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Ah, they get the silent treatment...

How is a Shaman affected when its spirit companion is killed?

Scythia wrote:

Nice revival.

Amusingly, the person you're replying to is still active.

That's why I necro'd the thread. I wouldn't have bothered otherwise...

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GroovyBoy wrote:
nicholas storm wrote:

I played kingmaker and we never did any of the social interactions in the AP. Maybe it's the group I play with.

That's just odd. I mean, didn't you guys ever receive visitors to your lands, or interact with people in your cities during investigations, or go to a certain festival?
My Kingmaker group collapsed after the third book, but there was never any point at which anyone could have had a secret identity. You carve a kingdom out of the wilderness and then you're publicly known for doing so. You can't help carve a kingdom out of the wilderness and still have anyone with two brain cells to rub together accept that you're a harmless fop.

Your initial post didn't say anything about secret identities; you said that your group didn't have any social interactions. That's what I found shocking, because that's kinda hard to do when you run a kingdom. If there was any misunderstanding on my part, I apologize...

nicholas storm wrote:

I played kingmaker and we never did any of the social interactions in the AP. Maybe it's the group I play with.

That's just odd. I mean, didn't you guys ever receive visitors to your lands, or interact with people in your cities during investigations, or go to a certain festival?

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Alric Rahl wrote:
I like the idea that you need to spend talents on the spellcasting, makes you truly specialized. for example I would say Super man is a 3rd level caster, Focusing more on strength and speed rather than Magic. Doctor Strange is a pure 6th level spell vigilante as he is some what weak.

Wow... no. Just... no. Stop.

Superman is not even CLOSE to a caster.

Superman is a Kryptonian; ALL his special powers come from being a specific Race. Superman, Supergirl, and Power Girl all have the same 40+ RP Race granting them superpowers. Superboy has some weird Template granting him Psychic abilities on top of Kryptonian ones. Beyond that, Superman is a pretty standard Brawler, MAYBE an Exemplar.

And Doctor Steven Strange, Sorcerer Supreme is definitely NOT only slinging around 6th level spells. Steven Strange is a 9th-level caster without question. You do NOT go toe-to-toe with a being like Dormamu on a regular basis with less than 8th level magic.

Whether or not Doctor Strange is a Wizard or Arcanist IS up for debate, but that he's anything BUT a 9th-level caster isn't.

You REALLY need to readjust your perceptions of superhero characters to a more realistic outlook, man.

Nerd... rage... GROWING!!!!!

What does it matter? Squirrel Girl beats them all anyway...

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Did they ever update Masque of the Red death to 3.x? I thought I saw the Ravenloft 1890's book somewhere...

I LOVED the 2E system, and if they updated it, I'd DEFINITELY recommend looking at that for any Victorian settings involving firearms....

The Living Death campaign (which used the MotRD rules) converted to 3E in the last years it was active. In it, firearms basically went against touch AC (nobody wore armor, although some people had spells and a few PCs were unlucky - yes, unlucky - enough to have magic items that altered AC). The biggest thing going for firearms was that dice of damage exploded: a revolver might do 2d6+3, and if you rolled a 6 on the die, you kept that result and rolled that die again...

Blackvial wrote:
I love how people are arguing about if a class should exist without even seeing the book and what paizo has in store for it

Well, that IS why they released the playtest of it, you know. To see what we think...

mplindustries wrote:

in four years of playing Pathfinder, I've never seen Disguise rolled once, and in all the time I've played 3rd edition, it was one of the least rolled skills in the book. I think we rolled Use Rope more often.

I can't even wrap my head around this statement...

It says a person who is already of venerable age is immune to the effects of the Eon Pit. Does that also mean that once somebody becomes venerable due to being IN the pit, they can stop making saves?

Would Detect Undead detect a ghost who has used Malevolence to possess someone?

Is the WIS drain associated with the nightmare curse restored with dispel evil, dream, or remove curse? If not, holy crap is that a bad-ass creature for CR8...

It looks like we're gonna play this in a month or two, so how about this:

A semi-local archeologist bard of dubious morality who offers his services to a tomb party as their "knowledge" guy. Oh, and he'll talk like Peter Lorre a la Maltese Falcon/Casablanca...


I didn't find anything in the book that talks about how to save/release Thora's soul from the doll's gem. I know the gem can be used to make a new doll, but that's about it. The PCs kept the gem after figuring out it had Thora's soul, and took it to the Pale Tower in hopes of freeing her. Is it detailed in the next book, did I miss something, or is it just assumed to not be possible?

I can work with that...thanks!

Okay, how about 1d4 damage, get back 2 a day?

First, I would like to thank everybody who did all that math I totally didn't understand.

Second, for the curious, some background info: I need this data to flesh out the background of an adventure where one NPC has already died of a mysterious disease, and a second is in the middle of its throes. Basically, they are being visited every night by a supernatural entity who is draining their life essence (Con damage), but during the day are being treated by a doctor as best he can.

Except that those average times (128 and 100 days) are a bit too long for what I'm looking for. Could anybody do the same calculations again if the people were only getting 2 points back a day? Pretty please?

Here's my question:

Let's say somebody has an ability score of 12. They take 1d6 points of ability damage at night, but recover 4 points the following day. Using probability, how many days will it take before their score drops to zero?

And how about the same question, only this time with an ability score of 11?

Thanks in advance...

There are no German troops. Germany is well-known for staying out of military conflicts...

Thanks for all the input so far!

I am planning on starting a new campaign (Reign of Winter) in the near future, and some of my players have asked me about playing some non-standard races that appear in the Advanced Race Guide. The only potential problem I see is that some of the races they are interested in are worth a lot more Build Points (or whatever they're called) than the standard races.

Assuming I want all my PCs to start at 1st level, does anybody have any suggestions (even in theory or from personal experience) how I can keep things balanced between higher-BP races and standard races? Things like different XP tracks or XP penalties? Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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Odraude wrote:
I wouldn't play. Too slow. While I like to enjoy my levels for a bit, I also like to get to the next level before I turn 30.

30, huh. I vaguely remember being 30 once. Ageist = P