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Ryze Kuja wrote:
Grzegski wrote:

Am i dumb or how do you get the grapples on the tentacle attacks? do the tenticles count as unarmed strikes for tetori? And doesnt it require Ki?

Also how are we gaining constrict?

No you're not dumb lol :P Wild Shape functions like Beast Shape II and III at 6th and 8th level respectively. Grab is gained from Beast Shape II, and Constrict is gained from Beast Shape III.

Ah, Ok, I was reading the ability for kraken caller that when you use the ability to grow tenticles, you werent using the actual wildshape ability. That makes a lot more sense. Thanks! Now to figure out how to adjust this in hero lab correctly =)

Heather 540 wrote:

I have one build where the only objective was to get as many different natural weapons as possible. I only picked out classes for the first 9 levels, but I picked out the feats for 13.

I went Kasatha with 4 levels of Weretouched Shifter using the deinonychus aspect to get claws, bite, and talons (as well as pounce). Then 3 levels of White-Haired Witch for the hair attack, and 2 levels of Barbarian to get Lesser Fiend Totem rage power for a gore attack. The feats Chaos Reigns and Mutated Shape for Tail Sting and Slam, and then getting the Tentacle Cloak for a tentacle attack and the Dread Armor enhancement for Wings.

I also have a plan for if the GM says Claws won't work for a Weretouched Shifter once I get the bite and talons. I just go with the Lesser Beast Totem rage power instead and craft a Helm of the Mammoth Lord.

Sadly, unless I can get an extra set of arms and legs somehow, I can't get Pincers or Hoof attacks, or a Tail Slap.

Isnt the hair attack on white haired, first level?

Ryze Kuja wrote:
Scott Wilhelm wrote:
EldonGuyre wrote:
I just drew up that grappling octopus druid build about two weeks ago. It's very viable. The monktopus isn't that old, either. What sort of builds are you interested in?
Please share!

Here's mine:

I'm only calling out BAB below because Greater Grapple requires BAB6.

Lvl1TetoriMonk: Feat: Improved Unarmed Strike, Feat: Improved Grapple
Lvl2TM: (BAB1) Feat: Stunning Pin
Lvl3Druid: Feat: Deadly Grappler
Lvl4D: (BAB2)
Lvl5D: (BAB3) Feat: (Unreserved, pick any feat--- Suggested: Savage Slam or Imp Dirty Trick)
Lvl6D: (BAB4)Wild Shape, Two tentacles
Lvl7D: Feat: Natural Spell
Lvl8D: (BAB5)Four tentacles
Lvl9D: (BAB6)Feat: Greater Grapple
Lvl10D: Six tentacles
Lvl11D: Feat: (Unreserved, pick any feat--- Suggested: Greater Dirty Trick or Quick Dirty Trick, if you picked up Imp Dirty Trick at lvl 5)
Lvl12D: Eight tentacles


Once you have 8 levels in Druid, you have a decision to make. Either continue to go Kraken Caller Druid for the Spell Progression, CL, additional Wild Shapes, and more tentacles, or, go back to Tetori Monk for level 9 Inescapable Grasp plus all the other Tetori goodies, or dip into something else. Personally, I'd continue with Druid levels, but you can do w/e.

At level 8, all 4 of your natural attacks have Grab. At level 10, all 6 of your natural attacks have Grab and then they can Constrict the following round. Any time you Pin a target, you can use Stunning Pin as a Swift Action. Stunning Pin can be used Once per day for each Monk level you take, plus once for every 4 levels you take in another class. So at level 10, you could be doing 4 Stunning Pins per day. Pick up a MM Rod of Rime Spell and cast Rimed Frostbites with multiple charges for No Save 1d6+lvl Cold dmg + Fatigue/Entangle.

If you really want to burst blood veins on your DM's forehead, as a 2TetMonk/13Druid, you'd have BAB 11, which would allow you Dirty Tricks Master, and Kraken Callers get a +1 Racial bonus on Dirty...

Am i dumb or how do you get the grapples on the tentacle attacks? do the tenticles count as unarmed strikes for tetori? And doesnt it require Ki?

Also how are we gaining constrict?

Hey All! Ive been looking around the forums for some cool builds and have seen many a mention to the Octopus druid builds floating around, but many of which are on the older side and may not be viable any more. I know ive seen some that start off Barbarian then go into druid and use warpriest levels for sacred damage. Are those still the go to? Any Stat blocks / Feats? I'm a newer player but tend to like the weird/complex builds

Does anyone know of any more recent versions of this type of build? Or heck, any other cool/weird builds are welcome too!


Scott Wilhelm wrote:

This is the Druidzilla character I've been fooling with

Half Elf: Arcane Training Alternate Racial Trait

This lets the character use Magic Wands. I consider Swift Girding essential. I like the idea of having a suit of Barding in the shape of my character's favorite Animal Forms then using the Wand to dress in it if she needs to do that in a hurry.

1Brawler1: Unarmed 1d6, Martial Flexibility, Martial Cunning, Martial Training, Improved Grapple, BAB+1

I like the 10hp kicker at level 1. Also, I want to be able to take Fighter Feats.

2B1D1: Nature’s Bond, Nature Sense, Wild Empathy
3B1D2: Weapon Focus Grapple, Woodland Stride, BAB+2
4B1D3: Level 2 Druid Spells, Trackless Step, BAB+3
5B1D4: Natural Spell, Wildshape, Resist Nature’s Lure, BAB+4
6B1D5: Lvl 3 Spells
7B1D5Warpriest1: Sacred Weapon 1d6, Weapon focus Unarmed Strikes, Lesser Blessing of Destruction, Shaping Focus, Wildshape 2/day, Large Animals, Small Elementals

This is the level where the character can Wildshape into a Giant Octopus. The Lesser Blessing of Destruction can only be granted by a deity whose Domains include Destruction, and if you use the weapon that is the Favored Weapon of your deity, you get to do your Sacred Weapon Damage with that weapon even if you don't take Weapon Focus. Dahak has the Destruction Domain, and his Favored Weapon is Bite. For like a PFS campaign, she would have to be Chaotic Neutral, but you are looking for an NPC BBEG anyway. Not all nature priests have to be fat, hairy-armpit hippy chicks. Nature can be all about the volcanoes, hurricanes, and sea monsters.

I like the Destruction Blessing because it gives a global +1 Damage/Attack/2 Warpriest levels, and Giant Octopi get 17 Attacks/round: Each of those 8 Tentacles has Grab and Constrict.

8B1D5W2: Fervor 1d6, Wild Shape 3/day: Huge Animals, Medium Elementals, Medium Plants, BAB+5
9B1D5W3: Martial Versatility Weapon Focus, Greater Grapple, BAB+6

Martial Versatility (pre)...

This sounds amazing. Got any other info? Feats, gear, stats? I really want to do this.

Atalius wrote:
Lord_Malkov wrote:
Andrew Black 862 wrote:
The Monktopus is brilliant, but I'll still vote for my human Zen-Archer.

Oddly enough the Zen Archer is what I would pick too.... to actually play. Monktopus is just some theorycrafting fun. Like a mad scientist asking "what happens if I do this...?"

I really like the Zen Archer all around... its a very potent archetype.
I am also very fond of the Tetori Monk, because grappling the biggest thing in the room into submission is just downright cool.

I cast Ressurection on this thread. For you it may have been theorycrafting, for me I actually ended up playing a Monktopus in a CoTCT campaign and he simply one rounded all bosses. Truly disgustingly OP. It ruined the campaign, my allies felt useless and our GM left us :(

Please tell me you have a build guide or something... I really want to do this but haven’t seen too many builds with enough info to follow.

I’m having a similar issue with mummy’s mask... except ups is showing up as 63.54 :(