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Still using Pathfinder 1e, as we have since it was released. Campaign of the Year on Obsidian Portal in 2011 and still going strong. It's part of a campaign series that began in 1979.

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The Nightgaunt wrote:
xorial wrote:
Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:

Thanks guys.

xorial thanks for the link though it's not exactly the direction I'm heading. It does have a few gems though.

Well, Loki is the admin for the G+ Spelljammer group.

I know this is an ancient post and I'm sorry for reviving it. But does anyone know where these Pathfinder/Spelljammer resources can be found? Google+ is dead now so the links are a deadend sadly.

Thank you.

Glad I saw this, not really on forums much these days. I'll be running Pathfinder 1e based Spelljammer campaigns soon on Start Playing Games, and am looking at ways to put what I have out there without falling afoul of IP issues. As a freelancer I've got to be extra careful about such things.

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keftiu wrote:
George "Loki" Williams wrote:
The 25th is here, and I am now checking back every few hours to see if the pdf is live. Been looking forward to this!
You're aware the book is out /next/ month, right?

Well frak. It said today on the product listing as recently as a few days ago. I'm a designer, I get the need for pushing stuff back sometimes, but I wish a more prominent announcement was made.

Thanks for the heads up.

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The 25th is here, and I am now checking back every few hours to see if the pdf is live. Been looking forward to this!

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Greetings, I also need to cancel a subscription to the Starfinder Society content. There does not seem to be any way to do so through the subscription page or my account profile. If you'd be kind enough to cancel my current subscriptions I'd appreciate it.

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@vanessa You really rocked this one! I've repurposed a significant amount of this adventure for my home campaign. I removed the side encounters and made it a straight up gauntlet earning the right to talk to Silent Strike. Our party has been on the run after a huge Infosphere campaign painted them villains and got the Stewards chasing them. This was the perfect way for them to hunt down the perpetrator and have some planar adventuring.

I rarely run things as written at my home table. I used 60-70% of this exactly as you wrote it. That is a huge compliment!

Love ya, lady! Keep kicking posterior!

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I should have two or three small pieces in to y'all before the deadline hits. That's Halloween, right? Just gt some time between the paying gigs.

The timing is perfect as I have been fleshing out the Diaspora for my home game.

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As soon as I rock out my current deadline I have a pair of locations I'll be submitting as gazetteers. The Diaspora is big in my current game so I've been developing it for my group between paid products.

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I use the settlement rules a lot, they really help make every city a bit more distinct. I'm getting ready to send our planewalkers to Golarion and I'm not sure which books have the settlement statblocks. Anyone out there able to point me in the right direction?

I need Absalom and some of the Shackles communities for sure, anything else I can get my hands on is a bonus.


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First off let me say how amazingly useful this tool is! I've built out over 50 classic settlements from old DND settings for use in my home game. That said, allow me to beg on bended knee for the ability to enter custom qualities/type of govt.

As is I can use your magnificent tool to do the basics, but then I need to recalculate and manually add in traits like Planar Metropolis. The format suggested earlier in the thread looks great for instance. I don't even care if they save anywhere other than the local entry, for many of us it would increase the usefulness of your generator a thousandfold.

Kudos on the great work, I've even used this to help build statblocks for some of my published work! Can't give a higher recommendation that that!

Thanks, nairb!

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As an additional note: It will be coming here to the Paizo website in the very near future. We are getting our store set up here and also over on the d20pfsrd store over the new two to three weeks! Keep your eyes peeled!

Loki, Pathfinder Lead Developer for Savage Mojo and freelance crafter of planar weirdness

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Greetings! Just a quick note. I just turned in the design work on the first Pirates of the Bronze Sky supplement for Louis Porter designs so that should loom at some point soon, I believe it is in editorial now.

Pyrespace is IP, no one can use it but WotC, likewise with all the other original Crystal Spheres.

I've got more info on upcoming SJ oriented / Pathfinder based projects that I'll announce on this thread once NDAs allow.

Ad Astra Per Arcana!

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So, will we be seeing it soon? What's the latest word?

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Converting a lot of AD&D Spelljammer ships right now. No idea how to figure out the base saves. Anyone? Bueller?

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Having the same problem. I've got close to 40 Spelljammer ships almost converted but the size issue is glaring. Also having trouble figuring out the base saves for them....

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Google unveiled their new Communities the other day and it immediately occurred to me that we need one for Pathfinder, so I built one.

Check it out and pass it on. (And feel free to hit me up with input and ideas, that is what community is all about.)

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The bonus to infamy is a trait bonus.

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We will be resuming the game next week now that all the players are back in town.

Tem, you're a sick man. I like it!

Think I might steal the doghouse on deck idea, I can hear my wife's bard singing "Love Shack" already.

Considering the player I think that a huge subplot could grow out of this especially when Grok returns in part five (are we sure about that?).

ArchAnjel, that's the way I'm playing it at the beginning. It's been turning into one of those one night stands that gets out of hand and the two are starting to have genuine feelings for each other. The PC even wrote some really bad pirate love poetry:


Her hair is as dark as the deepest of seas,

Her tits are the sweetest of creams.
When she looks at me, I go weak at the knees
The treasure-guarding orc-ess of my dreams.

-Jack Teakshanks

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In a move I did not expect the human rogue has seduced Cut Throat Grok and is writing her bad love poetry. Thinking about the ramifications and would love your thoughts.

They are on Day 15.

Character info, journals, etc.

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I can't find a reference anywhere to ways in which you could heal an Eidolon. Standard healing magic? Make Whole? Anyone? Bueller?

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Thanks! I'll post links when I get them up. Just in time for my Thurs session too!

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A request!

May I repost these, with credit of course, on the Obsidian Portal for our S&S game? My wife's Bard {Bucaneer} would love it!

Fantastic stuff!

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Hey Xorial! Aaargh, ye flatter me matey!

All this piratey goodness means lot of fantastic refinements to ship rules and "life on a ship" texture. It is a veritable goldmine.

I tend to only periodically visit the various forums out there as I spend a lot of time monitoring ours over at Planewalker. Part of it is that I can get lost down rabbit holes for hours if I do.

Since for once I am running something as is, and doing so at almost the same time as many other DMs, you'll see me in the Skull and Shackles threads a lot until it wraps. Possibly afterwards as well if anyone is interested what happens when they become terrors of the space-ways.

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Our first journals are going up now as well.

Look for the links under each PC listing, they will be added as I receive submissions from my players.

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Actually that is the main reason I picked it up.

I'll be running the AP as is until 15th level and then the Arcane will show up. Thanks to Paizo we have details of the crystal sphere in Distant Worlds which should make things simpler.

At that point it goes off into space and eventually will bring our pirates into conflict with the Elven Imperial Navy and adventuring on and around the Rock of Bral.

We have already tested the improved ship rules in our established SJ game and they work beautifully!

The Obsidian Portal for our S&S Game

The Established SJ Game is there as well

This AP is a godsend for SJ DMs, just got the second installment and it's just as chock full of groovy as the first one was. Whoever thought of putting it out right after Distant Worlds was quite a canny sod, well done!

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I support the idea of a ninja in the party, there might be one in our ranks once we get PCs created.

On a side note this AP will be the first time I play an adventure "as is" since the early '80s. I think that speaks well of the quality that Paizo is cranking out these days.

Of course I'm a Spelljammer DM who just grabbed Distant Worlds (Thank you, thank you, thank you Paizo!!) so when the AP ends around 15th level it will be off to sail the solar system!

I haven't been this excited about an adventure since The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth!

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As a pro who works in online PR and social media I would advise contacting the companies being advertised in the spam. Quite often they are unaware that they have hired someone who uses black hat techniques like this and will cut it off at the source.

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This is brilliant, just what I need! Mind if I reproduce it(with credit and backlink of course) on the wiki for my game?

The campaign is here:

Good, solid work sir!

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Check out the Dragonstar books from Fantasy Flight Games. They're written in 3.0, but that's easy to convert.

It is exactly what you are suggesting, standard fantasy world advanced to somewhere near Buck Rogers / Star Trek levels. Great stuff on the difference between magic and tech as well as a lot of well thought out rules that can easily be polished.

Look for the Dragonstar Guide to the Galaxy, saw one on Amazon recently for about $10. That's where most of the stuff you're looking for is, although there are only about five or six books. I like them all.

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Fantastic News! Keep up the great work! There are still many of us using d20 Modern out there!

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I'm working on converting the Planescape and Spelljammer settings (For the Official websites. I'm a site manager on one and regular contributor on the other) to Pathfinder right now and something like that would be insanely helpful.

To clarify: I'm looking for a list or lists that detail exactly which spells, feats, etc were removed in the change to Pathfinder. I find references to one or two here and there, but I'm digging through over 500 pages of 3. compatible data.

Help me Obi Wan Paizo! You're my only hope!
*fizzle / replay*

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Please, oh please let it be psionics!

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I, for one, wuld rather wait a few days longer and get a higher quality product. By the same token we should all remember that Paizo, despite its huge position in the industry, is still a comparatively small shop. Having experience with the publishing industry I am impressed with their achievements and am willing to cut them some slack.

I also refer readers of this thread to the aforementioned impact of massive downloads on their system. I'd rather have their IT ready for it so we don't see the servers crashing constantly while everyone mobs the net for their Pathfinder goodness.

Bravo Paizo, across the board.

3.5 Thrives!

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I would like to second this request. Having access tot he standard layout makes design much easier.

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So if anyone at Paizo is watching this thread, is tis going to be 3.5 compatible or will it be written for the Pathfinder system?

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I have no intention of investing in 4e. Its mostly a financial decision, as I have close to 5K wrapped up in 3.5 books. That said I see no reason to get bent when I see someone warned off by the mods. I'm a mod on the Spelljammer Yahoo Group. Sometimes I have to warn people. It happens. Welcome to the internet, have a nice day.

I have many worries about the track that Hasbro seems to be on and I fear they will end up losing a lot of business due to the way they have handled the introduction of 4e.

This does not mean that I think 4e is a bad game. It s just not the game for me. I'm a greybeard, the books had staples in their spines when I started playing as a kid. I have also never played video games, an odditiy for someone who works on a computer all day. Even if I could overlook the expense of having to wait for and purchase an entire new line of books, the fact that it reminds me of WoW a lot is not attractive.

I even have a rant or two about it going up soon on my site ( Paizo's forum is public, and a lot of this vitriol is aimed at the lead company in the industry, one that (Pathfinder notwithstanding) they still maintain a relationship with. Granted it is the absurd approach and timing of WOTC's release of the new OGL that has forced them to create the Pathfinder Game in the first place, but take a look at how much WOTC stuff is still here on their site.

You have to be able to stay viable as a business or none of this matters. I'm impressed at the balls, determination, creativity, and force of will that went into taking these steps. I will continue to support Paizo, especially since WOTC will not be publishing anything I'll have use for. Its a compatibility thing.

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I'll adopt the 3P meme.

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Even the GSL will be irrevocable at the end of 4E. There's a US supreme court ruling somewhere in a similar case stating that when a game switches editions, if access to the old material had been granted as per an OGL or GSL, then it cannot be revoked.

I'm not sure which case it was though, I'll have to ask my boss. He was the one who brought this info to my attention.

I would love any info on that ruling or links to pertinent online resources about it. Please....

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Thraxus wrote:

While I will admit that I was caught flat-footed by Paizo going this route, they are not actually alone in this action.

Green Ronin has True 20 and Goodman Games is releasing Eldritch next month. Privateer Press has long since moved into the tabletop minatures realm with Warmachine as their mainstay.

Many companies are unhitching themselves from being solely dependant on D&D (be it straight d20 or 4e).

From my conversations with Jonathon Thompson at Battlefield Press they are going to continue supporting 3.5 as well.

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I'm hesitant to join this thread but here I am anyway.

I have not been published in hardcopy, but I do have some design and development credits:

I am a Section Manager for Planewalker, The Official Planescape Site.

I am an ongoing contributor and developer on Beyond The Moons: The Official Spelljammer Site.

I am one of the List Ogres for the Spelljammer Yahoo Group.

I am an admin for the DND image sharing comnity on Flickr.

I produce an intermittent stream of reviews, rpg news, and notes from my own campaign series on the Planejammer site.

(I'm leaving the links out in order not be be inadvertantly considered to be a spammer.)

There is a lot of good (CMBs for instance) and a lot of bad (backwards compatibility?) so far, but I will continue to watch and contribute to the evolution. I think the process is valid and hopefully the final product will be what I hope it can be.

Kudos to Paizo for doing this!
Kudo's to the AEG Toolbox, a distinct favorite of mine!

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Psionics should always be an optional component of the rules. I always use them and love them dearly, but much like the Presidential race it is an extremely polarizing issue.

I would love to see Psionics support, and Psioncs content in future products/adventure paths. It is open content, look at the SRD.

More Psionics!

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As a DM of almost three decades, and several setting/rules revisions, I was drawn to this project due to the stated backwards compatibility with 3.5 rulebooks. It is trumpeted as a refrain in all of the press releases and promotional material.

There are many things that seem to require as much conversion as 4e seems to present. The races and classes are fine examples of this. I want a Pathfinder wizard to be able to adventure side by side with my Gatecrasher (PrC from the Manual of the Planes) without massive bookkeeping or in play balance issues. In the curent Alpha form I do not see this.

Skills are another area where this is prevalent, and one that I heartily disagree with (see my posts on the Keep Skill Points thread).

There is also a lot to love about the fixes you are looking at: perception is wonderful, the CMB for resolving combat maneuvers looks great and will be playtested next week in my game.

I would like to invite the other playtesters and forum contributors to share their thoughts here on the subject of compatibility. I have over $3K in 3.0/3.5 books, and I am sure I am not the only one.

George "Loki" Wiliams

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yellowdingo wrote:

"You konw what we do to Arsonists in this Farming District?"

Bob the Farmer hoisted a bit of rope he had worked into a noose.

"It was Thuringian Firehounds I tell you! Thuringian Firehounds!"


a. FIRKIN OF SALT (WEIGHT: 200lb, VALUE: 1000gp)

WHich Barrel does your King use for Taxes?

Salt, it was good enough for the Roman Legions of yore.

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There are a lot f things I like and a lot of things I dislike in Pathfinder. The handling of skills is one I certainly dislike. My games (since 1979) have always emphasized Role Playing over Roll Playing, 4e's trend towards what I see as the latter is one reason I am not excited about it.

The revamp of skills presented here effectively deprived PCs and NPC of one very easy route of true customization. The allocation of skill points in the original SRD gives versatility and character that the reboot lacks. Even if I like the final Pathfinder product enough to purchase, which I really hope I do, I will be keeping skills.

This is another symptom of why I worry about the touted "backwards compatibility" which was my main reason for downloading the Alpha.

Come on guys, this is a fantastic move and could be really wonderful, but please do not reboot so that you invalidate the compatibility you espouse. How could I use skill tricks from Complete Adventurer, a favorite rule of mine, under this framework?

Simply Put: Please keep skill points!

PS- Love the perception skill btw!

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So my question is will this deck be fully 3.5 compatible or will it have tweaks for 4e in it? If the later I will not be purchasing it.

I absolutely love the Critical hit deck. I have used a wide avariety of Crit systems since I started gaming back in 1979 and this one is hands don my favorite. Separating out the effects by damage type on each card was inspired, as was adding crits for magic.

Avoiding the 4e Virus like the plague.