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Please cancel my pathfinder roleplaying game subscription.

I had customer service over the phone help process my order for my starfinder subscriptions with a Gencon pickup. After they processed my cart a bunch of old items showed up in it and it showed it was full. I was still on the phone with customer service so they emptied the cart for me. Well now my cart shows it's empty but it still reads its full and will not allow me to add anything to it, and to contact customer service.

I called back a few days later and told customer service I still had the same issue, they said they would have to submit a ticket. I was checking what was the status to that ticket. My concern is when I'm in line at Gencon I do not want any issues trying to check out with my subscriptions, especially Thursday morning. I'm sure it will be crazy at the booth.

My other issue is, when customer service processed my order I never recieved any confirmation email on it. I see my Gencon pickup items in my side cart but when I click on the actual order number it does not show all the side cart items on that order.

I planned to process my order today for the 4 Starfinder subscription in my cart (Game, Maps, adventure path & Accessories ) with a gencon pickup. I went to process it and it updated and now all the products are gone except whats shipping down the road on these lines. How do I get this fixed I want all the new release items for these lines?

I missed this at Gencon, but I had purchased my 100th order from Paizo. It was a plush goblin, how perfect. :)

Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to eventually hitting 200.