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Felicitation les amis :)

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KotC Lorhayden wrote:
Your settlement is going to be very interesting. As both an Elf and a Warden within the Keepers I would like to extend my hand to you in friendship. When Taur first came on to the scene here I reached out as an Ambassador for my organization to yours. I would do so again.

Hello Lorhayden, I'm in no position to answer you but I'm sure we'll be considering your proposition shortly. We are just trying to clarify the practical aims and position of the guild before we start any political / diplomatic interactions.

CBDunkerson wrote:
Nihimon wrote:
"Work with", yes, but those Characters won't be able to be Members of the Settlement, or of Companies that are officially Sponsored by the Settlement (which requires Company Members to also be Settlement Members, I believe).
Yeah, I've wondered how that works. If all members of a Company 'sponsored' or 'chartered' by a settlement automatically become members of that settlement what happens when some of the members are within one alignment step of the company, but not the settlement?

Ah true we have an issue here, I re-read the Alignement/Reputation stuff and it's clear we have a conflicting situation. Depending on the importance a player will put on his RP and the restriction on the Core Alignment imposed by his settlement this could mean either that characters will have to change their core alignment or be precluded from joining because of the alignment of the settlement. Interesting...

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For the sake of clarity, shouldn't we merge this thread with the other one ?

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Nihimon wrote:

In general, Characters must be within one Alignment Step of their Company or their Settlement. If you have a Lawful Good Settlement, then the Characters who reside there must be Lawful Good, Neutral Good, or Lawful Neutral. Same for Characters and the Companies they belong to. Also, Sponsored Companies must be within one step of the Settlement that sponsors them.

Alignment and Reputation is the place to look if you want more information.

Thanks for the clarification, I did not review all the blog posts and wish there was some more explicit index to look for this kind of very useful hint.

Anyway, if I understand well, because of the one-step rule, almost any alignment is possible in a settlement except the opposite for non-neutral alignments.

If I take our exemple, the Taur-Im-Duinath settlement being aligned CG, it could accept NG or CN Chartered companies who themselves could accept members one step away (LG and TN or TN and CE respectively). Therefore we would end up with a CG settlement that could work with any alignment except LE, LN and NE.

So to answer Pax Shane Gifford's question, there's no mechanical/game reason why Taur-Im-Duinah could not work with TN characters. We'll probably adapt the charter, after all the Company and Settlement are a work in progress that the members need to refine.

TEO HTRajan wrote:
Indeed, any settlement that allows both LG and CE is asking for trouble.

Not necessarily, remember that the ethos of the Settlement will be to regroup and protect elven-kind (and possibly some elven friends). An LG Elf and a CE Elf in Taur-Im-Duinath will identify themselves as elves before all, if their respective alignment were so defining and structuring for their behavior and identity before their race, they would not settle in Taur-Im-Duinath but would have joined other settlements who focus more on this. An LG Elf will certainly accept the first law of a chaotic settlement which is that there are not much law, also we're in the River Kingdoms. For a CE Elf it's even easier, obviously he won't be stupid enough to commit crimes in plain sight and certainly avoid being ousted or punished by the settlement who is Good-aligned. Aside the game mechanics about reputation and alignment, CE and LG inhabitants of the settlement will be good RP matter. After all the Elven race is not made of clones but individual personalities ...

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Mourn Blackhand wrote:
As long as it fits the rules its fine, but when the PFO first started we had to pick an alignment block that was acceptable.

Do we have some documented rules regarding the alignment block requirements ? Would that mean that a Company/Faction cannot accept any alignment among it's members ?

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Hello Guys,

Like the concept, not sure which kind of elf I'll be playing yet, but I applied through the Goblinworks Guild charter.

Also Wayne, be aware that the registration on the Guild forum at seems to be broken.

I followed the instructions and used the contact form to request an account here:

But when I submitted my request, I got a "404 - Category not found" error message :(