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Does Tenacious Shifting effect “Wild Shape”, since it’s essentially “Beast Shapes ii”? Or in the case of my Weretouched Spider Shifter, “Vermin Shape ii”.

Yet another question, by me! What are the legal requirements to make a webcomic, based on your PFS characters? Are you at least able to mention them as being in Golarian? And if it is legally allowed, would anyone read it? It would be free (like most webcomics). Lastly, for anyone interested in reading it - should the dice mechanics be shown? Just the end results? Or nothing at all?

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Question: When primitive materials say that they can be treated for 100GP per pound, is that rounded up, rounded down, or that a half-pound is 50GP? I ask because my level 01 Arachne PC for PFS (literally, a spider “Weretouched” Shifter) uses a Bone Scorpion Whip, as her beginning weapon, and has another 117GP leftover, saved for magically treating it.

Hey, I have a boon to play my 1st character as a Kobold, and have been wondering something odd, for the sake of PFS - What happens if you take the “Mixed Scales” feat from “Kobolds of Golarian”, as a Green Kobold, and used it to become a Black Kobold? It’s worth noting that my Kobold PC does not have “Draconic Aspect”, nor the “Dragon-Scaled” racial feature, yet. And as such, does not have Acid resistance 05 OR a +1 to Natural Armor. Instead, she has the “Prehensile Tail” racial feature.

Before anyone says it, I’m specifically asking for Pathfinder Society 1e. Not for home campaigns, where a solution can be homebrewed. Also, even if I don’t get natural armor, that is fine; I’m taking The feat to add Black-Scaled Kobold traits to her.

Hello! First Edition player, here! I was curious - I know that nothing from the Kobold Section of “The Monster Codex” is allowed for non-Kobolds. But are they still legal for Kobolds? Especially “Draconic Magic”. I can’t seem to find an answer to this question. Thank you, anyone who can answer this!

Exactly the kind of question it sounds like. Since Wysps and Elementals are normally only of the Aether, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water Elements, are you unable to use the “Elemental Whispers” and “Elemental Whispers, Greater” Utility Wild Talent, as aVoid of Wood Kineticist? Or do you simply gain a Unique Wysp/Elemental?

Question: Can a Folding Plate be re-flavored to be a Gray Maiden Plate? And for that matter, is the Full Plate Armor able to be altered by special properties? That last one I can see why not, but the first question is the one I’m genuinely curious about.

Hey, I noticed that the Arakineticist archetype replaces your 13th Level Utility Wild Talent. Yet the Kineticist class entry sound like you only get one every other level, save for level 01. Which is it? Every other level? Or every level?

I ask because I was gifted a Boon to make my first Pathfinder Society character a Kobold. And after some time, and constant rewriting, I decided on a Kineticist with the Arakineticist/ Elemental Ascetic/ Elemental Purist Archetypes (called an “Apocalyptic Ascetic” build), and want to see if that is still a viable option for a character design, rules wise.

Is “Learn Ranger Trap” PFS legal, or no? I’m mostly asking because it got two prints, one of which is in the “Ultimate Magic” book, which implies it to be PFS legal, in the additional resources. But at the same time, it could just count as an Item creation feat, which AREN’T PFS legal. I’m mostly asking as someone with a Kobold boon, which seems to imply that the “Kobolds of Golarian” version is also PFS Legal, provided you have a boon.

TL;DR: Is the “Learn Ranger Trap” feat Pathfinder Society legal, or not?