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Please cancel the listed orders below. I intend to reorder as one shipment.




Horizon Hunters

Since I'm planning my post-covid vaccine con schedule, is there an intention to debut a multi-table special at PaizoCon Europe Online?

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We had an interesting discussion over on my local PFS lodge's discord and thought I would bring it up to a wider audience.

A number of spells and effects target a living creature. The basic question is do the rules make an unseen servant be a living creature?

We had an incident where a GM ruled that a haunt did not trigger for a US but did for someone's familiar, and it it ended up killing said familiar; the basis for this was the idea of the haunt triggering on a living creature. While we're generally fine with the ruling in the moment, there has been much discussion on the subject, and we're in 3 camps.

1. Because it is classified as a creature and does not have any trait that says otherwise, it is living.

2. Because it is classified as a creature but otherwise does not have a trait that indicates it is living, that it is not a living creature.

3. The fringe that says it has a creature stat block just because it is a conjuration spell and can be damaged, but otherwise it should probably not be considered a creature and instead just a targetable mobile blob of force energy.

Thoughts and perspectives are welcome.

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So, here's a bit of an oddball question I haven't been able to find a direct answer on, or any discussion really. Are GM's able to slot boons for their GM credit characters?

Obviously, it wouldn't affect play, but it may affect downtime as a GM. A lot of boons can offer different downtime activities, such as off-hours study or practiced medicine. I think getting some clarification on this topic would really help.

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Special shout out to the online lodge for helping us all transfer our games online and give tech support. Praise Triune.

And thank you to the enrire OP team for continuing to improve our favorite past time as the world loses some of its sanity. Don't overwork yourselves during the quarantine and remember to prioritize low stress and self-care!

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I know the rule was that GM could select any of the boons on their sheet, unless explicitly called out as not available to the GM. I was wondering if this was still the case in 2e.

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Just a quick question before I start doing the legwork to resolve this: Does Origins of the Open Road reward 1 XP or 4 XP for completion? I think the GM made a mistake on the sheet, writing 1 by reflex, but I'm not 100% since it's a special.

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So, will subscribers be able to pick up at Gencon?

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I'm preparing to move to Seattle by the mid of next Month and I'm interest in finding a group. My main game is Pathfinder, but I'm willing to play most any rpg. Right now, I'm looking at a completely open schedule, but this may change .

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I hope the otyugh is sporting some stylish headwear in the Pawns collection.

Also, kinda curious as to how the prize table with work. I seem to recall last year that there was only the opportunity to roll for boons, but it was my first year and I was new to the whole thing.

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Having acquired my spirit animal today, I've decided to celebrate the occasion by rolling up a shark shaman druid. Has anyone found a RAW workaround for the shark's lack of land suitability?

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I have a local player who is wanting to switch his witch's patron. It's not covered under the RAW of retraining, but to me it seems too trivial to swap out for free like a deity. Would I treat this like a class feature?

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Right, so here's the situation:

I have a Primal Hunter Barbarian1/Skald X. As a part of the Skald's Raging Song, allies (including the Skald per the ally FAQ) can use their own rage modifiers for Str, Con, Will, and AC. It does not allow any abilities that are trigged off rage, such as Rage Powers, from the other class. How would Focused Rage, which is an alteration to rage rather than its own ability, factor in?

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I'm currently working on a warpriest of Lamashtu, which means I would channel negative energy. My concern is the wording of the Channel Blessing feat. Emphasis mine:

Channeled Blessing wrote:
When you channel energy to heal, you can instead deliver a warpriest's blessing to a single willing creature (including yourself ) in the area that otherwise would have been healed by your channeled energy. The blessing must be one that requires a standard action and affects one or more creatures. If the blessing would normally affect multiple targets, you affect only a single target. The target receives the blessing in place of the healing and any other effects of the channeled energy. (This application doesn't count toward your uses of blessings per day.)

Does this mean I could only use it to give blessing to undead, since they are the only things that can be healed by my channels? I know it is a trivial thing to house rule, but I'd rather know for sure.

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Been looking for an answer for this scenario for a bit now. As the title suggests, it involves the interaction between the step up feat and crawling while prone.

Assume a PC and enemy NPC are fighting in melee combat and are adjacent, and the enemy NPC attempts to move action away. The PC, instead of taking a standard AoO, opts for a trip attempt, and succeeds. The enemy NPC is now prone on the ground after wasting the move action, and uses a second move in an effort to crawl away. Would step-up apply?

Since it takes a move action to crawl 5 feet while prone, it seems like Step-up would not apply here. However, it is still only 5 feet. I know this is a very niche case, but my DM is starting to catch on to my anti-caster tactics and I'd like to step up my game.

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Since there seems to be a bit of ambiguity in the wording of this ability, is it fair to assume that underground refers to the kinds of things that the ranger's favorite terrain underground (e.g. caves, dungeons, and their ilk) rather than anything below the surface(like basements) or only deep ground(darklands)?