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Mike McArtor wrote:

This thread suddenly got my attention.

Please continue to talk about what you like and dislike of dragons as they exist in D&D today.


The dragons as presented in Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved spring to mind. With those guys, you never know what your getting. A reddish dragon that breathes ice, a bluish dragon that breathes a cloud of stinging, blinding dust.

That sort of thing would be nice.

Just checked out the new iconics posted. I really like the sorceress. Sign me up for 10 ranks in Profession (Tattoo Artist). Yow!

Gurubabaramalamaswami [used wrong identity today].

Amai d'Cannith wrote:

yay ive got a fan!!11!!!1

dont worry guru i'm not goin newere lol :-)

Awesome. Looking forward to seeing new updates.

Yes, that's a different "me". Borrowing my wife's momentarily.

In regards to Paizo maybe getting to buy out the D&D brand, maybe they'll get their chance if 4th edition debuts. I think a new edition of the game will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Honestly, unless WotC comes up with something really revolutionary, what more can be done to improve the game? I'm not talking about updating errata and tweaking things, I'm talking about the whole shebang.

One reason I will never buy a 4th edition product is that I can't afford to spend the hundreds of bucks just to update my game.

The other reason is that I have enough existing material to keep me happily gaming the rest of my life.

So....anyone got favorite OGL monsters that they'd like to see show up in the Pathfinder series?

I'm personally opting for the crucifixion spirit from Tome of Horrors II. Those things are way cool.