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Sorry, but I have to give this 2 stars. Was going to give only 1, but I actually liked the plot.

The plot was really interesting to me both when I played and GM'd this, it was interesting to see more of Eox and the relationship between eoxians and sarcesians. However, there are MAJOR problems with how the scenario was planned, especially in the middle sniper encounter.

On its own, it's not a bad encounter. But the fact that this is a tier 1-4 scenario really affects how this encounter... Doesn't fit.

Snipers with more than 600 ft. between them and the party, not a whole lot of places to hide, and the fact that this is a tier 1-4 scenario. When I played this, we had a party of 2nd level characters, and whe barely survived this encounter with our two longarm using characters. Today I ran this scenario to four 1st level characters, and it ended in a TPK. There was no way they'd make it close enough to shoot any of the snipers before all of them were down.

Considering the tier, the encounter was badly scaled and planned. Characters with few resources are totally at the snipers' mercy. It wasn't fun or enjoyable tactical encounter for them, it was a massacre. I firmly think this should've either been a tier 3-6 scenario, or the encounter should've been different, perhaps with a much smaller map.

Better luck next time.