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A guilty pleasure

****( )

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I admit to having bought this set but never yet used it. They're pretty specialized, I admit. Could maybe be a wizard's sanctum or Pathfinder training lodge of some type. But fundamentally, they would have one particular use for a single setting which we all know but need not speak aloud. Someday perhaps I shall run *that* campaign . . .

Anyway, the set is gorgeous though. You've got a classroom, an alchemical laboratory, a magical dueling or summoning 'range', a library, a dormitory and a wizard's study or office. One of the more wonderfully detailed sets out there.

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IMO: The single best map pack


This is *such* a useful map pack. I have used it in *seven* different adventures, most of which with the same adventuring party, which should give you some idea of its utility. Half of the tiles have cart-track on them and admittedly they are more specialized (pretty much then have to be "mines" although they could also be a dwarf or gnomish underground rail system). But the non-railroad cards can be almost anything: tunnels, caves, even crudely-carved dungeons. They have a nice, 'greenish' look to them that makes them extra-threatening. Simply terrific.