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Gorion takes a deep breath, and then calmly runs the blade over his palm, drawing crimson blood from the wound. Arm outstretched, he shows each of you the blood.

I hope this crimson fluid will suffice?

Walking over to the corpse of "Isabel", he kneels down and examines her.

This creature is called a Doppelganger, a foul shape shifter and violator of the mind. They can read ye mind, and assume the form of those whose minds they have violated...or consumed.

He looks over at Rasp, concern evident in his eyes.

It is a mercy the creature took ye prisoner as it did, for this is not their usual wont. Doppelgangers are alien and unknown, but they almost never take prisoners, unless great resources are expended to direct them to do so.

He looks back down into the creatures featureless face.

They can be hired as mercanaries, though the price is not low, and never in coin alone. They traffic in flesh. The cost to hire so many, and to attempt to infiltrate a location such at these much have been great...only a foe of great power and resources could have managed.

As he stands, Watcher's led by Hull begin arriving, but he waves them back. They take up a safe perimeter around the area, giving you all room to talk, but still keeping an eye out.

Each of ye, with the exception of Qorin here, has suffered wounds from this aberration. Let us tend to them at yon temple, and then gather thy things. I aim to leave as soon each of ye is ready, for the longer we remain, the more danger may yet come to pass.

Aye Lad, you look much better in pants. What say ye Kemek? Do ye trust me enough to follow me into the darkness, as ye ally Rasp does? And you, Qorin? The news I bear is important to each of ye for more than just the threat that faces you.

The tale will take time, time I fear we shall not receive. I will reveal what is happening to thee, but first we must flee this keep and find safety elsewhere! Ye have my word, when we camp for the night, I shall finally reveal the nature of the threat that confronts you. Is that enough for thee?

The book appears to be a book entitled "History of the Dead Three." If you had to guess, it would appear he was reaching into a spell component pouch, and ready to cast if need be.

Gorion seems momentarily shocked by the question, but a smirk quickly forms on his face.

Aye Rasp, even with danger around and dire wounds, thy mind is quick to come to the relevant questions. Thou are perceptive, and display a caution that shall serve us all well on our journey. Indeed, I am Gorion, Mage and Scholar. Ye may know me by my words, for they speak true, and of things thou has experienced with me. Ye were left for dead in that horrendous fire, and were taken in by thieves. Thy skill was good, and you survived, until thy hand was found in my purse. I fed you, befriended you, and we shared many a tale together. And now, I have need of ye talents, and your cunning.

Gorion stares you directly in the eyes, and slowly drops his hands and throws his pouch to the side. Leaning forward, he exposes his neck.

Ye may know me by my words, which speak truth. I am thy friend and ally, Gorion. If thy trust I still do not have, then strike now. I shall not defend myself.

As you all burst into the gardens surrounding the library, you are struck again by how calm and tranquil this area is, compared to the violence you just left. Almost unbidden, each of you cannot help but wonder if you will ever see peace like this again...

Running forward, you can see the main keep of Candlekeep, the building that houses the Great Library. Standing upon the steps, you can see Gorion, a book lying discarded on the ground beside him. He appears to be moving your direction, pulling strange objects from a pouch at his side as he moves. Upon noticing you though, he stops and waits, though he seems to be standing at the ready, waiting for what could come to pass. As you approach...

Well met again my friends! Danger it appears has come to us all too soon, and I feared for thy lives! Some of thee carry wounds...tell me, what has happened? I have heard the call for the guard!

Kemek wrote:
"When do we leave?"

Gorion picks at his own meal of simple white rice and some exotic from of shellfish as he responds.

If all goes accordingly, and thy mind is made up to leave, ye shall leave with me tomorrow eve, before the 8th bell. I would advise ye to take the rest of this day, as well as the morrow, to ready thyself.

Rasp wrote:
“Actually, no, let’s start that again. You’ve summoned me, by the sounds of things, summoned all of us here for some sort of -- quest? Why? There are others? By Tymora, this is Candlekeep, Gorian! With the aid of the clerics here you could send word to half of Faerûn with but a written request to the Keeper of Tomes.”

Aye, I have summoned thee, and thy fellows, for...let us say a quest, for now. I truly wish I could reveal why, but such details are more dangerous than thou can realize. True, I could summon aid from outside this fortress. And I did. I summoned ye, and the others, for knowledge of what I am planning could prove more dangerous than ye can imagine if word reached outside these hallowed walls.

He listens quietly to Qorin speak, and then nods respectfully in his direction.

I appreciate thy trust Qorin, and I shall strive to uphold it. Indeed I hold ye in the highest regard, each of you in fact. This, and more, is why ye have been chosen. Truly there is much I have chosen not to reveal, but to say more would be the mark of a fool at this hour. All I can say is when we are safely away, thy trust will be repaid with full disclosure of the threat we face.

Yes Qorin, Gorion has never seemed less than trustworthy to you.

“Oy, Cap, the sissy strummers fetch ya?”

Aye, the Strummers hear but do not see, and shadow obscures the meadow.

Thieves Cant:

Some Harpers are aware, but few know the truth of what is to come.

Dagoliir wrote:
"The only question that I have is - are we in danger?"

Aye Dagoliir, more peril than my words alone can express to thee. It is this reason above all else why I beg of thee to leave beside me. Here we are vulnerable, trapped inside these walls. Like the Elk in the forest, we must avoid the safety of the clearing and flee into the darkness of the forest, to avoid what is to come.

Gorion looks down, and picks at his meal some more, a regretful expression creasing his brow.

Alas, my care and wine loosens my tongue, and I speak of things best left unsaid! Please, ask me no more of what danger is to come, or why thou hast been chosen. I cannot reveal any further the secrets I keep! Know that all I do, I do for thee, to keep thy lives safe! Trust in that, please!

Nor would I have alerted thee, though through no fault of thy own. The time was simply not right, and the burden of worry I did not wish to press upon thee.

A man steps through the now open door, though no one seemed to notice it opening. His bearing is strong, though he is obviously a human coming well along in his years. White hair and beard frame an angular, regal countenance, whilst his piercing gray eyes take in each of you, as if measuring you for some unknown task. His clothing, though humble, is tasteful, reflective of his position as more than a mere scholar here at the Fortress of Candlekeep. He walks with the aid of a staff, simple oak with an emerald mounted upon it. He comes around the table and takes a seat a the head, facing all of you at the same time.

Gentleman, though many of ye know me, let us proceed anew. I am Gorion, mage and scholar, and am well met to each of ye. I ask pardon for the hasty summonings, but information has come to my attention that required for me to act upon it, and thee as well. I understand you must have some hesitancy...after all, why should you listen to anything a crazy old fool has to say?

At the end of that statement he throws Garrick a knowing wink and takes a sip from his own glass.

Alas, I wish I could reveal to thee all that I know, but knowledge is power, and must be guarded well. Suffice to say that I have chosen each of ye for a specific purpose, which only time can truly illuminate. You are all tied together, though I cannot reveal more. Each of you stands out amongst the common folk of the Realms in your own way. Each of ye possess a gift, a skill unique to thee. And I have need of those gifts, great and terrible need.

At this point Winthrop marches into the room, flanked by servers carrying platters of food. In front of each of you a platter is placed, and when uncovered, reveals your particular favorite meal served here at the Candlekeep Inn, no matter the cost.

Please describe your own meals if you choose too, as I do not want to presume what your characters may or may not enjoy.

After ensuring everyone's food is to their liking, Winthrop thanks Gorion for the custom, and leaves, closing the door behind him. A moment later, Gorion continues.

I asked for thy presence here this evening, to advise you to leave Candlekeep tomorrow night alongside me. I cannot reveal what matter has caused such urgency, but I beg that thy trust can be placed in good faith upon me. I would not idly interrupt thy lives, but even the great Alaundo cannot know all that shall come to pass, and neither can I. What I do know is the Realms shake with urgency, and I beg you to follow me. In time I will reveal more, but for now, we must away from this keep, and flee, to a destination I cannot say.

Gorion takes a long draught of his wine, and then locks eyes with each of you in turn.

Time is short, and preparations remain to be made. Ye must have questions, and I will give what knowledge I can. Know that I do not keep secrets from you intentionally, but at this time, what thy knows can prove to me most dangerous indeed. Ask of me what questions ye will, and then I must have your answer. Will ye follow me into darkness, for the safety of the Realms?