on my part my rogue duelist has bren captured and will be put to death-with almost no chance of escape. So I need to build another rogue and I was thinking of building...catwoman! I have no idea where to start though. I will be reintroduced at 6th level. Any books are okay as long as they are paizo. I will be rolling my stats with 4D6.

One thing that I think this build thingy needs to adress is ways to get sneak attack. Are their any feats that would provide ways of getting sneak attack that would fit thematically with bronze tiger?

So long story short, I like to build characters from Arrow into Pathfinder. I have built Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen and actually gotten to play as Slade which was pretty fun. However I still am not a pro at the rules and optimizing builds. I have never even played up beyond level 5 before due to my groups tending to dissolve. So right now I am building Bronze Tiger just for fun. Feel free to critique what I already have. I rolled these using 4d6. I have also house-ruled (since I am just building this for the lols and a slight off chance of maybe playing him if another character dies).

Ben Turner aka Bronze Tiger
Brawler 6 (snakebite striker)
Str 20
Dex 20
Con 18+2 racial=20
Int 10
Wis 13+1 at 4th lvl= 14
Cha 16

1st: Weapon Focus Tekko-Kagi
Human bonus: combat reflexes
Brawler bonus: deflect arrows
5th: Weapon specialization Tekko-Kagi
Brawler Bonus: ???????

Abilities: Ranks in stealth, acrobatics,bluff, and maybe some other stuff.

Gear: enchanted tekko-kagi, leather or studded leather armor, and some sort of ranged weapon.

What gear would be good to get. And what is a good damage spell to use for spell specialization and spell focus?

Could you provide a link?

Any particular feats that you suggest?

This might be a dumb question but any essential gear i should pick uo?

As for feats I think I will grab...
1st scribe scroll
3rd Brew Potion
Arcanist Exploit Craft Wondrous Item
5th Craft Wand
Arcanist Exploit Craft Magic Arms and Armor

Ok so I rolled uo some stats. Here they are without racial bonuses as I havent chosen a race.

Str 10
Dex 19
Con 15
Int 21
Wis 12
Cha 18

How do you create your own spells?

I meant all the Core books plus a few of the fluff books (inner sea gods and inner sea world guide)

Ok arcanist it is then.

What is the difference between an arcanist and a wizard?

I feel like a blastercaster as a secondary roll to a crafter might fit the party better. We are going up against a lot of stuff with DR.

Ok but I've heard constructd are a bit nerfed in Pathfinder.

I doubt he will allow it.

Their is downtime in the campaign which is based any Galt. Thr other people do want gear. We really need an arcane caster and preferably someone who can make wands, improve gear, and have kind of a gadgety feel.

Basically I want to be a resource for thr party creating specialized gear but also having a role in combat. So maybe a blaster caster item creater hybrid.

I was thinking of building someone based off The Atom seen in Arrow or Raven. As for thr party our druid focuses on buffing our slayer does two weapon fighting and some ranged our ranger does ranged and our fighter is melee.

Forgot to mention we are at 5th level.

Arcanist could work too.

Yah I am trying to build what the title says. I have no idea where to start as I have never played a real caster before. Any help would be welcome. We are using all the books. So far our party has a slayer a ranger a druid and a tactition fighter.

The final build is the same except I dropped the Sawetooth Saber progiciency. The gear and everything is figured out. Thank you for your help.

Harry Potter in armor.

I am trying to type on my phone which doesnt work well so sorry about the awful spelling.

Sweet looks like this build is done for 5th. As far as this build goes would Two Weapon Feint or Two Weapon Rend be better for a sixth level feat?

Playing slayer could be fun. Th err y can work well as a frontliner.

Also are their any drawbacks that fit arrow Slades personality? I was thinking maybe pride.

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I usually listen to anything by Nirvana. Also Valley of the Damned by Dragonforce and some of their other really good songs.

So I just finished the 5th level build. Please direct any further suggestions towards planjing for future levels. The final build looks fairly good, I will have to see how well it plays.

Also what kind of armor would be a rough approximation of his Deathstroke suit for when he becomes deathstroke?

What feat would be the best at 6th level?

Thats true. What would you suggest as a good d s mage dealing option for this build?

Instead of multiclasding I would need a good solid way to deal damage. I think sneak attack might be a good alternative. What might be some good ways to get dneak attack? I was thinking feinting. On a side note, the feats i now plan to take are:
Feat instead of two traits( my Gm allows that) blind fight
1st: Exotic weapon proficiency Sawetoothe saber
Bonus: Improved unarmed strike
Ranger Combat style: TWF
3rd:Extra Slayer talent: Rogue Talent: firearm training
Slayer talent:Double Slice
5th: Extra Slayer talent: Rogue talent: grit (ricochet shot)
Slayer talen: Ranger combst style: Two weapon feint or rend
7th: quick draw or power attack

What exactly does a gunslinger get that couldn't be replicated with feats? Also in Arrow, Slades primary weapon was the sword, guns were his secondary weapon, although he was good with them.

Is their a such thing as a silencer in pathfinder? That could cime in handy. Also is their anything even close to a sniper rifle thats an early fire arm?

Ok sounds like multiclassing would be a bad idea.

As for race, tengu might not be a bad choice for the weapon proficiency... although I would suggest human for the bonus feat.

Cleave might not be the best idea... I might suggest getting TWF at first level and then Double slice as your bonus feat, save power attack for later. If you wanted to play slayer instead Two weapon feint might be a good idea. What are you thinking for weapons?

What about taking Weapon Focus Scimitar or other feats that help you use your scimitar to better effect?

Also what kind of gear might best mimic that which arrow Slade used before he became deathstroke? Like his ASIS uniform and stuff.

Alternatively would two weapon fighting be a better fighting style or build. Feel free to suggest alternatives to the aldori free hand fighting style that might mesh well with tge duelist.

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