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I feel like I'm helping to beat a dead horse here, but here's my 2 cents:

I am of the opinion that you can enchant clothing with armor enchantment bonuses.

* You have magical robes that exist that provide this bonus.
*You have magical bracers that provide this bonus.
*There are amulets and rings that exist that provide similar bonuses (Amulet of Natural Armor, Rings of Protection).
*You have the item creation rules that offer ways of creating custom items that provide armor bonus (, though bonuses in slots not typically used for those items is discouraged / cautioned against.

I also don't think enchanted clothing in this case would count as armor for use of a monk's abilities. The magic is providing the bonus, not the clothing itself, so there should be no difference between a monk wearing a t-shirt and having his/her bonuses compared to a +3 t-shirt. It's the physical nature of the armor itself that hampers the bonus.

I DO believe that the enchanted clothing would take up the body OR chest slot (DM's call, I lean body here), just like any other magical item would.

This last one is personally just my opinion, but I believe that there are better chest / body items vs. wrist items where bracers of armor reside. If a player wants to limit their chest/body slot to enchanted clothing, all the better for my monsters to eat them. No vest of escape for you, or robes of the archmage, or whatever other item tickles your fancy.

Of course, this is my opinion, and people are subject to their own opinions, so my reasons may not be good as far as other people are concerned. Take them as you like.

/end dead horse beating.

Thank you for the wonderful artwork Ruloc. It's nice when you have a picture of what you expect in your head, and it quickly gets replaced by something better. :)

Ruloc wrote:

next up -> Great Wyrm Red Dragon – Ellianna Flynn and Mew

** spoiler omitted **...

Looking forward to this, let me know if I was lacking in any details.

Hello Ruloc, lurking artists, and fellow art fans. One of my players (Danny) has been raving about his character portrait, so after another of my players asked for a commission, I thought I'd humbly ask for a commission as well. I apologize if I went a little over board with the character detail, but figured more would be better than less.

Thank you in advance

Ellianna Flynn and Mew:

Ellianna is a 21 year old summoner living in the Green Kingdom (Kingdom name for the lands claimed from the "Stolen Lands" in a Kingmaker Campaign). She wears her straight long brown hair in two wide pony tails that spread out off the sides and down past her back. She has an average complexion from alternating trips out adventuring and staying indoors for extended periods of time reading books or crafting. Her clothing tends towards the simple, a commoner's dress (with a childish appearance) underneath either a smith's apron or her All-Tools vest. Underneath, likely not visible to most, is a very light weight shirt of celestial chainmail. Hooked to the sides of her belt is a little china doll that resembles her sister (unbound Soul Doll), and her ornate adamantine dagger that she uses for crafting and killing bad guys. She also has a very complex looking crossbow she constructed, with a ton of gears that resembles something out of steampunk.

Her companion and best friend in her journeys is her Eidolon "Mew". She refers to Mew as her "Fluffy Planar Kitty" and is a large sized serious looking cat with the strength and claws of leopard or panther, but the looks of a fluffy cat with overly long ears (anime elf sized) and gossamer wings.

Ellianna is an extremely gifted girl with a genius intelligence, but a childlike mentality, that soaks up pictures and stories like a never-failing sponge. As such, she almost always seems bubbly and happy, and greets new people with a frantic child-like waving of her arm and a high-pitched excited "HI!". She has a penchant for crafting anything that her imagination desires, then animating it into something living. Some of her creations in the past have been the "Pegacorn" (a wooden cross between a Pegasus and a Unicorn), "Scaly" (a metal scalemail suit of gargantuan animated dragon armor enchanted to fly), and "Maria" (a child shaped homunculus with wings made of griffon down she created to be her child).

My interpretation on Vicious as an untyped magic would be that the energy is a mix of positive and negative energy. When those two meet they have a violent reaction, which makes sense for the disruptive descriptor and the necromantic enchantment of the weapon.

If I had to give it a magic type, I'd call it a force spell, but one that does not specifically have full effect on incorporeal creatures (ghost touch).

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Hello all,

I am currently playing in the Kingmaker campaign setting (Book 5), and was given the job of keeping track of the cities the group wants to build (I got the job, because I have a degree in Accounting, go figure).

As time went on, I have found myself having to go through everything and adjust all the totals, because somebody recorded something wrong, or I over looked something, or the DM should have given us this value instead of that value. I finally said enough was enough and built a spreadsheet to keep track of all of it for me.

Feel free to download it for your use, my group's kingdom is entered in the worksheet for an example. (Note: You can't edit it in Google directly, you'll have to download it.)

Disclaimer: This spreadsheet keeps track of up to 10 cities / districts and connects them all to the main kingdom sheet, but doesn't keep track of BP purchases (you'll have to do that on your own). The sheets are all protected except for the cells you would need to edit, so if you need to make changes, unprotect the sheet (it's not passworded). Also I'm a player in the campaign (Book 5), so I might not have everything accurate, but I think I do at this point. Feel free to point out anything that might be wrong and I'll do what I can to adjust it.


It was so long ago, yeah I mis-recalled that part. Still an unexpected WTF fight though.

Midnight-Gamer wrote:
Great Wyrm Red Dragon wrote:
the baroness was found guilty by all three and executed, and only the Kobold King found me innocent.
The Baroness actually perished during the battle, while brandishing a dagger at her husband in dramatic fashion. I think your misremembering some details.

My character, a gnomish fighter, was the general in this campaign. I was the unfortunate one who was told of these events, and in an honorable fashion confronted the wife (daughter of the ruler of Restov) about it and demanded she come forward.
The coop attempt followed later that evening with her commanding her personal guards to kill me and the ruler Richard, with Jack helping. After Richard fell in the battle, Jack could not continue the unjust bloodshed and surrendered, after attempting to convince the Baroness to stop and failed.

Later on Jack, the Baroness, and I (They thought I was attempting a coup to gain power) were tried by Oleg, the Kobold King, and the NPC nature priest's name I'm forgetting at the moment in what was supposed to be a fair trial. Jack was found innocent as mentioned by Oleg and the priest, the baroness was found guilty by all three and executed, and only the Kobold King found me innocent. If not for the silver tongue of the party witch, I would have also been executed or exiled.

Later on, we met up with the Beldane, and somehow everybody showed some patience and politely waited, and eventually the silver tongued witch convinced Jack to marry the Beldane after some wheeling and dealing with her for "cabana boys" and other favors to help the kingdom. Jack feeling guilty for his past crimes as a bandit and for his part in the murder of the previous Baron, married her as a person penance.

Somewhere down the line though, she became super hot, which we still have no clue how, so Jack once again lucked out. He's got to be the luckiest NPC bandit I've ever known.

Midnight-Gamer wrote:
Waiwode wrote:
Well, she's really charming once you get to know her (high CHA, Charm Person), and she's got a great sense of humour (Laughing Touch, Hideous Laughter).

Well... since you asked.

The original Barons wife was involved in a messy affair with a handsome bandit. This bandit was one of the unnamed bandits from the very first encounter. He had been captured and subsequently reformed.

The affair was the result of an ill timed event roll during the monthly kingdom building. I figured, this woman had been left alone for months on end while the husband adventured. A little fling was a natural consequence.

Fast forward a few months later, and the Barons wife and lover are plotting to overthrow the current ruler to install the bandit, here-forth known as Jack.

The old Baron, the Baroness, and quite a few others were killed in a infamous coo attempt. Jack was tried, and somehow, found to be innocent at trial.
The verdict was largely due to Jacks popularity in town, by this point, Jack had been well known for captaining the guards and his heroic fight against an enraged OwlBear.

I was amazed when, rather than execution, Jack was made Baron!

Later, Jack was coerced into marriage by a one of the PC's. I don't know what the motivation was, but said PC possessed Charisma in the stratosphere. He had social skills to go with it.

The Baron was initially hostile to the idea of marriage to the witch of the woods, but he was no match for this guys manipulation.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some details, it was a wild series of events.

Faction: Free Captains

Rival: Red Mantis

My players ending up grouping up with the Free Captains after Aerys and Sasha spent time trying to convince them to join their respective ranks. To add insult to injury to the Red Mantis, they convinced Sasha to join their group as well, and a little love interested between her and one of the PCs formed up. If they hadn't done that, they would have had the Pathfinders as their rivals, because they were not too friendly to Gellik.

Midnight-Gamer wrote:
Zmar wrote:
Perhaps it's time to publish an intelligent, noncombat eidolon?

I have a player with a Summoner in my Kingmaker campaign and I have to say it's been very disruptive.

Adding a high intelligence is out of the question without nerfing other abilities.

If I ever run another AP, Summoner, as written, will be banned.

I would be the aforementioned disruptive summoner, so I thought I'd add in my take on the class and the characters involved.

My summoner is presently level 12, has a high intelligence, and has feats & skills focused towards construct and magic item creation that the Eidolon doesn't benefit from. That given, the character is very support driven and relies on her party, eidolon and constructs for offense and defense. Most summoners strike me as this way, mortals who support the actions on their eidolons and party and are themselves not at all impressive in combat alone with no summons available.

My eidolon on the other hand not fully min/maxxed is roughly equivalent to the party fighter(archer) in ability to wreck single targets on the battle field. My eidolon's AC, saves, and hit points however don't compare to the fighter's or paladin's so there is somewhat of a trade off.

Now that I have the Greater Evolution Surge spell though, is where the eidolon is prone to stealing the spotlight, when suddenly I can give him effectively 2 evolutions that he didn't have before to accomplish most any skill based task I want, and address creature vulnerabilities and DR (change claw to slam attacks to deal with blunt weak DR for example).

I find that now we are in the higher levels the party wizard has the ability to end what should be long drawn out fights in a single round with the use of Baleful Polymorph or his new favorite spell Flesh to Stone. Throw in fireballs that rip apart large forces of minions, and the ability to teleport away with contingency when things get ugly, makes him rather effective at making most challenges subdued. This is something I can't do with my summoner or eidolon presently (yes I know I can get baleful polymorph, but that spell ticked off the DM so the wizard shied away from using it often.)

In all though, I think the eidolon as a summoner class ability could benefit from being toned down slightly (perhaps 1 less max attack, and only 1 evo. point a level instead of the occasional 2 point increase), but shouldn't be toned down severely.

Just my 2 cents...

Oh and for those poor rogues that feel cheated by eidolons, just remember you can still disarm magical traps, which no other class can do.

So the paladin ended up getting himself killed by a giant bird, before I could enact anything appropriate. Thank you all for the advice and suggestions. I hope that somebody will come down the line and glean something useful from the contributions.

MoFiddy wrote:

Thanks for the feedback. I like the idea that she is already there. Perhaps she has only arrived a day or so before the PCs. They have meandered around the island instead of heading straight to the lighthouse like Yarzoth.

I think I'm going to let the events play out. It was rather exciting when the sorcerer made the UMD check and activated the Tide Stone. One of the characters was actually killed by the chupacabra, so that should be warning enough of the danger they might encounter.

If they do explore the Temple first, then I might bump up the stats of the NPCs in the cannibal camp. Maybe add a few levels to Malikadna and Nylithati.

It is very likely that Yarzoth is at the temple by now, especially if your PCs made there way to Aycenia the silent island and back to Aycenia by now.

Since your group will probably be level 3 by the time they reach Yarzoth, it would probably be a good idea to have her escape post-haste instead of sticking around to fight, since that encounter would likely slaughter most of your group.

You could have her retreat to the cannibals, since she's in good relations with them, and have most to all of the remaining cannibals there for a feast in her honor, which would bump up the challenge rating of that area enough to compensate for removing Yarzoth from the temple.

Siobharek wrote:
DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
For a group of 13-14 year olds, playing Big Damn Slave freeing heroes might not be a bad thing to encourage. These freed slaves might need jobs now, fortunately there's an expedition to a lost city that might Present a good opportunity for the PCs.

Oh what a great idea! Yoinked!

And to the others who mention what LG might also be, you're right! They should probably have left it well alone. But Dudemeister hits in on the head: The 13-14 year-olds only wanted to take names and kick righteous slave-freeing butt, and I was only too happy to oblige. Not least because I'm also running Kingmaker, and I've just about had it with the two LGs, the two NGs and the N discussing the nature of "unrepentant banditry"...

Funny you should mention unrepentant banditry. In our first few Kingmaker sessions we actually captured one of the bandits. He repented, and about a year or so of playing later, is now the kingdom's duke.

In your game's case, you may actually want to play up the un-lawful side pointed out by a few people. You could have some of the slavers families show up and ask for restitution for the crimes done to their families. To make up some of the costs the party would pay up front, could be returned to them later in rewards from some of the slaves who happen to find something the party may have overlooked, making it worth it to save them in the first place.

Midnight-Gamer wrote:

Kingdom name: The Green Kingdom

-Pier One
-Akiros Keep

I hate to correct you, as it may come back to haunt me in the form of a grudge monster, but "Silvertown" should be "Irontown".

The kobolds own what would probably have been called Silvertown.

Though yes, our party does seem to be lazy with names.

Thank you all for the good feedback.

This is not what I would consider his first offense as a paladin, though I have yet to give him more than a brief warning on what I believed was questionable behavior on his part. He normally doesn't play paladins, so I think I'll be going with a more lenient approach and more communication, before power stripping permanently.

I appreciate the responses the community has given, and may yet give.

I'm currently at the beginning of the "Racing to Ruin" module with my group, and the party just suffered some serious setback after getting their butts royally handed to them.

Whaling company.

The party paladin, a follower of Sarenrae, called for a full retreat after being "forcibly helped" out of the encounter area. He then decided to kill the villains by setting the entire enclosed area on fire, and posting guards outside the known exits so they couldn't get out.

Instead of having guards show up at the inn (like he expected would happen), I had the owner of the building show up and demand restitution for the destruction he caused. The paladin refused him, suggested he get working on rebuilding it himself, and suggested he try dieting (I described the owner has built but had let himself go a little over the years) and called that "free medical advice".

Since this is not this character's first questionable action, I figured I would strip him of some/all of his paladin powers and redeem himself by sending him back to the "Souls for Smuggler's Shiv" module to finish the last area of that book (since the party couldn't figure out how to get in twice, since one of the players was not giving away information).

I'm looking for any suggestions on what might be a better solution to this situation, or if anybody has any better ideas I may have overlooked.

Please keep spoilers in the spoiler tag for me please, as one of my players is also a poster to the forum.


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I've found that Souls for Smuggler's Shiv is appropriately challenging for a 4 person group with a 15 point-buy. You have a number of factors that can help balance encounters so they are harder or easier for your players.

For one, the NPCs are likely not going to be very helpful to your group, unless they have superior diplomacy rolls, as most of the time the morale checks are going to keep giving them penalties. You also (if memory serves right) only get one chance a day to improve their attitudes up, but if your group is surly, plenty of chances to reduce it. NPCs that flee from combat can set your group up to run into some of the traps, predator areas, etc. On the flip side, you can have the more helpful NPCs assist in combat, heal, shout out ideas, etc. if you find encounters too hard.

Heat stroke and the rain: Use these to your advantage in fights. Characters wearing heavy armor can easily suffer from the effects of the heat in combat, particularly if you steer random encounters towards that time. Likewise you can use the rain to reduce visibility (which has a penalty to perception) to launch surprise attacks. You could also perhaps cause people with reduced movement due to armor / weight to have a chance to slip. Likely a rogue won't have this problem, and would be more effective or able to flank foes.

Disease: This is going to be hard for players to deal with, but the ones contractible in travel won't kill the PCs (only Con damage can do that). So you can time encounters to hit players when they are weaker than normal.

Starvation: This is a very real threat in this module, that should not be taken lightly. 4 1/2 NPCs (the gnome is half for food), and a full party to feed makes monkeys and natives stealing food an evil tool for a DM to weaken his group.

Other methods: Several of the encounters involve multiple foes, and as other posters have mentioned, you have the option of them assisting others, trip attacks, sundering, grappling, and using terrain to their advantage. It also helps to not give out extra treasure outside of the module. Limiting their ammo for ranged weapons, draws them into melee more to conserve shots.

Evil spoiler:
Also setting up the ghouls in Mother's dungeon to be stealthed so they get a surprise attack and flanking, if the PCs are detected, is effectively another evil method to use.

Some of the encounters though should be easy, especially in an area where the party will encounter multiple encounters before resting. This will slowly weaken your group enough to make a "boss" type encounter that much harder, and some of the "boss" fights can be particularly BRUTAL in this module.

It's easy as a GM in this module to add boons to help out the party if the module is too hard, but it's also easy to under-power them if it's too easy.

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Name: "The 2 hour old dwarf."
Race: Dwarf
Classes/levels: Fighter - 1
Adventure: Souls for Smuggler's Shiv
Location: South of the starting crash site, past the first Dimor. nest
Catalyst: The glowing green haunted waters.

The Gory Details: This player managed to quickly push Ishirou to the point of hostility very early on, as the PCs grew loathe with the initial hopeless attitude of the NPCs, caused by the shipwreck. Ishirou challenged the PC to a duel and killed him, then summarily was killed by the PCs.
After quickly making up a new character, a dwarven fighter, who washed up against the side of a cliff, after the party watched his boat sink. The group rescued him from the waters and pulled him up to the cliffs they were following. The next night, I decided to run the encounter where the waters glow with a ghostly green light and he randomly got it on his watch. The dwarf saw a ghostly figure in the water and thought it was another shipwrecked victim and tried to climb the cliff down to save the person. Unfortunately he failed his climb roll, and the following check to grab a hand hold, and plummeted 80' to his death, as the party sorcerer watched in surprise.

His gnome would last a few sessions before being eaten by cannibals... but that is another story.