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Android Biotechnician Medic


Biohacker 2 | SP 12/12 | HP 16/160 | RP 5/5 | EAC 11 • KAC 12 | F+3, R+0, W+0 | Init +0 | Perc +0 | Spd 30 | Active Conditions: None




In-home physician

About Goldenarms

Concept: Kept Android Medic
Race: Android
Theme: Biotechnician
Class: Biohacker
Archetype: Medic

10,10,10,18,11,14 (Focused Quick Pick)

HP: 16
SP: 12
BAB: +1
Saves: +3/+0/+0

Racial: Constructed, Exceptional Vision, Flat Affect, Upgrade Slot
Class: Biohacks, custom microlab, injection expert(+1), primary field of study(Immunology), scientific method(Studious), Injection Expert +1, Doctor
Feats: Skill Focus(Medicine)

•Skills• A+R+C
Computers +9 =(4+2+3)
Culture +9 =(4+2+3)
Diplomacy +7 =(2+2+3)
Life Science +9 =(4+2+3)
Medicine +12 =(4+2+3+3)
Physical Science +9 =(4+2+3)
Profession(Physician{I}) +9 =(4+2+3)
Sense Motive +5 =(0+2+3)

Custom Microlab
Infrared Sensors - Upgrade Slot

(2) Hideaway Limb, Standard, Custom
• Left: Needler Pistol, 6 Darts
• Right: Medkit, Basic

Second Skin +1/+2

{L.I.} Caustoject, Liquidator 30ft./1d4A/20Cap./Use2/Crit:InjectionDC+2/Special: injection, living
Needler Pistol 30ft/1d4P/6Cap./Use1/Crit: InjectionDC+2/ Special: analog, injection
• Darts(25)
(3) Analgesic
(5) Sedative
Medkit, Basic

(5) Clothing, Professional
(5) Clothing, Uniform
(5) Clothing, Formal
(5) Clothing, Everyday


Appearance: Attractively designed with the type so colorfully described as "The Neutral Male", with customizations decided on by the buyer, Goldenarms was initially selected with few aesthetic options beyond a standard "Heritage Variance Package", which applied the average dimensions according to the purchaser's genetic makeup. The "Temperate Grassland Biome" preset factors were applied as well, and for ease of function, follicle settings were reduced to the bare minimum.

The distinction came in the form of his arms, a pair of luxury cosmetic prosthetics that made it seem as if his arms from the shoulder down were formed from liquid gold. Considered avant-garde at the time, the prosthetic was sheathed in a sealed layer of thin membrane that simulated the appearance and allowed for some shifting of the fluid contained therein. Fashion has since moved on.

His clothing is always impeccable— expensive but always of the brands that indicated station and role without having to blatantly broadcast it.


Recruitment Splash:

090LD-0R0 "Goldenarms"
Theme: Biotechnician
Class: Biohacker

An Android of the Medic archetype, the "LD" in his identity stands for "Luxury Designation". As such, he was immediately acquired and put to service in the Lorena household. It never hurt to have an attending physician on hand, and even better if it was one as neutral as an android. The privacy aspect could not be beat, either. While his spark was acquired a generation or so back, the work was not unfavorable, so he remained.

Currently, the matron of the family Elisabet Lorena has an even hand over the Loren Group of holdings, including the well-known "Sachin" line of personal storage, "Jewell" brand decorative cosmetics, and other numerous smaller interests that were acquired when the opportunity arose. Oriane is the heir to the Loren Group, but as the matron is still of sound mind and body, eyes are not turning to her at least any time soon.

Of interest on the station is the block of six or so shopfronts in The Gallery that cater towards upper-end sensibilities without the ostentatious air that often set others apart, and alienated the rest.

In that context for Goldenarms, while life at the Lorena household was good, somehow his job started to be come taxing, bleeding over into being the personal physician for the major stakeholders of the Lorena group. Suddenly, they have a good deal more access, and their secret work of aiding the local Android Abolitionist movement just got a lot more weight.

Add in The Antagonist, a rival by the name of Letha Maiken, someone in the circles that (talks big but is trying to break out of the small-time) beginning a quiet conflict in attempts to expose them. The rival can't make it too big because then people will start to look closer at their own less-than-upstanding actions and paper trails, and they'll be just as complicit.