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Part of a problem I see is with the PFS1 information being static now that there is no need to do a yearly guide it makes it appear that PFS1 is being abandoned. This is why I suggested a section in the PFS2 guide to point out how PFS1 will be supported.

There are a number of people that have no interest in moving on to PFS2.

As a games store owner put it to me, 1E was founded because they saw a market of people that did not like the direction that D&D had went. Now Paizo is doing 2E and expecting those same people to switch.

By showing that PFS1 still being used, Paizo will keep a revenue stream from a already developed product that can be distributed in PDF. No need to keep a physical form once they sell all they have on hand.


I know that no new material is coming for PFS1, just has what's been released to date. I do have a few questions.

1) Will there be convention support for PFS1? If there is, will the PFS2 guide have a section on PFS1 for what support is given?

2) Since there will be no more releases, have you considered opening up replay for 1-9 characters?

3) Will PFS1 just be abandoned beside the open road as PFS2 moves along?

We have created a number of friends in the characters we played and would like to give them a chance to continue their adventures. To go places that before where access was blocked to them because others had gone there already.

Opening up the line would keep a revenue stream on the product already developed. It will take time for enough materials to be developed for PFS2. This would allow for play of PFS1 which players can revisit the great adventures they had played but on a different character. With a greater depth of replay it will give more choices to the players that wish to stay with the PF line.

It's some what unclear and confusing just how PFS1 is being handled. A section in the PFS2 guide would be a good spot to make that clear and keep undated easier.


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John Compton wrote:
Blake's Tiger wrote:

What I'm not seeing in this blog--although technically, you did say PC and "player"-- is whether we're still earning GM chronicles for scenarios run.

Starting a higher level character is mentioned as a function of Achievement Points. Are GM chronicles still going to be the way of things or are Achievement Points replacing that mechanism (too)?

Although I don't believe we've discussed GM Chronicle sheets explicitly in our meetings, it's because we have never considered not providing GMs the adventure's Chronicle sheet for running the game. Fear not.

I read the question differently. How GM's will be earning rank or will that be part of the AcP system? A number of GM's are wondering about GM's stars, how or if some past consideration will be going forward.

A disturbing statement I have come across is GM's already giving up saying that why bother as it will not matter later.


Had thought about something else. If you could send a pack of 25 of the QSG in a convention support package and had the pack of 25 available for Society purchase, maybe at near cost. This could help support groups and those that can not or choose not to print their own.


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The biggest impediment that new players face is knowing where/how to start. The see a large pile of books, know nothing about web resources and can have several people trying to tell them things at once.

A quick start guide needs to be as concise as possible. Have to realize that you have limits on how much to include otherwise you have a rulebook.
A QSG needs to draw online/book information into a starting point but show them where to proceed with more in depth.

Have book/web resource abbreviation references with page number, use a Resource Key at end of the guide, this teaches new players how to understand PFS speak.

Briefly explain PFS. Where/how to join, PFS cooperative play, alignment rule, PFS legal races, that there is & where to find additional resources guide.

Basic PFS Character creation system, include traits. Starting HP & gold chart/rule.

Both Factions & Traits, try to keep to one or two sentence(s)in descriptions.

Character sheet, utilize front and back of the CS. Even if all is printed on the back is a Journal Entry & Mission Goal, get players thinking to keep notes.

Suggestion of starting book(s) to move along in PFS play. Nothing worse than a new person buying the wrong book to start with and getting discouraged.

If the QSG can be formatted two ways, normal PDF layout and in a 11 x 8.5 booklet front and back print layout. If it can be done on one or two pieces of 11 x 8.5, easy to be made into a booklet. Make it look good for black and white printing.

Long session, maybe two parts would have been better.


GM Lamplighter wrote:
Selvaxri wrote:

Running this again Saturday for my second table, with the scenario-

** spoiler omitted **

If they were playing down, they'd be in a shock with how much loot they aren't getting.

Too late, but.... I would NOT suggest anyone use the lead golem against a party that is playing up! It is by far the most dangerous opponent on the list, and unless you have a couple of very well prepared damage dealers you will wipe the floor with them.

I would say the same for the Environmental Trap Blade Barrier. Absolute killer.


Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
1bent1 wrote:
For treasure found with the Linked Threats I am assuming it is ok for the NPCs use the treasure found with them. Am I correct?


Selvaxri wrote:

If they were playing down, they'd be in a shock with how much loot they aren't getting. All they'd be getting with the low tier reward- is a Lesser Extend MetaMagic Rod. That's it.

unless i'm reading it wrong...

You are not wrong. Some of the loot paths are very thin. Wave the pre-crossed out chronicle at them in advance, and let them know. Explain that items 1000K or less were left off the chronicle sheet.


Since there are three story arcs, I would not have mind seeing a chronicle sheet for each arc that only have what applied within those arcs. That would have cut down a great amount of the crossing off. Which would make players feel a bit better than getting a redacted sheet showing what all they felt they missed.

Wikrin wrote:

Lethal and non-lethal is pretty simple. Was the attack that downed them non-lethal? Yes: They're unconscious, or No: They dead.

It is not simple when you have a feat that states it makes your unarmed attacks lethal and no other supporting clarification.

It's been months now since this was first asked, how about we finally get an Official statement?

Starship tag... yet another. Looks like I won't be seeing how this one plays out.

Not a fan of the star-ship combat in Organized Play. The game mechanics are clunky, slow running and quite frankly off putting. I would rather see and spend my four hours of time in a quality scenario that is off ship that is engaging for all.

Yes we use star-ships to traverse the vast distances but we do not have to play that whole aspect to understand it. For me it's more about the destination than the tedious journey it took to get there.


I like that you are listing upcoming conventions. It would be nice if it had it's own tab for quick reference.


PFRPG and PFC, the instructions are lacking as to which is which.

PFRPG is Pathfinder Society Play and PFC is Pathfinder Core?

The explanation for these two needs to be included in an instruction set, or made more clearly.