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Scenario 2A states to use a Ship location, but I don’t have one. Should it be the Boat ?

How about downloadable character sheets ? Please.

Still waiting. Also we need the Hells Vengeance ones.

i can't find any card that references this loot.

Great! Thanks.

When can we expect the goblin character sheets? Thanks.

I have both class decks. Planning on running a goblin party through Wrath while we wait for Mummy's Mask.

Will the goblin character sheets be available for download any time soon?


When you permanently close a location the remaining cards are banished.

The Ekkie PDF can be found here: Ekkie details
I'm hoping we get Arueshalae before the weekend, but they might be busy with GenCon.

The 15-card deck list is missing an Item.

The power states: "After you play a spell ..." so I would say you recharge the random spell immediately after playing (and while displayed). Not when you recharge, otherwise the power would state: "After you recharge a spell ...". Right ?

Set #3 has Alain, Imrijka and Balazar from Wrath.

The sets are tending to go for £20 - £25. Set #3 is stilling showing as pre-order.

Yeah, in the shops. Can't seem to get it anywhere.

Hi. Does anyone know why this hasn't shown up in the UK yet. Thanks.

Ok cool. Thanks Vic.

Just going by the flavour text of the scenarios, the fifth one mentions the Deskari specifically - so I'm going to assume they should be used there. I read somewhere that the villain for scenario 2 is also a mis-print. Again, the flavour text mentions the correct one.

AP1 includes Cultist of Deskari henchmen which aren't referenced on the scenario cards. Two scenarios state to include the Cultist of Baphomet. Should one or both actually refer to the cultists of Deskari ? Thanks.

Just wondering on when we will get any news about sets #4 to #6.

Really looking forward to the new adventure. It is going to be awesome.

I think we Europeans will have to wait to tomorrow.

Yeah I think we have seen something similar before on a henchman - check the top two cards and put back in any order, kind of thing. It always seems like the best bet is to close the location if you can. Could be useful with the odd location that leaves a few boons lying around though.

Andrew L Klein wrote:
I wouldn't call it lucking into it, you're going to have far more regulars than henchmen and villains.

Yeah, but those regulars won't always be giants.

In my experience, UK availability tends to be 1 week after US - so hopefully this time next week.

There goes my weekend.

Ilpalazo wrote:

So in this case then, Ranzak would not roll to explore as he didn't acquire the boons from the chest right?

Look at it this way. You haven't acquired a boon - you have defeated a Chest barrier, the reward for which was a number of weapons.

It is definitely one enemy ship and that is clarified in an example on page 7 of the rule book under 'add villains and henchmen'. Confused me at first too.

UncleO wrote:
Oh Ok, was not aware that the add-on box was part of the subscription. Thought it was different for some reason.

And to try to answer your question correctly - I believe if you start with deck 2 then you will skip the character add-on pack.

UncleO wrote:
Oh Ok, was not aware that the add-on box was part of the subscription. Thought it was different for some reason.

Hi, sorry - in my previous post I was being facetious and referring to the recent mix-up with some subscribers being sent the add-on cards in their deck 2 packs.

Genuinely, I'm not sure on the ordering of the subscription. The character add-on pack is not essential unless you want to play with more than four characters, or you want to have a wider range of characters to choose from when selecting your adventuring party.

UncleO wrote:
I'm looking for advice, should i start my subscription with the character add-on or with the 2nd adventure deck?

It doesn't matter. Whatever you order, you will get the same thing - just in a different box.

How many of his 'captured' monster cards is he allowed to use on a single check ? Just one, or as many as he has available ? Thanks.

Ok - thanks for the clarification you guys.

Oloch has a power that lets him display cards from his hand to benefit other characters on their turn. Reading the text of the power (at least at basic level), it looks like the displayed cards are then not available to Oloch during his turn and until he resets his hand. Is that correct ? Thanks.

I'd only use these to replay RotR with new characters and boons. I'd actually enjoy doing that. But as my RotR is a complete 1st printing and these character decks are presumably all US printings and will be totally distinguishable during gameplay - I won't be bothering with them.

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Its a real shame that Paizo's only real response to the issue has been: 'That's the way it is." Particularly when their support in all other aspects has been outstanding.

I totally understand the rationale behind switching to a better printer going forward, but not when it has the potential to ruin the game for a lot of their loyal customers.

I'm playing five separate groups out of the same box. Resetting the cards and keeping track of everything is not as tedious as you might think. The character sheets that Paizo provide online (for free) are a really useful tool to help you do that. Its definitely worth playing the game 'properly' or as intended.

I'm picking my AP6 up tomorrow. So far I have all 1st printing - but I'm pretty worried about AP6. Should I be though ? How bad is the problem ?

I think that is fine for future sets eg Skulls & Shackles. I maintain that the supplements to the original set should not have distinguishable card backs, because it significantly impacts gameplay.

For an integrated game like this, where distinguishable card backs can impact (and ruin) gameplay - why was the 2nd print run not rejected and returned to the printer for correction ?

Personally I'll stick with maintaining a list of removed cards and resetting the box when playing with another group. It takes a little time and effort but I'm cool with that. I think I'd rather do it this way than potentially slow down actual gameplay.

Vic Wertz wrote:
We'll make sheets for the S&S characters and the Class Deck characters. (Since character decks in OP only contain cards from the Class Deck you have, the list for a class deck will simply be the list of cards in that package—we won't be doing additional versions of them for each AP.

That's great Vic - thanks. It was purely a requirement for monitoring character progress without marking the actual cards; so this is perfect. Congratulations on a great game.

Character PDFs ? Yea or nay ?

Mike, one thing I am wondering: will we get downloadable PDFs for each of these new characters, as we did with 'Rise' ? Thanks.

Both of those abilities are standard to all magic armors. The original question is that maybe something is missing from the new card. Otherwise, what makes it so special? Presumably, it should have a further ability similar - but more powerful - to the Lesser Bolstering Armor, which reduces damage but also has a card draw.