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HP/SP: 58/99 | EAC/KAC: 28/29 | Init: +6 | Fort: +9; Ref: +7; Will: + 9 | Resolve: 10 (10)


Female NG Ysoki Soldier 9

Strength 12
Dexterity 23
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About *Gidget*

SFS Number: 26225-701

Theme: Themeless

EAC/KAC: 10 base +6 dex +12/13 armor
BAB: 9

Speed: 40'

1) Combat Rifle: +16 to hit KAC; 3d8+13 damage; 90' range; 12 round mag

2) Unarmed Strike: +11 to hit KAC: 2d6+1 damage

*Acrobatics r9 +15
*Athletics r9 +13
*Engineering r9 +16
*Perception r9 +15
*Stealth r9 +17
*Survival r9 +17

Theme Features:
*+1 to dex
*Perception as a class skill
*1/day add +2 bonus to a skill check before rolling

Race Features:
*Cheek Pouches (Can hold 1 cubic foot of items weighing 1 bulk or less in cheek; can transfer between hand and cheek as a swift action; can spit up everything as a move action that doesn't provoke)

*Darkvision 60'

*Moxie (Stand from prone as a swift action; when off-kilter, do not take normal penalties to attacks or become flat-footed. When attempting to tumble with Acrobatics through the space of an opponent at least one size larger than me, gain a +5 racial bonus to the check)

*Scrounger (+2 racial bonus to Engineering, Stealth, and Survival checks)

Class Features:
*Key Ability Score: Dex

*Proficiencies: Basic and Advanced Melee Weapons, Small Arms, Longarms, Heavy Weapons, Sniper Weapons, Grenades; Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Power Armor

*Weapon Specialization (Soldier)

*Primary Fighting Style (Arcane Assailant)
- Rune of the Eldritch Knight (makes 1 attuned weapon magical; increase level by 5 for hardness/hp)

- Secret of the Magi (add bonus infusion from following list: ethereal, flaming, frost, merciful, shock; doesn't count towards max infusions)

- Power of Legend (Move action; when wielding attuned weapon or magic weapon, spend 1 RP to end one of the followin conditions: bleeding, burning, confused, exhausted, fatigued, flat-footed, off-target, shaken, sickened. Alternately, spend 1 RP to change cowering to frightened or fightened to shaken. can't change condition further)

*Gear Boost:
- Armored Advantage (When wearing armor, get a +1 insight bonus to KAC)
- Bullet Barrage (+1 insight bonus to damage with projectile weapons +1/4 levels)

*Secondary Fighting Style (Guard)
- Armor Training (reduce ACP of armor and increase max dex by 1)

*Blind-Fight (reroll miss chance from concealment; not flatfooted vs. melee attacks from invis creatures, and can withdraw from invis creatures; move full speed while blind without acro checks)

*Deadly Aim (take -2 to hit for half BAB to damage)

*Enhanced Resistance (gain DR equal to BAB)

*Fleet (10' speed inc. while wearing light or no armor; 5' when encumbered)

*Improved Unarmed Strike (threaten with unarmed attacks; deal 1d6/4 levels +str mod lethal damage)

*Iron Will (+2 to Will Saves)

*Slippery Shooter (+3 bonus to AC vs. AoOs from making a ranged attack)

*Skill Synergy (Perception and Survival; +2 insight bonus)

*Weapon Focus (Longarms; +1 to hit with Longarms)


*Clearweave II (EAC/KAC: +12/+12; Max Dex: +6; Upgrades: 2; Bulk L; lvl 9)

*Combat Rifle (hands: 2; damage: 3d8p; range: 90'; Critical: -; Capacity: 12 rounds; Usage: 1; Bulk: 1; Special: Analog)
- Silencer Weapon Accessory (weapon is completely silent)
- Called Weapon Fusion (summon weapon within 100; as a swift action)
- Flaming Weapon Infusion (half damage from attached weapon is fire; bonus from Power of Legend)

*5 spare loaded mags
*200 additional boxed rounds

*Ring of Sustenance

*Mk I Synergizing Symbiote (Con)

*Mk II Synaptic Accelerator (Dex)

*Personal Comm Unit

*MK I Serum of Healing x2

*Industrial Backpack