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This is great news, I have been hoping for SF2 for a while now, and starfinder enhanced made me think it was still going to be a long way off.

I love that it is going to be 100% compatible with PF2, and look forward to seeing how the SF classes stack up. The Soldier does feel a bit narrow at the moment with the focus on big weapons, but I'm sure it will expand as we move into playtest and beyond.

Looking forward to more updates!

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Wow, what a mess.

First time poster, so hi everybody, you guys are all great. The debates are excellent, keep it up.

I don't know if I am in the minority, but I love D&D as well, it's where many of my group and others started in this awesome hobby (that or slowly sliding in to TTRPG via Warhammer), and I am saddened by the divorcing of all, or much of, of the history that comes from D&D. To me, Pathfinder is what D&D should be, the spiritual successor to the games I played in my youth, with rules that are way more interesting to someone like me, while still being in touch with the roots of the game through the shared language in the SRD.

The Drow are iconic, and I will miss them in Pathfinder when they are gone. I will miss the dragons too, and probably a load of other changes to the world that have yet to be announced. All of this feels like a step backwards, which is odd given Wizard's recent missteps it was a fantastic opportunity for Paizo to sweep up new players and grow the game, but instead we seem to be focused on creating barriers to entry, while making existing players disillusioned with the direction of travel.

Personally, I would prefer it if Paizo continued with the OGL for longer (like forever!) to make this unnecessary, but it is unlikely (like impossible!) that they can or would want to change course now.

Anyway, I hope it all works out in the end and my worries are unfounded, but I care enough about the Drow to voice my concerns.