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Wonder if they expanded the data on Vimanda? She felt underdeveloped in the third book.

A year ago I bought Dark Markets - A Guide to Katapesh (published in 2009) and couldn’t stop reading it. One of the most intriguing parts of the book was the setup about the Red Sultanas return. But other than establishing the existence of a complex standoff on the west side of Katapesh, nothing more was given.

A month ago I got the new Towns of the Inner Sea, and once again got teased with the Red Sultana plot. But again got too few answers to make an adventure out of it. And yet, there is obviously a great tale (or dear I even say a module) just aching to be told by one of the writing staff.

I wish to track down more official pathfinder lore on Rath Sandstalker, Noor the Red Sultana and Fort Longjaw. Can anybody help? Is there anything in future development?

Well, at least this story finally gets a resolution. Now I will have to go looking for the die elsewhere.
Thank you for the support on my issue.

On October 2 I placed an order for a d100 die. It was to be a gift for a friend of mine, just for the novelty of it. The item was stated as being a "backorder" so some delay was to be expected. There is still no hurry in getting it. But now over 2 month have passed now and I’m concerned that something went wrong here. Can anybody get back to me on this? How much longer can this take? What are my options with this situation?

I would also like to say, I’m very pleased with the online service and quality provided by your website.

Thank you TheRedArmy on clearing that up.

I find adding a minor temporary mood swing when drinking out of it will be entertaining for all involved. Its current effectiveness range is a good limiter on its usefulness. The absence of clues on whether it worked or not is a good intrigue builder for the players, so best leave it as is.

For everybody else, I only wanted to know the vague mechanics of the cursed item, not if it’s a good acquisition for the party. On that I have decided. Still, thank you for the warning on using cursed items as utilities. That does sound like a game destroyer. Will need to look into that.

I’m adding a visually tweaked Helm of Opposite Alignment to my adventures. It functions exactly like it says in the core rule book (page 540), but looks like a novelty tiny metal fez. To an onlooker it’s nothing more then just a stupid metal cup on a string.

But I still need a good solution to:

1) Ignoring the holes in it, is it safe to drink out of the Helm of Opposite Alignment?

2) Is it supposed to work on absolutely everything without will spell immunity? Now that it can easily be applied to anything with a head, should it work on everything, like blink dogs, dragons and so on?

3) Does the Helm of Opposite Alignment normally gives out any visual or audio indication that it worked. Say the target is asleep and the player is a none magic user (rogue). Should a player be able to tell when it worked without waking up the target, or keep on dunking through the night and hope for the best?

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
If you right click on the "edit" button and click open in a new tab, it seemed to work

Thanks. That actually works.

Wishlist and regular empty list “Edit” button doesn’t work for me.

Tried with InternetExplorer 7 and FireFox 14, then updated to Windows XP pro 64bit SP2 and installed FireFox 20 (latest) – still don’t work, page refreshes and just a number in the address bar right before “StandardPageTemplate” keeps going up.

Do we have to wait a while longer or what?

Yeah, it’s no Legacy of Fire player guide.

Printing it out is not a problem (excluding paint consumption); I have a black-and-white laser printer. But even the best color printers can’t match the beauty that is the official Paizo book. Next to the other two player guides it would stick out on my shelf like a sore thumb.
And as for just using the PDFs on devices, you all already know how much procrastination happens with that even if there is no Internet connection.

I plan to play Carrion Crows as the 3 campaign so there is a lot of time to figure out something.
I would even buy a set of only player guides for every campaign created by now, if Paizo actually would make it. As you said, having several of those is never a bad thing. It could also work as a good advertisement to all the campaigns for newer costumers.

Thanks for the support guys, even if the results are discouraging.

I’m relatively new to Pathfinder (started this February) and have been slowly gathering an expensive but self-sufficient printed collection to last me and my friends for years to come. For now I plan to get only Curse of the Crimson Throne, Legacy of Fire and Carrion Crown Adventure Paths (without map folios).

They only set back to all this is Carrion Crown Player Guide – it’s the only book I can’t find in printed version. As I understand Player Guides stopped being printed after Legacy of Fire. While PDFs are fine and good, my friends and I find it a lot more helpful to pass around real books and now Carrion Crown Players Guide burns a hole in my collection and heart.

So my question is:
Are there any plans for PDF-only Players Guides to be printed in the future? I don’t want to create a self-made cheap knock off.