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"Well, those statues are magical ones. Did somebody cast a spell near the statues? If this was the case it got activated somehow I think." Torch answers, ignoring the GT.

After three more courses you finish your dinner with Torch. Before you leave he reminds you "Don't forget about the favour. Good bye and greetings to Venture-Captain Hestram!"

Unless there are more questions to Torch he leaves the room with his Half-Orcs.

Grandmaster Torch laughs. "What exactly did that person describe?" he asks. "And it seems you really don't know what GT means? In criminal nomenclature it stands for 'Gate Transaction' which means that the item is meant to be flipped to another buyer for a rapid profit." he says.

"I'm confused, I did not sell the statues. I only know who bought them. But as long as you didn't tell anybody 'Torch sends us to collect the statues' it's all fine." Torch answers.

He raises his hand and a servant arrives with ale for Iso.

"Oh, really. I can imagine that." Torch says while looking at Iso.

"Yes, it's always like this." Torch says with a grin. You continue to chit-chat about the weather, the people in Sedeq and other borig things. After the main course he continues to ask you about your job. "Did you keep my name out of all this?" he asks.

"My day was also fine. I finished the bathing and had some business meetings. All went well so far." Torch answers.

I think Tippy will like it ;)

Torch welcomes you at his inn. You are his only guests at that evening. He treats you to a sumptuous dinner with nine courses so there's a lot of time to talk. After the soup second course Torch asks you about today.

"Did you get all four statues?" he asks.

"No, I don't have to do anything with this. I was just informed that there is another group trying to reach the same destination." Torch answers to Rogar's question.