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That Second Encounter...

***( )( )

The scenario is well written and does a great job of involving the whole party. Great job, Mr. Wasko!

The second encounter ends up taking a really long time. The party has to split into two groups (you broke the most important rule of adventuring! :P) and the GM has to track the success of each group over an extended period, which makes it feel like 6(2 x 3) encounters instead of 1.

The right GM can run this, but we had to really barrel through it. There's just so much material to cover, and it leaves little time for the final encounter.

Oh, and one thing that bugged me:

The location of the Barracks and Workshop are not indicated, so as a GM I had to pick a spot (just outside Pashow). This affects the travel time of both the party and the convoy. I ended up having to change the time of the attack from T+3 days to T+6 days to account for the distance between Pashow and the Citadel of the Alchemist.