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Scarab Sages

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:: smh :: Yes Kevin that is exactly what was intended. Apologies for the confusion all. The derpiness is strong with me tonight it seems.

Scarab Sages

Grey Matter Games is looking for author to write psionic powers
Project Length: 30 psionic powers
Pay Rate: $.01 per word, paid to writer's verifiable paypal account upon acceptance of finished work.

Additional details: Seeking author to write psionic powers with some themes. The psionic system is that detailed in Ultimate Psionics, by Dreamscarred Press.

The minimum themes for the powers are as follows:
connection (i.e. a lightning link between two targets, sense what another senses, or manifest this power as a part of a touch attack on an ally)
crystal (i.e. crystal column raises from the ground under your feet for 30 feet of movement, you encase yourself in crystal, or you crystalize a target immobilizing them)
unrelenting (i.e. you can ignore the next combat maneuver that affects you, ignore difficult terrain when moving in a straight line, or for each consecutive round you take damage while under the effect of this power you gain a cumulative +1 to your CMB on your next bull rush attempt if made before the end of this poewr)

While the above list is not comprehensive, it is a minimum for several powers. Please develop a broad distribution through the psionic classes with over half falling into the psion category. Please submit five semi detailed descriptions of powers you feel fit our need as a submission for consideration.

Respond to: with your name, and five power descriptions. Subject line should be "KV Powers"
Respond by: October 14, 2016 11:59 P.M. CST