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Jeff Harris 982 wrote:
Canary's Mining Helmet.

Thanks Jeff! I really appreciate you taking the time to go through all these.

There is 1 thing that I'd like to point out because it's come up a few times now in multiple threads about round 1. By RAW, you can have a wonder out item with a CL of 1. I had questions on this when designing my item and consulted the items in the Core to help solidify my reading. I used the Hat of Disguise(CL 1) to affirm to myself that you can in fact have items with CL lower than 3. Yes, it's inefficient since you need multiple people involved in crafting, but I guess that's how magic Walmart makes all its profit.

No argument intended, just clarifying the RAW. I'm a big fan of low level "mundane" magic items like this one, and can't help but try to spread the word!

Thanks again for the critique!

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Trekkie90909 wrote:

Canary's Mining Helmet

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to know I wasn't entirely off base.

I agree it may be a little pricey, but with the spell adjustments I didn't want to cut costs and get booted early for doing the math wrong. a mining foreman was exactly what I had in mind. The original name was "Mine Sueveyor's Cap" but didn't speak to me like the ultimate choice.

Re: other uses, some friends brought this up after submission and we came up with some out of the box uses for the Detect Metal. Find out who in the bar has gold in their pockets or cold iron weapons, etc. just some thoughts if anyone wants to use at home!

Thanks for the critique! I really appreciate it!

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Fragmenting Quarterstaff

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine! Canary's Mining Helmet I feel your pain from page 3.

I like this item, and I know I voted it up at least twice. My only criticisms come in the variability of its nature and how it plays with math. As a quarterstaff, it would do 1d6 base damage(divided by either 2 or 3). I'm not sure if that's what you meant, or if you intended it to do 2d6 damage(1d6 per side of the double weapon). If you intended 1d6 each, maybe something along the lines of "breaks into 2 or 3 +1 clubs that can..."

I like the variability conceptually, but it makes the math messy, which is the one big turnoff for me. It's that 1/3 that kills me. Im not sure how to fix it though. I guess if it was a Sansetsuken(Three Section Staff) from the eastern rules, but then it it's weird to break it in 2. Maybe the "breaks into clubs" could fix this too?

Also, I think the Dancing weapon ability would have worked better for what you wanted. Dancing does exactly what you asked for and even uses animate objects as its spell requirement. Since it's a weapon and not a Wonderous item, I think it's definitely the way to go.

I really liked the flavore of this item, Im building a Friar Tuck monk now and I'll probably steal it. It's just the mechanics that tripped me up a bit.

I hope this is helpful! Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss further!

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Canary's Mining Helmet
Aura Faint Abjuration; CL 1st
Slot Head; Price 5,350 gp; Weight 3 lbs.
This rusted tin helmet is topped with a small cage containing a golden canary. When the helmet comes within 30' of a poisonous or particularly flammable gas, the canary in the cage emits a loud chirping sound to warn the wearer. In addition, when a piece of metal or ore is placed in the canary's nest, the wearer gains the ability to cast Detect Metal at will. This ability is only capable of detecting metal of the same type that was placed in the nest.
Requirements Craft Wonderous Items, Detect Poison, Detect Metal; Cost 2,675 gp

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Congratulations to our Top 32!

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Disagree Nicholas. There are multiple Paizo published items with a CL of 1 or 2. Which would not be created because Craft Wonderous Item requires lv 3. Unless Paizo has set a bad precedent on multiple occasions...

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Respectfully disagree GM. Every word the publisher saves on crunch gives them more room for fluff, story, GM guidance and more crunch!

In a pay by word market, I want the tightest submission possible.

I guess the difference is in your wording. The contest didn't ask for 300 words. They asked for up to 300 words. Those 2 little words make a big difference.

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Paizo uses the word "radius" a lot, and for reasons. Please don't waste your words trying to describe it to me.

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I saw you for the first time today. You are the least disgusting blood themed item I've seen. Complicated, but not vomit inducing. I approve.