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HP 95/95 | AC 23, Touch 14, Flatfooted 20, CMD 27* | Saves F+13, R+11, W+7 |


Perception +4, Sense Motive +5; Init +2 | Knockout: 2/2 | Weapon Song Rds Used: 5/5 | Status: N/A


Male Human Brawler (Mutagenic Mauler) 10 / Skald (Spell Warrior) 1 |


Restful Pathfinders Lodge

About Gorgeous Gallix Granbonne

"Gorgeous" Gallix Granbonne - PFS #177216-8
XP 31 | PP 33 | Fame 43
Faction: The Exchange
Member and resident barbarian of The Red Arm of Absalom; Champion of Ragdya; Defender of "Dragons"; Honor Guard of Asiclassus, King of the Chitterwood; Liberator of Ranginori; Siege Guard of Absalom

Ventured and Gained:
7-00 The Sky Key Solution
6-08 The Segang Expedition
Module: The Gallows of Madness - A Foul Breed
Module: The Gallows of Madness - What Lurks in the Woods
Module: The Gallows of Madness - The Festering Blot
7-21 The Sun Orchid Scheme
8-00 The Cosmic Captive
5-09 The Traitor's Lodge
8-99 The Solstice Scar (A)
8-20 Torrent's Last Will
8-23 Graves of Crystalmaw Pass
Special: Race for the Runecarved Key
8-99 The Solstice Scar (B)
8-24 Raid on the Cloudborne Keep
1-40 Hall of Drunken Heroes
9-00 Assault on Absalom
2-18 The Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor
Special: Year of the Shadow Lodge
4-16 The Fabric of Reality
Module - Doom Comes to Dustpawn

Botting Instructions:
Master Havodi’s Treatise on Fighting in Close Quarters
1. Always keep your defenses up (combat expertise)
2. A still target is an easy target (always 5ft step if in 1-on-1 fight)
3. An friend’s assistance is always to be reciprocated (flank if possible)
4. A warrior whose friends die may soon die himself (assist struggling allies)
5. If all else fails, fight dirty (use dirty trick in 1-on-1 fights)

Full-attack macros:
Basic Flurry
[dice=Flurry AdCestus]1d20+15[/dice [dice=Damage; Shock]1d8+6; 1d6[/dice
[dice=Flurry MCestus]1d20+15[/dice [dice=Damage]1d8+6[/dice
[dice=Flurry AdCestus]1d20+10[/dice [dice=Damage; Shock]1d8+6; 1d6[/dice
[dice=Flurry MCestus]1d20+10[/dice [dice=Damage]1d8+6[/dice

Outslug Style Flurry
5ft step; Brawler's Flurry, Outslug Style in effect.
AC25 from Outslug this turn.

[dice=Flurry AdCestus]1d20+15[/dice [dice=Damage, Outslug; Shock]1d8+6+2; 1d6[/dice
[dice=Flurry MCestus]1d20+15[/dice [dice=Damage, Outslug]1d8+6+2[/dice
[dice=Flurry AdCestus]1d20+10[/dice [dice=Damage, Outslug; Shock]1d8+6+2; 1d6[/dice
[dice=Flurry MCestus]1d20+10[/dice [dice=Damage, Outslug]1d8+6+2[/dice

Defense Mode
5ft step; Brawler's Flurry, Combat Expertise, Outslug Style in effect.
AC28 from Combat Exp/Outslug this turn.

[dice=Flurry AdCestus, CE]1d20+15-3[/dice [dice=Damage, Outslug; Shock]1d8+6+2; 1d6[/dice
[dice=Flurry MCestus, CE]1d20+15-3[/dice [dice=Damage, Outslug]1d8+6+2[/dice
[dice=Flurry AdCestus, CE]1d20+10-3[/dice [dice=Damage, Outslug; Shock]1d8+6+2; 1d6[/dice
[dice=Flurry MCestus, CE]1d20+10-3[/dice [dice=Damage, Outslug]1d8+6+2[/dice

God Mode
5ft step; Brawler's Flurry, Mutagen, Outslug Style, Lunge all in effect.
AC27 from Natural Armor/Outslug this turn.

[dice=Flurry AdCestus, Mutagen]1d20+15+2[/dice [dice=Damage, Mutagen, Outslug; Shock]1d8+6+2+2+2; 1d6[/dice
[dice=Flurry MCestus, Mutagen]1d20+15+2[/dice [dice=Damage, Mutagen, Outslug]1d8+6+2+2+2[/dice
[dice=Flurry AdCestus, Mutagen]1d20+10+2[/dice [dice=Damage, Mutagen, Outslug; Shock]1d8+6+2+2+2; 1d6[/dice
[dice=Flurry MCestus, Mutagen]1d20+10+2[/dice [dice=Damage, Mutagen, Outslug]1d8+6+2+2+2[/dice

[dice=+1 Composite Longbow (+4)]1d20+13[/dice [dice=Damage]1d8+5[/dice

Favored Class Bonus:
1 - +1 hp
2 - +1 skill rank
3 - +1 to CMD vs 2 maneuvers (grapple and trip)
4 - +1 skill rank
5 - +1 to CMD vs 2 maneuvers (grapple and trip)
6 - +1 skill rank
7 - +1 to CMD vs 2 maneuvers (grapple and trip)
8 - +1 hp
9 - N/A
10 - +1 hp
11 - +1 hp

Male Human Brawler (Mutagenic Mauler) 10 / Skald (Spell Warrior) 1
CG Medium Humanoid (Human - Chelaxian) 29 years old, 5’10”
Init +2; Senses Perception +4
AC 23 (24), touch 14, flat-footed 20 (21) (6 armor+1 shield+2 enhancement+2 Dex+1 Dodge+1 Insight)
hp 95 (10d10+1d8+11*(2 Con)+4 FCB)
Fort +13, Ref +11, Will +7
Speed 30 ft.
Unarmed Strike +15/+10 (1d10+5; treated as cold iron and silver vs DR)
+1 Flamboyant Mithral Cestus +17/+12 (1d8+7; 19-20/x2; P or B)
+1 Shock Adamantine Cestus +17/+12 (1d8+7 B/P and 1d6 E; 19-20/x2; P or B)
MW Cold Iron Cestus +17/+12 (1d8+6; 19-20/x2; P or B)
Dagger +15/+10 (1d4+5; 19-20/x2; P or S)
Knockout (2/day; DC20 Fortitude save or target falls unconscious for 1d6 rounds)
Brawler's Flurry (Improved 2WF=-2/-2/-7/-7) Cestus +15/+15/+10/+10, UAS +13/+13/+8/+8
Greater Dirty Trick +21
Improved Disarm +18
+1 Composite Longbow (+4) +13/+8 (1d8+5; x3; range)
Dagger +12 (1d4+4; 19-20; 10ft)
Sling +12 (1d4; 50ft)
Mutagen Effects: +4 Str/-2 Int or +4 Dex/-2 Wis or +4 Con/-2 Cha, +2 natural armor bonus, +2 damage in melee, low-light vision, darkvision 30ft, +10ft enhancement bonus to speed, 15ft climb speed; 10 min/level
Found Gear:
Str 20, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 14
Base Atk +10/+5; CMB +15 (+21 Dirty Trick, +18 Disarm); CMD 27 (31 vs Dirty Trick, 30 vs Disarm/Grapple/Trip)
Traits Fast Talker, Monk Weapon Skill
Feats Improved Unarmed Strike, Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, Weapon Focus (Cestus), Outslug Style, Dodge, Improved Disarm, Lunge, Outslug Weave, Outslug Sprint, Improved Counterspell, Greater Dirty Trick
Skills (58 skill points total) Acrobatics +8, Appraise +5, Bluff +16, Climb +9, Craft (Alchemy) +15, Diplomacy +8, Disable Device +8 (+11), Escape Artist +7, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (Arcana) +6, Knowledge (History) +7, Knowledge (local) +7, Knowledge (Planes) +6, Knowledge (Religion) +6, Linguistics +13, Perception +4, Perform (oratory) +6, Profession (merchant) +5, Sense Motive +5, Spellcraft +5, Swim +9, Use Magic Device +7; Bardic Knowledge +1
ACP -1
Languages Common, Vudran, Tien, Gnomish, Auran, Infernal, Keleshite, Orc, Skald, Elvish, Aklo
Cantrips (DC12): Read Magic, Spark, Open/Close, Prestidigitation
1st Level (2/day; DC13): Moment of Greatness, Saving Finale
Brawler’s Cunning (Ex): If the brawler’s Intelligence score is lower than 13, it counts as 13 for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites of combat feats.
Martial Training (Ex): At 1st level, a brawler counts her total brawler levels as both fighter levels and monk levels for the purpose of qualifying for feats. She also counts as both a fighter and a monk for feats and magic items that have different effects based on whether the character has levels in those classes (such as Stunning Fist or a monk’s robe). This ability does not automatically grant feats normally granted to fighters and monks based on class level, such as Stunning Fist.
Unarmed Strike: At 1st level, a brawler gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A brawler may attack with fists, elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a brawler may make unarmed strikes with her hands full. A brawler applies her full Strength modifier (not half) on damage rolls for all her unarmed strikes.
Mutagen (Su): At 1st level, a mutagenic mauler discovers how to create a mutagen that she can imbibe in order to heighten her physical prowess, though at the cost of her personality. This ability functions as an alchemist’s mutagen and uses the brawler’s class level as her alchemist level (alchemist levels stack with brawler levels for determining the effect of this ability). A mutagenic mauler counts as an alchemist for the purpose of imbibing a mutagen prepared by someone else. At 6th level, a mutagenic mauler gains a +2 bonus on damage rolls when she attacks in melee while in her mutagenic form. At 10th level, a mutagenic mauler learns one of the following alchemist discoveries: feral mutagen or infuse mutagen, preserve organs, spontaneous healing. Effects: +4 Str/-2 Int or +4 Dex/-2 Wis or +4 Con/-2 Cha, +2 natural armor bonus, +2 damage in melee; 10 min/level
Brawler's Flurry (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, a brawler can make a brawler's flurry as a full-attack action. When doing so, a brawler has the Two-Weapon Fighting feat when attacking with any combination of unarmed strikes, weapons from the close fighter weapon group, or weapons with the "monk" special feature. She does not need to use two different weapons to use this ability.
A brawler applies her full Strength modifier to her damage rolls for all attacks made with brawler's flurry, whether the attacks are made with an off-hand weapon or a weapon wielded in both hands. A brawler can substitute disarm, sunder, and trip combat maneuvers for unarmed attacks as part of brawler's flurry. A brawler with natural weapons can't use such weapons as part of brawler's flurry, nor can she make natural weapon attacks in addition to her brawler's flurry attacks.
At 8th level, the brawler gains use of the Improved Two-Weapon Fighting feat when using brawler's flurry.
Maneuver Training 2 (Ex): At 3rd level, a brawler can select one combat maneuver to receive additional training. She gains a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks when performing that combat maneuver and a +1 bonus to her CMD when defending against that maneuver. At 7th level and every 4 levels thereafter, the brawler becomes further trained in another combat maneuver, gaining the above +1 bonus combat maneuver checks and to CMD. In addition, the bonuses granted by all previous maneuver training increase by 1 each. Chosen maneuvers: Dirty Trick +2, Disarm +1
Beastmorph (Su): Starting at 4th level, a mutagenic mauler gains additional abilities when using her mutagen. At 4th level, she gains low-light vision and a +10 enhancement bonus to her base speed. At 9th level, she gains darkvision to a range of 30 feet and a climb speed of 15 feet. At 13th level, the enhancement bonus to her base speed increases to +15 feet, and she gains the scent ability within 30 feet. At 18th level, her climb speed increases to 30 feet, and the enhancement bonus to her base speed increases to +20 feet. This ability replaces AC bonus.
Knockout (Ex): At 4th level, once per day a brawler can unleash a devastating attack that can instantly knock a target unconscious. She must announce this intent before making her attack roll. If the brawler hits and the target takes damage from the blow, the target must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw (DC20 = 10 + 1/2 the brawler's level + the higher of the brawler's Strength or Dexterity modifier) or fall unconscious for 1d6 rounds. Each round on its turn, the unconscious target may attempt a new saving throw to end the effect as a full-round action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Creatures immune to critical hits or nonlethal damage are immune to this ability. At 10th level, the brawler may use this ability twice per day.
Brawler's Strike (Ex): At 5th level, a brawler's unarmed strikes are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. At 9th level, her unarmed attacks are also treated as cold iron and silver for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. At 12th level, she chooses one alignment component: chaotic, evil, good, or lawful; her unarmed strikes also count as this alignment for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. (This alignment component cannot be the opposite of the brawler's actual alignment, such as a good brawler choosing evil strikes.) At 17th level, her unarmed attacks are also treated as adamantine weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction and bypassing hardness.
Close Weapon Mastery (Ex): At 5th level, a brawler's damage with close weapons increases. When wielding a close weapon, she uses the unarmed strike damage of a brawler 4 levels lower instead of the base damage for that weapon (for example, a 5th-level Medium brawler wielding a punching dagger deals 1d6 points of damage instead of the weapon's normal 1d4). If the weapon normally deals more damage than this amount, its damage is unchanged. This ability does not affect any other aspect of the weapon. The brawler can decide to use the weapon's base damage instead of her adjusted unarmed strike damage—this decision must be declared before the attack roll is made.
Bardic Knowledge (Ex): A skald adds 1/2 his class level (minimum 1) on all Knowledge checks, and can attempt all Knowledge checks untrained.
Cantrips: Skalds learn a number of cantrips, or 0-level spells, as noted on the table above. These spells are cast like any other spell, but they do not consume any slots and may be used again.
Spells: A skald casts arcane spells drawn from the bard spell list. He can cast any spell he knows without preparing it ahead of time. Every skald spell has a verbal component—these verbal components can take the form of song, recitation, or even nonverbal music like percussion. To learn or cast a spell, a skald must have a Charisma score equal to at least 10 + the spell's level. The saving throw DC against a skald's spell is 10 + the spell's level + the skald's Charisma modifier.
Like other spellcasters, a skald can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. His base daily spell allotment is given on the table above. In addition, he receives bonus spells per day if he has a high Charisma score.
The skald's selection of spells is limited. A skald begins play knowing four 0-level spells and two 1st-level spells of the skald's choice.
Improved Counterspell: At 1st level, the spell warrior receives Improved Counterspell as a bonus feat. This ability replaces scribe scroll.
Raging Song (Su): A skald is trained to use music, oration, and similar performances to inspire his allies to feats of strength and ferocity. At 1st level, a skald can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. For each level beyond 1st, he can use raging song for 2 additional rounds per day.
Starting a raging song is a standard action, but it can be maintained each round as a free action. A raging song cannot be disrupted, but it ends immediately if the skald is killed, paralyzed, stunned, knocked unconscious, or otherwise prevented from taking a free action each round to maintain it. A raging song counts as the bard's bardic performance special ability for any effect that affects bardic performances. A skald may learn bard masterpieces.
A raging song has audible components, but not visual components. Allies must be able to hear the skald for the song to have any effect on them. A deaf skald has a 20% chance to fail when attempting to use a raging song. If he fails this check, the attempt still counts against his daily limit.
When the skald begins a raging song and then on each ally's turn, if the ally can hear the raging song, that ally must decide whether to accept or refuse its effects. This is not an action. Unconscious allies automatically accept the song. If accepted, the raging song's effects on that ally last for that ally's turn or until the song ends, whichever comes first.
Weapon Song (Su): A spell warrior gains the following raging song, allowing him to grant enhancement bonuses and special powers to his ally's weapons.
Enhance Weapons (Su): At 1st level, the spell warrior can grant a +1 enhancement bonus to the weapons (including ammunition) of allies within 60 feet. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, this enhancement bonus increases by 1. The maximum bonus gained is based upon the number of weapons affected: +5 for one weapon, +4 for two weapons, +3 for three weapons, or +2 for four or more weapons. Fifty pieces of ammunition count as one weapon for this purpose. The wielder of a weapon enhanced by this raging song counts as if she were under the effect of an inspired rage raging song for all purposes involving the skald's rage powers.
These bonuses can also be used to add any of the following weapon special abilities to the weapons enhanced by this ability: dancing, defending, distance, flaming, frost, ghost touch, keen, mighty cleaving, returning, shock, seeking, or speed. Adding any of these special abilities consumes an amount of bonus equal to the special ability's base price modifier. These enhancement bonuses and special abilities overlap with any enhancements or special abilities the weapon already has, and duplicate special abilities do not stack. If an affected weapon is not magical, at least a +1 enhancement bonus must be added before any other special abilities can be.
The bonus and special abilities granted by this raging song are determined when the song begins, and cannot be changed until the raging song ends and another is begun. These bonuses apply to only one end of a double weapon. This ability replaces the inspired rage raging song.

Silver Tongued: Humans are often adept at subtle manipulation and putting even sworn foes at ease. Humans with this trait gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Bluff checks. In addition, when they use Diplomacy to shift a creature’s attitude, they can shift up to three steps up rather than just two. This racial trait replaces skilled.

Monk Weapon Skill: Your exposure to teaching from the House of Perfection makes your attacks with monk weapons even more deadly. Select one monk weapon with which you are proficient (cestus). You gain a +1 trait bonus on damage rolls with this weapon.
Fast Talker: You had a knack at getting yourself into trouble as a child, and as a result developed a silver tongue at an early age. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff checks, and Bluff is always a class skill for you.
Combat Expertise: You can choose to take a –1 penalty on melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +1 dodge bonus to your Armor Class. When your base attack bonus reaches +4, and every +4 thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and the dodge bonus increases by +1. You can only choose to use this feat when you declare that you are making an attack or a full-attack action with a melee weapon. The effects of this feat last until your next turn.
Improved Dirty Trick: You do not provoke an attack of opportunity when performing a dirty trick combat maneuver. In addition, you receive a +2 bonus on checks made to attempt a dirty trick. You also receive a +2 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense when an opponent tries a dirty trick on you.
Outslug Style: Choose one weapon from the close fighter weapon group. While using this style, when you take a 5-foot step, you gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC and a +1 bonus on weapon damage rolls with the chosen weapon until the beginning of your next turn.
Improved Disarm: You do not provoke an attack of opportunity when performing a disarm combat maneuver. In addition, you receive a +2 bonus on checks made to disarm a foe. You also receive a +2 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense whenever an opponent tries to disarm you.
Dodge: You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your AC. A condition that makes you lose your Dex bonus to AC also makes you lose the benefits of this feat.
Lunge: You can increase the reach of your melee attacks by 5 feet until the end of your turn by taking a –2 penalty to your AC until your next turn. You must decide to use this ability before any attacks are made.
Outslug Weave:While using Outslug Style, you don’t take a –2 penalty to your AC when using the Lunge feat. The bonuses to AC and on weapon damage rolls that you gain from Outslug Style increase to +2.
Outslug Sprint: While using Outslug Style, you can move an additional 5 feet when making a 5-foot step.
Improved Counterspell:
Feather Step Slippers: These fine silken slippers allow their wearer to ignore the adverse movement effects of difficult terrain as if subject to the feather step spell, including granting the ability to take 5-foot steps in difficult terrain.
+1 Flamboyant Mithral Cestus: This special ability can be placed only on one-handed or light piercing melee weapons. A flamboyant weapon has its own magical reservoir of panache that its wielder can spend to power her deeds. Usually this panache is stored within a jewel or other adornment. This reservoir holds 1 panache point, which is refreshed at the start of each day. Whether or not the wielder of a flamboyant weapon has any deeds, she can spend 1 panache point from the flamboyant weapon to reroll an attack made with it that missed due to rolling a natural 1. When the wielder does so, she must take the second result, even if it also misses.
+1 Flamboyant Mithral Cestus
+1 Shock Adamantine Cestus
Masterwork Cold Iron Cestus
+1 Composite Longbow (+4)
Arrows (10)
Cold Iron Arrows (10)
Alchemical Silver Arrows (10)
Cold Iron Dagger
Cold Iron Sling Bullets (8/10)
+1 Mithral Breastplate
+1 Buckler
Masterwork Backpack
Brawler's Kit (a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, rope, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin)
- Dusty Rose Ioun Stone
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50/50 charges)
Wand of Endure Elements (48/50 charges)
Wand of Monkey Fish (45/50 charges)
Wand of Heightened Awareness (38/50 charges)
Wand of False Life (CL 10; 7/8 charges)
Vermin Repellent (3x)
Potion of Lesser Restoration
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
Potion of See Invisibility (2)
Scroll Case
- Remove Fear
- Comprehend Languages
Cloak of Resistance +2
Oil of Bless Weapon
Thieve's Tools, masterwork
Belt of Giant Strength +4
Courtier's Outfit (Petrello's Haberdashery)
Noble's Outfit (Petrello's Haberdashery)
Feather Step Slippers (Jeweled shoes - Dependable Drummady's)
Carrying Capacity
Light 0-116 lb. Medium 117-233 lb. Heavy 234-350 lb.
Current Load Carried 95 lb.
Money GP 22655 SP 8 CP 0
(Purchases on this scenario)

Major Purchases:
Masterwork Chain Shirt
Wand of Cure Light Wounds
Vermin Repellant (4x) (3/4 remaining)
Potion of Shield of Faith (consumed)
Masterwork Backpack
40gp casting of Lesser Restoration (Saringallow)
Mithral Cestus (2PA)
Potion of Lesser Restoration
Cloak of Resistance +1
Thieve's Tools, masterwork
Belt of Giant Strength +2 (4000gp, after Chron 5)
+1 enchant on Mithral Cestus (2000gp, after Chron 5)
Masterwork Cold Iron Cestus (310gp, after Chron 5)
Wand of Endure Elements (2PA, after Chron 5)
Feather Step Slippers (1900gp with Dependable Drummady's boon, after Chron 6)
Spell to not die in space (1PA, chron 7)
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (2PA, chron 7)
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (2PA, chron 9)
+1 weapon special ability - Flamboyant (6000gp, chron 9)
+1 enhancement on Chain Shirt (1000gp, chron 10)
Wand of Monkey Fish (750gp, chron 11)
Adamantine Cestus (3005gp, chron 12)
Potion, Shield of Faith (50gp, chron 12)
Sold +1 chain shirt (+550gp, chron 13)
+1 mithral breastplate (5200gp, chron 13)
Masterwork buckler (155gp, chron 13)
Potion of Barkskin (300gp, chron 13)
+1 enhancement on buckler (1000gp chron 14)
+1 enhancement on adamantine cestus (2000gp, chron 14)
Improve Cloak to Resistance +1 to +2 (3000gp, chron 14)
Potion of Fly (2PA, chron 15)
Potion of See Invisibility (2) (600gp, chron 15)
Shock enhancement on +1 Adamantine cestus (6000gp, chron 16)
3 Oils of Bless Weapon (150gp, chron 16)
Chron 17
Dusty Rose Ioun Stone - 5000gp
Scroll Case
Scrolls (2-1st level)
Wands (Heightened Awareness paid with PA)
MWK Composite Longbow (+4)
10 arrows
10 cold iron arrows
10 alchemical silver arrows
+1 enhancement bonus on Comp Longbow
Doom Comes to Dustpawn (start 22655 gp, 29 PA)
Upgrade Belt of Giant Strength +2 to +4 (12000gp)
Wand of CLW (2 PA)
Wand of False Life (CL 10; 8 charges) (2400 gp)

Some Boons:
Azlanti Wonders: While interviewing the Azlanti general Krahnaliara Lac Suhn, you learned the location of an Azlanti site that might have survived millennia or tragedy and looting. When you adventure in a ruin, archaeological site, or other structure that predates Earthfall (approximately 10,000 years ago, including more Azlanti and Thassilonian sites), you can cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet and choose two of the following: AC, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks. For the duration of the adventure while you are exploring the site, you gain a +1 insight bonus on the selected rolls or to your AC.
Timelost Chronicler: You have journeyed through the ancient serpentfolk city of Sessegishoss and witnessed the fall of the Starstone, granting you a remarkable perspective of Golarion's history. You gain a permanent +1 bonus on Knowledge (history) checks from your first-hand knowledge. Once per scenario you may call on the nascent power granted by your exposure to the falling Starstone to find inner greatness, granting you a +1 morale bonus to a single d20 roll. You must declare your use of this power before the roll is made.
Ragdya's Blessing: Due to the respect you showed to the Audran god Ragdya's sacred animal, you have received the deity's blessing. You may cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet to gain a climb speed of 20ft for 1d4 rounds. For 1 round after this boon expires, if you would fall due to failing a Climb check, you fall slowly as if affected by [i]feather fall
(CL 1st) so long as you remain adjacent to a wall or other solid surface. Gallows of Madness - What Lurks in the Woods (12/23)

Some More Boons:
Apprentices Returned: 3 of 3 chronicles applied
Goblin Slayer: _ You defeated the goblins who were terrorizing the Escort family and other local shepherds. You may check off the box before this boon to gain a +1 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against creatures with the goblinoid subtype, as well as a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls against them. IF you have the favored enemy class feature and chose goblinoid as one of your favored enemies, increase your favored enemy bonus against goblinoids by +2 instead. Activating this boon is a free action, and these benefits last for 1 minute.
Repurposed Trap: x/_ On your way up to Highfort, you encountered a trap made of bottled brown mold. You recovered some of these jars for your own future use; immediately check one of the boxes that precede this boon if you did not disable the trap. So long as you carry a jar with you, you gain the benefits of endure elements in hot environments and take a -2 penalty on saving throws against environmental cold. Check one of the boxes that precede this boon to throw a jar at a square as a ranged attack roll against an AC of 5 (range increment 10 feet). If you miss, use the rules for missing with a thrown splash weapon to determine where the jar lands (CRB 202). When the jar hits the ground, it splits open, filling the square with brown mold. The mold deals 2d6 points of nonlethal cold damage per round to anyone in its square. Unlike typical brown mold, it does not expand when fire is nearby-the jarred samples have become somewhat sickly from their long confinement. After you check the second box, cross this entire boon off your Chronicle sheet.
Antidotes and Remedies: Among the poisonous plants in the Sarini garden, you found four potent medicinal plants, each of which has a different effect. You collected a bundle of leaves and roots from each of these plants for future use. You may chew a bundle of plants as a standard action to produce one of the following effects. Once you use one of the bundles, cross it off your Chronicle sheet.
• Heal 1d4+1 points of damage.
• Gain a +2 alchemical bonus on Fortitude saves against disease for 1 hour.
Gain a +2 alchemical bonus on Fortitude saves against poison for 1 hour.
• Gain a +2 alchemical bonus on Fortitude saves against effects that would nauseate or sicken you for 1 hour.
_ / _ Bringing the Truth to Light: You recovered records of the Sarini family’s unspeakable deeds from the secret chambers below their manor. In addition to bringing closure to families of Saringallow, these documents provide you with insights about the forces of Hell. You may check off a box at the beginning of your turn to treat the DR of devils as if it were 5 lower and the SR of devils as if it were 2 lower until the beginning of your next turn. Alternatively, you may check off a box before this boon to grant a devil that you have summoned or called a +2 resistance bonus on saving throws and a +2 enhancement bonus to its natural armor for 1 round. Checking off a box is a free action. After checking off the second box, cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet.
x / x / _ Friends in Saringallow: You rescued both Nolaria Wintren and Nixa Volsetti from Wormgnash’s minions. The cousins decide to provide you with assistance on your future adventures. Using any of these favors requires your spending the time or actions to perform the task yourself. You may use the favors listed below in any combination, checking off a box each time you ask for help. When you check the last box, Nolaria and Nixa return to Saringallow; cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet.
• Ask Nixa to share her expertise (Knowledge [planes] +5)
• Ask Nolaria to share her wisdom (Heal +6 or Survival +6)
• Ask Nolaria to cast bless (CL 3rd, concentration +5)
• Ask Nolaria to cast cure light wounds (CL 3rd, concentration +5)
• Ask Nixa to make a full attack against one of your foes. Melee mwk longsword +4 (1d8+3/19–20), light shield +3 (1d3+3)
Pushing Back the Abyss: You stopped Wormgnash’s plots, and, with the help of the town guard, eradicated the last traces of demon bile from Saringallow. Your experiences in Saringallow have taught you to recognize signs of demonic influence. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (planes) checks concerning demons, and may attempt such checks as though you were trained in the skill. This bonus does not stack with the benefits provided by tools like Pathfinder Chronicles.

More Boons:
Elemental Conquest: You have fought and fraternized with the guardians of Auction's Tear, and although you triumphed, it is clear that this is not the last time you'll clash with elemental forces. Choose one of the benefits below, and cross the other two off your Chronicle sheet. You may select an option only so long as you successfully completed at least one encounter in a region with that elemental affinity during this adventure.
_ Water: You gain a +1 insight bonus on saving throws against spells, spell-like abilities, and effects of creatures with the water subtype and against spells with the cold or water descriptors. While adventuring in the Plane of Water, you instead gain a +1 insight bonus on all saving throws. As a swift action, you can check the box that precedes this boon in order to gain a +5 competence bonus on Swim checks and the ability to breathe underwater for 1 minute.
x / _ Ranginori's Debt: You helped recover the Untouchable Opal, within which Ranginori, Elemental Lord of Air, is trapped. While imprisoned, his power is limited. Nonetheless, he has granted you an initial gift with the promise of greater rewards should the Society free him. You can activate this boon as a standard action by checking one of the boxes that precedes it, gaining one of the benefits based on your level when you activate the boon. For any spell-lied ability, use your character level as your caster level. See Chronicle 8-00 for full list of SLA options (including FLY!)

Even More Boons:
_ Belkzen Veteran: You have crossed the Hold of Belkzen, negotiated with the orc representatives, and clashed with opportunistic raiders. You can spend 2 Prestige Points to learn Orc as a bonus language. In addition, you can check the box that precedes this boon to gain the benefits of the orc ferocity half-orc racial trait for 1 round. If you already have this racial trait and activate that ability, you can check the box to act normally as though you did not have the disabled condition for 1 round.
Martyr's Shard 1: The paladin Ivvora wielded a powerful dagger in service to her angelic patron, Vildeis. In helping recover and restore the hilt, you are able to begin imbuing a facsimile of the blade to combat evil on your own terms. As a free action, you can check the box that precedes this boon to grant one weapon you wield a +1 enhancement bonus (does not stack with other enhancement bonuses) and the ability to overcome damage reduction and regeneration as a cold iron, good-aligned weapon for 1 minute. Future Martyr's Shards boons may unlock additional benefits.
...additional boon info on Chronicle for 8-99
Scarred Champion:Vildeis grants the strength to endure pain to strike down evil, and in escorting Ivvora's hilt back to the Tinhorn following, you now carry a spark of that empyreal lord's divine resilience. When you fail a saving throw against the spell or spell-like ability of an undead creature, you can check the box that precedes this boon to roll 1d6 to increase the saving through result by that amount. If the bonus is enough to turn the failure into a success, the saving throw succeeds. This near-death experience leaves you with a hand-sized scar somewhere on your body--a reminder of Vildeis's assistance.
X / X Aquel’s Favor: You may check both boxes that precede this boon to surround yourself in holy radiance as a standard action, gaining the benefits similar to an angel’s protective aura for 1 round per character level you have. Against attacks made by or effects created by evil creatures, this ability provides a +4 deflection bonus to AC and a +4 resistance bonus on saving throws to anyone within 20 feet of you. Otherwise, it functions as a magic circle against evil effect with a radius of 20 feet and a caster level equal to your character level. If you are an undine, if you have the Water domain, or if you are a paladin with the pearl seeker archetype (Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Aquatic Adventures 54), you can use this ability by checking a single box.
Water Affinity: Your connection to elemental water has grown stronger over the course of your recent adventures. This boon has no mechanical effect on its own, but it may interact with other boons or play a role in future adventures—especially those set on the Elemental Planes.
_ / _ Welcome in the Boundless Sea: You have a reputation in Vialesk as a reliable person in dangerous situations. You gain a +1 bonus on Diplomacy check against undines and creatures with the water subtype. You may check one of the boxes that precedes this boon to requisition an elixir of swimming, or two boxes to gain a potion of water breathing or three elixirs of swimming. You may also check two of the boxes to purchase a necklace of adaptation for 8,250 gp, a helm of underwater action for 23,250 gp, or a suit of nautilus coral armor (see below) for 6,750 gp.
_ / _ Clockwork Insight: Your time in the temple of Brigh has given you insight into complicated mechanisms. You can check a box that precedes this boon as a part of attempting a Disable Device check to disarm a trap to roll 1d6 and add the result to the result of your Disable Device check. You can instead check a box to grant yourself the ability to attempt a single Disable Device check against a magical trap, even if you would not normally be able to do so. Alternatively, you can check a box when a trap triggers to add 1d6 to your AC or on your saving throw against the trap. When you check the last box, cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet.
Earth Affinity: Your connection to elemental earth has grown stronger over the course of your recent adventures. This boon has no mechanical effect on its own, but it may interact with other boons or play a role in future adventures--especially those set on the Elemental Planes.
X / _ / _ Grave Treader's Inspiration: Grave Treader shared some of her wisdom and knowledge with you, which you can apply at opportune moments. you can check a box that precedes this boon to use inspiration, as per the investigator ability.
Magnimarian Debt: The many wealthy and influential attendees of the auction for the Runecarved Key, among them some who actively big against the Pathfinder Society for the ancient relic, owe you a debt of gratitude for dealing with the assault on the Temple of Abadar. In thanks for saving their lives from the rampaging cultists, the citizens of Magnimar can be called upon in the future to assist you when your life needs saving- or restoring. When you would pay for the casting of a raise dead, resurrection, or true resurrection, you may call upon this favor and reduce the price of the spellcasting service by half. This discount applies to spellcasting services paid for with either coins or Prestige Points. Once you have used this boon, cross it off the Chronicle sheet.
Formidable Renown: Word of your defeat of the the cultists of Lissala and your tenacity in the face of the relentless onslaught of summoned outsiders has quickly spread through the ranks of the secretive cult. When facing a worshipper of Lissala, you gain a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks to demoralize them, and can make one such attempt per encounter as a move action instead of a standard action.
Restful Pathfinders Lodge

Exchange Faction Journal Card:
Boons Earned
SLUSH FUND (2+ goals): You can attempt a Day Job check untrained. When you roll a Day Job check, you always receive at least 25 gp for every two goals you’ve completed. If you expended gold on tolls, bribes, living expenses, or other nonpermanent costs during an adventure, your faction reimburses you for the gold spent, to a maximum of the amount you earned on your Day Job check.[/b]
2 Goals completed
1/1 Visit one of the following planar metropolises during the course of an adventure: Armun Kelisk, the City of Brass, the Opaline Vault, or Vialesk. While in the city, purchase or sell an item worth at least 100 gp per character level.
0/1 Recruit a named NPC merchant, trader, smuggler, or similar figure to cooperate with the Exchange. Doing so requires a successful Diplomacy or Profession (merchant) check (DC = 15 + your character level).
1/2 Resolve a combat encounter nonviolently through diplomacy, trickery, bribery, or a similar tactic. (Xorn in 8-23 Graves of Crystalmaw Pass)
1/2 Gain access to a unique or variant item during the course of an adventure whose rules are printed on your Chronicle sheet. {Elixir of Solar Vigor from Sun Orchid Scheme)
2/2 Create a lasting impression on a sentient creature by exceeding the DC of the Intimidate check to make the creature friendly by 10 or more. Alternatively, foster peaceful interactions by learning how to speak and read seven or more languages, at least one of which must be Aquan, Auran, Ignan, or Terran. If you do so, check both of this goal’s boxes.
0/1 Undermine a rival entrepreneur or merchant so that you can claim his market share. Doing so requires a successful Bluff, Intimidate, or Profession (merchant) check (DC = 15 + your character level).
0/2 Identify a valuable business prospect during the course of an adventure. Doing so requires a successful Appraise, Knowledge (local), Profession (merchant), Sense Motive, Stealth check (DC = 15 + your character level).
0/3 / 0/5 Serve as the GM for an adventure that grants 1 or more XP, and apply the Chronicle sheet to this character. Checking 3 boxes counts as one goal for earning faction rewards; checking all 5 counts as two goals.

"Gorgeous" Gallix Granbonne grew up on the rough and tumble streets of Kintargo, in Cheliax. As a typical waif in such a large and tumultuous city, Gallix quickly began a career of getting himself into trouble with the law. Since, in Cheliax, the law is basically everything, Gallix's mother decided the boy needed a more stable environment where he could grow up in safety, or at least learn how to defend himself if he insisted on getting into fights. Luckily, she had "befriended" the captain of a merchant ship who travelled between the Infernal empire and some of the Vudran ports far to the south. She also had a distant relative who, years prior, had been an acolyte in the Houses of Perfection on the isle of Jalmeray. Exhausting every contact and favor she had ever earned herself, Gallix's mother sent her son to Jalmeray, with the hope that the boy could make something of himself among the famed warriors of the Houses.
Gallix made it to the island and quickly earned himself the right to attempt the trials to become an acolyte of the Houses for himself, but his lack of discipline and experience kept him from success, and he was unable to earn a place in the esteemed monasteries. Despite his failure, he was able to enter into one of the lesser monasteries on the island, and he learned a great deal about the art of hand-to-hand combat under his masters there, but he refused to be broken of the fierce independence that had gotten him into so much trouble back in Cheliax. Before too long, he was expelled from the monastery, and cast adrift around the Inner Sea to make his own way. Gallix soon found himself traveling as a warrior for hire and occasional prize fighter, using the skills he had developed on Jalmeray to great affect in the ring.
During his travels in Katapesh, he developed a nasty habit for Pesh, and the drug nearly destroyed him, but a medicine man he encountered during one of his few moments of lucidity showed him how to develop an alchemical substance that would not only fight off the urges of the addiction, but would also give an extraordinary boost to his physical prowess. Since discovering this new substance, Gallix has tried to make something more of his life, and has decided to join the Pathfinder Society as a way to do something useful with himself, fuel the spread of his reputation, and maybe earn some real wealth for his eventual retirement.