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Full Name

Giovanni D'Amore




Investigator/ 2










Taldoran Pantheon




Common, Dwarven, Elven


Private Investigator, Visbaron of Taldor

Strength 13
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About Giovanni D'Amore

Some men are born to the wrong century, some to the wrong country. Poor Giovanni D’Amore was simply born to the wrong mother.

He came into the world as the eldest illegitimate son of the Baron Rudolfo Antonio Cavelli of Oppara, a wealthy nobleman who had a reputation for sexual conquests across the Empire of Taldor. Giovanni’s mother had been a maid in the old Baron’s household and the sudden revelation of her pregnancy was a terrible scandal throughout the noble community of Oppara. There had been talk of Giovanni’s mother actually marrying the Baron and making him a legitimate heir but Giovanni was born premature, before any wedding arrangements could be made. So by law, the poor boy was saddled with the name “D’Amore”, a common last name for illegitimate children within the Empire at that time.

Though he could not officially inherit, The Baron was a merry soul who was happy to provide for all of his children. Giovanni and his mother were given a place to live on his father’s vast estate and as the Baron got married and had even more children, the young boy was soon surrounded by nearly a dozen siblings and half siblings. Still, Giovanni had always been his father’s favorite and as time passed, Giovanni, his mother, the Baron, and the Baron’s wife, Baroness Oswin Cavelli, created an untraditional but happy home in the countryside of Taldor.

Still, Giovanni’s last name goaded him. He felt ashamed that his only contribution to the noble society of Taldor was by “almost” inheriting a title. So one winter morning, Giovanni announced to his father that he wanted to attend a university and become a scholar.

Thus began Giovanni’s life long love of criminal detection.

When he returned from school, he became the talk of the Taldor glitterati: a noble, with a useful skill. How scandalous! But as time passed, Giovanni made his “hobby” work for his name and his family. He uncovered a ring of thieves in Oppara, destroyed a Galtan spy ring in Zimar, and captured a Skinsaw Cultist in Wispil. Soon his name and face were spread across the land.

Fame has it’s downside, however.

Members of the Aspis Consortium sought to sway Giovanni over to their side and they assumed that he would be interested in acquiring his father’s name and title for himself. They offered to kill Giovanni’s beloved half brother and father, then supply Giovanni with a phony will that would disinherit the rest of his family.

Furious that anyone could assume he would be so greedy and cruel, Giovanni coldly engineered the deaths of the Consortium’s agents in Taldor and made himself a lifelong enemy of Aspis Consortium. He was forced to take flight from his beloved homeland in order to preserve his family’s safety.

Recently he has come to Absalom to join the Pathfinder Society in the vain hope that it might one day offer him a chance to return home.