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not as good


I just received my subscription. On the whole; it easy to see that the quality has gone down. I don't feel that the painting is very good. Details are muddled. Several of the models are popped of their bases. I have a 'Sea Troll' completely absent a base. One of the booster boxes was short a model. This is the first subscription case that has not had a complete set within. This case was short one figure (#40 Brinebrood Queen) from a complete set.

I do like #3 Bloodbug, #30 Sea Cat, #32 & #33 Sharks

I've rated the product three stars; but I'm disappointed.

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US Postal Flat Rate Box


I feel this is an frivolous product. I have been using US postal service, small flat rate box, for years now. They are large enough to hold three map packs with ease; and a fourth on a snug fit.