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These are solid, I ended up using the ones in the book screen shotted... wish Id found this pre-starting the Crow.

Will you be doing others from this AP?

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Aldarionn wrote:
Does anyone have the maps from this AP already in MapTools format for easy importing? If so and you don't mind sharing I would be VERY grateful.

I'm running this AP at the moment and with Maptools, here is how I put the maps into maptools from the PDFS.

(1) Open AP PDF
(2) Go to Page / Map I want
(3) Enter Full screen Mode and make Map as large as I can
(4) Cut Map out with Clipping tool (Office Onenote has one (Its Windows+S)) - there are plenty of free ones online - If not use Print Screen the and clip in the next step
(5) Paste Clipping into Paint
(6) Save as PNG
(7) Import Into New Map
(8) Add topology etc..


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Hey All

So I have some simple questions around the execution of this feat, I had a look around for the answer but couldn't find it in any of the Bashing Finish threads.

The text of the feat says Benefit: Whenever you score a critical hit with a melee weapon, you can make a shield bash attack against the same target using the same bonus as a free action.

Question 1: I assume that by "score a critical hit" one has to confirm the critical?

Question 2: Assuming that the Character has 3 primary attacks, if all the attacks score a critical hit does the character get 3 free shield bashes?

Question 3: The text above says "using the same bonus" - Does this mean that the character should use the same bonus's they applied from the primary attacks, or is the RAW: Use the BAB and then apply ur shield/feats bonus's/detractors and make the shield bash against the same target?

Thats all I have, Thanks in advance for any pearls of wisdom that follow these questions.

Glock-9mm (NZ)

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NVM, Found it in a post that +10 Artifact Toaster posted in

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Hey folks

A while ago I found a thread that discussed running down time like combat but now for the life of me I cant find it, the concept spoke about using Full Round Actions, Move Actions etc etc in downtime.

Does anyone have a link to the thread or a link to the website where the rules were housed.

Thanks in Advance
G-9mm (NZ)

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I brought my PDF copy last night and I am very happy with it.

Although I have a busy week I plan to take the map of River Kingdom and import it into my game maps (Maptools) for my campaign, The map is very well done and is of such good quality that if you don't buy it, your friends will give you a -1 to Moxy!

Anyway, Good work team!

Manglash (NZ)

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The watermark is very small in comparison to the map itself. It only shows up on the map in 4 locations, two of which do cross place names, but nothorribly.


Roll on PDF release date so I can buy it :)

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I cant wait for the PDF to be released... I'm just hopping the watermark doesn't mess with the layout/look on my VTT (Maptools)

I'd buy the hard copy but it would run the look of my almost completed RPG room/table setup I have.

Roll on the 15th!

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Great little program, What would add to this (Though from reading about your busy life I expect its a pipe dream) would be having the ability to generate a GP ammount of random items.... IE: Set it to generate 20k worth of random "Minor" items.

Then I could dump it all onto my monsters/npcs for use! lol

But like I said, I feel your time contraints

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Paul Ryan (Paizo Charter Superscriber), 2 hours, 25 minutes ago

The subscription shipments may cost more than even online bookstores, but they're pretty quick to Auckland most of the time. The shipment with Bestiary 2 was about a week in transit for me. The free PDF and (usually) quick shipping make up for the added cost IMO.

I'm not saying that it's always that fast from Paizo - the Bestiary 2 poster took 37 days for example, but it's usually faster for me than waiting for some of the other online vendors to get their stock and ship, judging by the comments made on these forums.

Yeah, I have decided to just man up and buy it direct next time, I had to buy the PDF direct when it came out as I was hoping to use the book for a 16 hour mmarathyon game I ran for the lads over the Xmas break.

Al good, It wil get here, I dont need it till next month anyway, The Kapcon RPG Con down here in Wgtn is on and so delays my normal game. lol

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Imagine being in New Zealand! I put my copy on Preorder from NZs biggest Online book seller and they have pushed me back to the 24th, I put the preorder in back in Early November! lol.

Being in NZ suxs sometimes...

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Great stuff, I have added this to my tooset.

Cheers for the effort :)