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Lets see....

1 / Ravenloft

Just LOVED this, I could have my PC's cowering in a corner by just doing a chilling discription!!

2 / Golarion

This has everything, plus paizo make this so beautiful

3 / Dragonlance

There has to be something about good vs evil on a hugh scale

4 / Scarred Lands

Had abit of everything, liked the idea of gods vs titans. Not as polished as Golarion

5 / Forgottern Realms (old)

Started my RPing here 17 years ago! By the end it did get abit samey

Well Thats me. I played Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance and DM/ GM the rest

As much as I hate to do this, moving into my own place with the girlfriend I am asking to cancel ALL MY SUBSCRIPTIONS asap.

Thankyou for your great product and i am sure i will be back in a few months

Looks good as always. Can't wait for its realease. The 1st pathfinder was great so looking forward to this 1 even more.

Had 148 a while now, but are missing 149 and 150. Hope to get them soon. Expecting pathfinder in August.......

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