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Let me first say I haven't GM'ed an RPG (any RPG) in almost 20 years. My kids recommended Pathfinder as a "Classic" Fantasy RPG system that would be most familiar to me. My challenge was to find a beginner's module that would be engaging, relatively well fleshed out, and yet tolerant of a rusty GM new to the Pathfinder system.

Fires of Creation has met those criteria, and more! As someone who has spent a career in robotics and the Space industry, I have always like mixing technology in to Fantasy RPGs. This module allows me to be creative in adding depth and color within a well flushed out system for incorporating technology. There is sufficient backstory to allow the GM to frame the roleplay in an obviously consistent way. The town of Torch is developed well enough to be a reasonable sandbox, yet quite a few "triggers" are built in as the storyline progresses. I also found the campaign "traits" to be very helpful in tying new characters in to the storyline.

In this module, the game mechanics are relatively straightforward enough for me to learn the details of Pathfinder system. As this Adventure Path progresses I am sure that will change, but by then I'll be buffed up! We've had three sessions and my players are eager to find out what happens next. The encounters have been challenging and rewarding for them.

I would highly recommend "Fires of Creation" and am hoping future modules meet the high bar set here!