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Full Name

Gamuzali Light Spider, Scion of Stars


Male Vesk Solarian 2 SP 16/16 HP 20/20 RP 3/3 |


KAC 16 EAC 14 | Saves F+4 R+0 W+3 | Initiative +0; Perception +4; Low-light vision | Thunderstrike Pulse Gauntlet: 20/20 | Status: N/A


Gamuzali Light Spider, Scion of Stars |

About Gamuzali

Gamuzali Light Spider, Scion of Stars - SFS #177216-703

XP 5 | Fame 9 

Faction: Exo-Guardians 1 | 10
Dataphiles 0 | 1

Bot Me:
Gamuzali focuses on melee combat, so he will move in to directly engage the nearest enemy as quickly as possible. He primarily uses his solar weapon and goes photon attuned to maximize damage. If he has the time, he takes a move action to activate his plasma sheath revelation.
[dice=Solar Weapon]1d20+6[/dice
[dice=Damage (F), weapon crystal, plasma sheath, photon]1d6+6+1+1+1[/dice
Once he reaches full attunement, Gamuzali uses his supernova revelation, but only if he won't catch any allies in the blast radius.
In social situations, Gamuzali tends to let those with more charm do the talking, but he will step up and lead the conversation if the need arises. Otherwise, he is glad to aid others.
Starship Combat
Despite his lack of charm, Gamuzali is actually most capable as a starship captain. He'll mostly encourage the gunners, as he believes a strong offense is the best defense. If a more capable captain is present, Gamuzali takes up a gunner position.

Male Vesk Themeless Solarian 2
NG Medium Humanoid (Vesk) 33 years old
Init +0; Senses Low-light vision, Perception +4
KAC 16 (=10+5 armor+1 racial)
EAC 14 (=10+3 armor+1 racial)
hp 20 (6 racial+2x[7 class])
Stamina 16 (2x[7 Class+1 Con])
Resolve 3 (1/2 Level+2 Cha)
Fort +4, Ref +0, Will +3; +2 vs fear
Speed 30 ft.
Soulfire Solar Weapon w/Least Tauon SWC (dark energy claws) +6 (1d6+6 P+1 E; critical staggered; stun)
Pulse Gauntlet, Thunderstrike +6 (1d6+4 B&So; Knockdown; Powered 24)
Unarmed Strike +6 (1d3+4 P)
Tactical semi-auto pistol +2 (1d6 P; 30 ft range; rounds 9)
Str 18, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 14
Base Atk +2
Feats Heavy Armor Proficiency
Skills (2x[4-1 INT] = 6 skill points total) Athletics +7 (1 rank), Diplomacy +6 (1 rank), Intimidate +6 (1 rank), Perception +4 (1 rank), Profession (Spec Ops Agent) +11 (1 rank), Sleight of Hand +4 (1 rank)
ACP -1
Languages Common, Vesk
Class Abilities
Skill Adept: As part of the process that led you to become a solarian, you gained additional insight and training. Choose two additional skills and add them to your list of class skills. (Bluff, Piloting)
Solar Manifestation (Su): At 1st level, you gain a physical manifestation of your stellar power. The base form of your solar manifestation, when not actively in use, is a mote of stellar energy slightly smaller than your fist that hovers near your head. Beyond the solar mote, your manifestation can take one of two additional forms: armor or a weapon. You must pick one solar manifestation (either armor or a weapon) upon taking your first level of solarian. You also choose whether your solar manifestation (in any form) either glows brightly with one color common to stars (including blue, red, white, or yellow) or is the perfect darkness of a black hole. A glowing solar manifestation, regardless of its form, sheds dim light in a 20-foot radius. You can shut off the light or darkness as a standard action in order to blend in or assist in stealth, but whenever you enter a stellar mode (see page 102), the glow or darkness returns immediately. Once made, these choices cannot be changed.
Only you can interact with your solar manifestation, whether in mote, armor, or weapon form. No other creature or effect can affect your solar manifestation in any way, including disarming or sundering it.
Solar Weapon: You can seize your solar mote in one hand to form a melee weapon out of stellar energy. This weapon appears to be made out of glowing light or solid darkness, as determined by the appearance of your solar manifestation, but it can be whatever general shape you choose. Normal melee weapons like axes, swords, and spears are most common, but other shapes, such as a large rune of stellar energy, a mass of writhing energy tendrils, or an energized fist that fits over your own hand, are possible as well. Your solar weapon’s general design has no impact on its function, and doesn’t give the weapon any special abilities such as reach. Once you’ve selected the general design, you can’t change it until you gain a new solarian level.
Your solar weapon functions as a one-handed kinetic advanced melee weapon, and you’re automatically proficient with it. At 1st level, choose whether your solar weapon deals bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage. You can change the damage type each time you gain a new solarian level. Your solar weapon deals damage equal to 1d6 + your Strength modifier. This damage increases by 1d6 at 6th level, 9th level, 12th level, and every level thereafter. Solarian weapon crystals (see page 170) can increase your solar weapon’s damage.
Forming or dismissing a solar weapon is a move action that takes the same amount of effort as drawing or sheathing a weapon (and can be combined with a move as a single move action or used with the Quick Draw feat). Your solar weapon is automatically dismissed if it ever leaves your hand.
Stellar Mode (Su):
Graviton Mode: When you enter graviton mode, you gain 1 graviton attunement point and become graviton-attuned. Some of your stellar revelations are graviton powers and get stronger if you’re graviton-attuned. While graviton-attuned, you gain a +1 insight bonus to Reflex saves. This bonus increases by 1 for every 9 solarian levels you have.
Photon Mode: When you enter photon mode, you gain 1 photon attunement point and become photon-attuned. Some of your stellar revelations are photon powers and get stronger if you’re photon-attuned. While photon-attuned, you gain a +1 insight bonus to damage rolls (including damage rolls for your stellar powers). This bonus increases by 1 for every 6 solarian levels you have.
Unattuned: While unattuned, you gain no attunement points and you are neither photon-attuned nor graviton-attuned. You gain no benefits while unattuned.

Stellar Revelations:
Black Hole (Graviton, Su): When you’re fully graviton-attuned, as a standard action, you can pull any number of creatures within 20 feet of you closer. You choose which creatures are affected and which ones aren’t. Each target must succeed at a Fortitude save or be pulled 10 feet toward you. The range of this revelation and the distance pulled increase by 5 feet at 5th level and every 4 levels thereafter. Solid objects do not block this ability, but any creature that runs into a solid object ceases moving closer to you. Creatures moved by this ability do not provoke attacks of opportunity from this movement. After you use this revelation, you immediately become unattuned. Black hole functions as a zenith revelation for the purposes of abilities that reference them.
Supernova (Photon, Su): When you’re fully photon-attuned, as a standard action, you can deal 1d6 fire damage plus 1d6 additional fire damage per solarian level to all creatures within 10 feet of you. A creature that succeeds at a Reflex save takes half damage. At 9th level, you can increase the radius to 15 feet, and at 17th level, you can increase the radius to 20 feet. After you use this revelation, you immediately become unattuned. Supernova functions as a zenith revelation for the purposes of abilities that reference them.
Plasma Sheath (Photon, Su): As a move action, you can cause all of your melee attacks to deal fire damage instead of their normal damage type. (The attacks are still made against the target's EAC or KAC as normal for the weapon.) This benefit lasts for 1 round or until you leave photon mode. When you are attuned or fully attuned, your attacks with plasma sheath deal additional fire damage equal to half your level.

Race Traits
Armor Savant: Vesk use armor in a way that complements their uniquely sturdy physiology. When wearing armor, they gain a +1 racial bonus to AC. When they’re wearing heavy armor, their armor check penalty is 1 less severe than normal.
Fearless: Vesk receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against fear effects.
Low-light vision: Vesk can see in dim light as if it were normal light.
Natural Weapons: Vesk are always considered armed. They can deal 1d3 lethal damage with unarmed strikes and the attack doesn’t count as archaic. Vesk gain a unique weapon specialization with their natural weapons at 3rd level, allowing them to add 1–1/2 × their character level to their damage rolls for their natural weapons (instead of just adding their character level, as usual).

Theme: Themeless
General Knowledge: You gain a class skill of your choice when you create a themeless character (Sleight of Hand). Also, you gain an ability adjustment of +1 to any ability score you choose (Charisma).
Faction: Exo-Guardians Champion
Solarian Weapon Crystal - Tauon, Least
Soulfire Fusion Seal
Pulse Gauntlet, Thunderstrike
Semi-auto pistol, tactical
Extra battery (20 charges)
Hidden Soldier Armor (+3 EAC, +5 KAC)
Second Skin (+1 EAC, +2 KAC)
Serum of Healing, mk 1 (2)
Comm Unit, personal
Backpack, consumer
Cable Line, titanium alloy (50 ft.)
Professional's Toolkit (Covert Ops)
Climber's Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Gear Clamp
Credstick (1267.5 credits)

Carrying Capacity
Encumbered 10-17 bulk Overburdened 18+ bulk
Current Load Carried 4 bulk

Blackmoon Survey
2 mk 1 healing serums [100 cr total]
1-07 Start 1576.5
Backpack, consumer (3 cr)
Toolkit, professional's (20 cr)
Fire Extinguisher (15 cr)
Hidden Soldier Armor (465 cr)
Climber's Kit (200 cr)
Solarian Weapon Crystal - Tauon, Least (235 cr)
Soulfire fusion (132 cr)
(Finish at 498.5)
(Earn 727 cr+42 cr Dayjob)
1-32 Start at 1267.5 cr, 8 Fame
Pact Worlds Defender (Exo-Guardians boon) (1 Fame)
Gear Clamp (100 cr)
(Finish at 1167.5 cr; 7 Fame)
(Earn 720 cr+42 cr Dayjob)
Next scenario Start at 1929.5 cr, 9 Fame

Slotless Boons:
Starfinder Insignia: Venture-Captain Arvin presented you with a commemorative insignia in gratitude for your services to the Starfinder Society. Although it appears to be an ordinary medal showing the symbol of the Starfinder Society, this insignia can store as much information as a common tier-1 data pad. Unless told about this secret, a non-Starfinder must succeed at a DC 20 Perception or Sense Motive check to realize the insignia is a storage device. This insignia is worth 0 credits and cannot be sold.

Into the Unknown
Hero of the Stars (Starship Boon; Limited Use): You defeated the dreaded Besmaran pirate ship, Lawblight, showcasing your determination during an intense starship combat. This boon activates any time your starship is reduced to 0 or fewer Hull Points. Your starship immediately regains a number of Hull Points equal to its tier x 5. A starship can never regain more than 30 Hull Points in this manner. A starship can never have more than one of these boons attached to it. When this boon activates, cross it off your Chronicle sheet.
1-10 The Half-Alive Streets
_ / _ / _ AbadarCorp Augmentations (Social Boon; Limited Use): AbadarCorp has made you a special offer after you helped maintain the stability of their Freemarkets by keeping illegal augmentations off the streets. At the end of a scenario where you have this boon slotted, you can purchase one or more augmentations from the Starfinder Core Rulebook and receive a one-time 20% discount. If the item level of the augmentation is 8 or more, then you receive only a 10% discount on that augmentation. For each augmentation you purchase in this manner, check one of the boxes on this boon. Once you've checked all three boxes, you can no longer receive this discount on future purchases.
Halfling Admittance (Personal Boon; Limited Use): Your efforts on Absalom Station roused the attention of the station's halfling population. By assisting the halfling Maija and her family, you created a bond between Absalom Station's halflings and the Starfinder Society. As a result, several halflings have displayed an obvious interest in joining the Society. Select one of the following uses, and cross the other use off this Chronicle sheet.
New Character: You can play a halfling character, beginning at 1st level as normal. Other than access to this additional race, all character creation rules are the same as those outlined in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide. A copy this Chronicle sheet must be the first Chronicle sheet for the given character.
Existing Halfling: You can apply this boon to an existing halfling character you have that you earned from another source. You can increase one ability score that is a 14 or lower by 2. Cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet, but keep a copy with the character you apply this change to. A character can earn this benefit from this boon only once.
1-18 The Blackmoon Survey
Sarcesian Admittance (Personal Boon; Limited Use): You did your best to help forge a relationship between the sarcesians of the Wings of Damiar and the Starfinder excavation site on Eox. Doing so has earned you the attention of several sarcesians within the former organization, and the Society's reputation has spread as far as the Diaspora. You can play as a sarcesian!
1-07 The Solar Sortie
Envar's Attention (Ally Boon): During your mission to the space station Brilliance, you managed to impress Arch Energy's notorious chief procurement officer, Envar Tamm. How this influence will play out in the future is not yet clear, but you have nevertheless ingratiated yourself with Envar Tamm--for good or for ill. You will be told if this boon is important to a future scenario prior to slotting your boons.
Solar Powered Weapon System (Starship Boon): The files you retrieved from Brilliance also included blueprints for experimental innovations by the Arch Energy Consortium. When you slot this starship boon, select a single weapon on your starship with the word "laser" in its title; you gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon. A gunner can spend a Resolve Point prior to firing the selected weapon to increase the bonus to 4 for 1 round. A starship weapon can be improved only by a single copy of this boon, but copies of this boon can be applied to different weapons.
1-32 Acts of Association
_ / _ / _ / _ Distinguished Ambassador (Social Boon; Limited Use) You aided Chiskisk, a prominent member of the Starfinder Forum, in concluding negotiations with a foreign power by touring the visiting diplomat around Absalom Station. The visiting dignitary remembers your actions and can be called upon for support. You can slot this boon at the beginning of an adventure, when you do so, you can call upon your dignitary to secure you a single item with an item level equal to your current character level. Once you complete your adventure, the dignitary has finished using their contacts to secure you the desired item, which you can purchase at a 10% discount. When you do so, cross off a box on this boon. Once all boxes have been checked off this boon, you've expended your political clout with your dignitary and this boon can no longer be used.

Faction Boons:
[b]Exo-guardians Champion (Faction Boon): This Faction boon allows the character to gain Reputation with the Exo-Guardians faction. A character with this boon slotted at the end of a successfully completed scenario gains Reputation as detailed in the primary and secondary success conditions of that scenario.
Pact Worlds Defender (Social Boon): When you have this boon slotted, you and any adjacent allies gain a +1 morale bonus to saving throws against fear effects. This bonus increases to +2 if the source of the fear effect is something that did not originate within the Pact Worlds.

Mission Log:
Into the Unknown
1-10 The Half-Alive Streets
1-18 The Blackmoon Survey
1-07 The Solar Sortie
1-32 Acts of Association