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RicoTheBold wrote:
Also, maybe you'd want them if you were a weird monster with like 20 tentacles and no tailor would make you a good set of clothes?

The struggle is real.

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A prostate.

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AmbassadoroftheDominion wrote:
Just thought of something. J, Q, X, and Z have a noticeable lack of Aberrations (alphabetically speaking... using both Pathfinder and Starfinder as reference).

Scrabble discrimination against my people!

KingOfNinjas wrote:
Void hags have stellar cauldrons.

I just wish they weren't so empty-headed and didn't fly off the handle so easily.

Gods are a fine a dozen in Pathfinder and they die all the time. There's no reason to think the Starstone is unique in a universe that is now estimated to contain 2 trillion galaxies. On a cosmological scale the death or elevation of even dozens of gods doesn't matter much. Nothing does.

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No one actually makes any choices. Some just think they do.

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Stellar Alzheimer's

captain yesterday wrote:
If they allowed Kasatha to make four attacks instead of the usual you might as well rename Starfinder Society to Kasathafinder Society.

In Kasathafinder Society, Kasatha finds you.

Zaister wrote:
Azten wrote:
[...] it's a fundamental part of the setting we'll never get to find out [...]
That's exactly what makes it a mystery.

I used to read mystery novels and enjoy them, then I realized the author knew all along who did it, so they weren't actually mysteries. Now I just read poetry about death.

It's pretty cool that a 10 minute rest can replenish lost blood.

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Whether it's four magical fundamental elementals or a bunch of mundane subparticles, it doesn't change the fact that the world is a blasted irradiated hellscape and that "we're all gonna die" is the only optimistic truth.