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I am very thankful for the compiled list, but I am looking mostly for help filling in the things that are harder pinpoint.
For example:
In A Tomb of Winter's Plunder, The Balneal Springs is said to be "nestled in the northern hills of Andoran east of Darkmoon Vale"

It is these locations that the authors have essentially created for us, that I am interested in pinning on the maps.

Thanks again for the time and attention you & others put into helping with this project.

Hello fellow Pathfinders,

I am on a mission to map out locations named in the Web-Fiction stories for making the campaign world as detailed as possible, as I enter all the details into Realm Works. This is a brand new decision I have made & would take a lot of time to do on my own. So I am here asking the Community to help me get the most complete/accurate information gathered as possible.

After completing this first effort; I intend to move on to the locations in the Pathfinder Tales Novels. Anyone reading those & willing to help with this undertaking, may want to keep their own notes to share later.

Thanks in Advance,

**Side Note**
I just started reading:
A Tomb of Winter's Plunder
and will be starting there for my own gathering.

Do you happen to have a Google Doc (or similar) you can link for GMs like myself coming to RotRL late in the game?

I'm going to be using RealmWorks and anything that can speed up my data entry would be a huge boon. :D

Is it too much too ask for a list of the writings, from each author, in the order they were released?

I seem to have missed the part in my original post where is says "tell me every thing I should make instead of what I asked for help building".

If you can't offer insights on how to make the most of the character concept presented; please don't comment on the thread.

I am trying to help my group break out of some pretty narrow thinking for party composition. I am currently playing an Occultist, that has taken over the spot of their rogue that died to fill the lockpick/trap dis-abler role while not giving them all the other benefits the rogue had offered. The party cleric is played by someone who took the role so they could try it & found they hate being the healer. So I am looking to build my next backup character.

What I have for certain is that I'm going with:
Arcanist (White Mage Archetype)
Half-Orc (Sandkin racial heritage) Alignment Neutral (on the G/E axis)
Traits: Arcane Revitalization & Devoted Healer

Unless something better gets suggested; I took the Feat,
Extra Reservoir

Seriously considering:
Drawback- Mark of Slavery
Trait #3-Venicaan Medic (for Heal as a class skill)

I am planning to build the character level by level up to level 5 (our next level in-game) & am looking for any tips on making him the best healer possible with the foundation that I have chosen.

Has there been anything added along these lines, now that they have so many more options/resources that have been published in the last year & a half?

Does anyone have a compilation of everything that has been published related to Norgorber, and activities his cults have been part of? It need the list to be as detailed as possible, including page numbers where possible, so that I can use it to weave a very complex web of things that won't contradict anything that has been publish. I really hate the "well in my world its this way" answers & want things to fit as nicely as possible with what is already out there.

If someone already has everything typed up in a word document for similar use in their game, then I would be equally interested in seeing that, as it would save me tons of time in locating all the books & typing things over into a single file for faster reference.

Thanks in advance.

I completely agree with a need for a new/different narrator. If someone is going to record their reading of a book; the story should be read in a manner which makes it engaging to the listener.

The current people reading these (and many non-pathfinder) books tend to do so in a manner that practically puts me to sleep, defeating my reason (to listen while driving long hours for work) for wanting audio books.
When hearing a story, as opposed to reading it; I expect to hear excitement, passion, sarcasm, etc.etc. conveyed where appropriate. I don't know anyone who enjoys reading that doesn't get all of that in their imagining of a story as they are reading & feel that a similar experience should come from hearing a story as well.

*Edit to add*
I would even go as far as to suggest having 2 or 3 readers working together on any given book, so the exchanges between characters can be better portrayed. But hey!, that's just my 2 copper on the subject.

This is what I have come to so far by talking with someone else, but there are some others that argue against it. I want an OFFICIAL ruling, as I am trying to teach a new player.

Merciful Healer says you have to channel positive energy for the Archetype.
Whereas Versatile Channeler DOES NOT PREVENT you from channeling positive energy, but rather grants the choice (at a minor caster level penalty) to channel negative energy if needed for some reason.

While other limitations from each will make it more difficult for a Cleric to have both; it is currently able to be argued that there is at least one way to bring the 2 together.

Challenges to over come.
1) Merciful Healer must have a deity with the Healing Domain.
2) Versatile Channeler only available if BOTH the Cleric and deity are neutral (on the good/evil axis).

Cleric (Merciful Healer) of Pharasma who is neither good nor evil, and later is granted (by the deity) the privilege of being a Versatile Channeler.

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Does the Feat Versatile Channeler work with the Cleric Archetype Merciful Healer? Or is it truly forbidden by the Archetype?

If its a PDF, then why is it "unavailable"? Especially since it is so new and the next 3 are available.

I just read the books "Lord of Runes" and "Liar's Island" (Both Advanced Reading Copies that I won from a contest) as my first reads in the Pathfinder Tales collections. I would like to be a part of action here, but often forget to get on the forums.

Is there someone here that would be willing to post an occasional reminder to the FaceBook group for the novels?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give in this area.

Anyone know of a way to get this as a "Print on Demand"? I'd rather have a tiny book than read on a screen if possible.

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Rise of the Drow is a superb suggestion... I'm taking a group through the prologue, main AP, and epilogue assuming they follow the obvious adventuring options.

I came here looking for the other suggestions people give you that are Pathfinder specific, just in case my group "wanders" off into other parts of the Darklands.

Where can I find details such as what year each printing came out? I'd prefer not to get a 2nd printing when I buy a physical copy someplace, when I know there has been at least a 3rd printing & the newer the printing the less likely I'm going to need to find errata for any of the contents.

What if we brought back Comeliness & applied its modifier as a bonus when interacting with races that found your race in a positive light & as a penalty when interacting with races that hold your race in a negative (or at least less attractive) view? By doing this it could then be reflection of how visual impression affects your impact before anything even comes out of your mouth.

chbgraphicarts wrote:

Technically someone can be ugly as sin and have a high Charisma; they would likely be focused more on things like Intimidate and Bluff rather than Diplomacy, however, as a result.

That being said, a fair amount of "appearance" is entirely subjective - two people can have identical faces and yet one be perceived as "more attractive" than the other because of body language, posture, pheromones, etc.

Charisma is a catch-all of your force of presence, really.

"Comeliness" was a measured (optional) stat in 1st and 2nd Ed that didn't get carried over to 3rd ed that really DID register your physical attractiveness - it was a composite stat determined by your Strength, Constitution, and Charisma altogether, though with more emphasis on Str and Con than on Cha (thus why you could still have a low Comeliness and high Charisma, to allow for charismatic fugly sods like Hitler).

However, the major problem with Comeliness is that measuring physical attractiveness is fine if everyone is the same species or related species like Elves, Humans, Vishkanya, etc. who share a nearly-identical morphology and would thus share instincts on what is or isn't percieved "beauty"; it starts to break down with things like Gnolls and Ratfolk, though, who have vastly different morphologies and thus would be instinctively attracted to aspects wholly alien to other species.

To illustrate:

"Robin Williams" wrote:
And they put (Ping-Pong the Panda) in the cage with Ling-Ling and say "Go mate", and he looks at her like..."I would never f*** her. That is one ugly panda b**ch. If you were a panda, you would know she is one ugly panda b**ch. I'd rather lick my own b*lls then f*** that panda b**ch. I would not f*** her with a koala's d**k.
However, Charisma can carry across species, and thus an individual who is considered ugly by, say, Gnolls, can attract Gnoll followers or make them cower in fear by force of personality alone.

Any chance a round-trip bus ticket could be negotiated instead of a hotel stay?

Are the updates being made to the Dropbox links, or did the posts here end up getting forgotten about?

If it's just for appearances sake, you could say that he got on the wrong side of more powerful Wizard who used Veil
and then Permanency

Just to make things more complicated for the fledgling Wizard, by having people assume he is evil because he has an "undead" with him all the time. In truth the Wizard who did this to him knows that eventually a Dispel Magic

will remove it, but enjoys knowing the inconvenience to this "impetuous pest" of a magic user will make up for putting up with his antics at **where ever the wizard learned his craft"

Before I go starting a new thread related to diseases & templates for them; I was wondering if anyone here had a good source for applying various diseases/viruses as templates to existing creatures.

Below I am linking my comment on a FB thread, which triggered my desire to take this further as a fully viable threat to an area & of course the PCs in any adventure/campaign. mment_id=10152795494801388&offset=0&total_comments=115

James Jacobs wrote:
Brian Buck 121 wrote:
What about the Grell, are they still protected?
Yup. Now and forever. Or at least until Wizards of the Coast decides to let them go free, which I doubt very much will ever happen.

World of Warcraft has Grell in it, so I'm gonna go out on a limb & say that those probably aren't on the list of exclusives.

Pax Veritas wrote:

I use a ceiling-mounted projector with a 45-degree hanging mirror to project my dungeons onto the game table. Affixed to the table is smooth whiteboard paper (almost like contact paper but removable) to make the colors vivid. I typically project maps I make in MapTool (by RP Tools) but also use any available vivid dungeon map. With the grid projected from above, I'm also able to draw freely with dry erase pens on the table.

I mix it up with dungeon tiles for special occasions but use black shelf liner to enable the tiles to stay affixed in place when doing so.

At times I build 3-d terrain using Terraclips 3D sets. When going 3d I accessorize the setting with a collection of miscellaneous rocks, barrels, trees, crystals, or other collected terrain features.

In time I plan to hack a Wiimote and mount it on the ceiling, allowing players to move their digital character tokens about with RF pens, but haven't yet done that. For now, I use Pathfinder minis, D&D minis, Pathfinder Pawns, and my own tokens as needed.

FYI: "going digital" is easier than you think. I will say that I most enjoy the combination of digital and miniatures the best.

Good gaming,

I've been thinking about something along this line. Do you happen to know of a relatively cheap (price not quality) projector that can be used with a laptop (maybe via bluetooth) to easily switch out maps, or to mark AoEs & lighted/low-light areas on the table?

If you have a laptop & space etc to use it then that would be the quickest overall option.

iPad users can finally rejoice as HeroLabs has officially made a version for you.

Android tablets can install the free TeamViewer app & just access the home PC and HerLabs that way since there is no video or sound to play.

Mark Moreland wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Elorebaen wrote:

Enterprising artists,

I would love to see a map as described on pg 41 of HoA! :) Just an idea.


HA! I knew this message board post would pop up the instant I read that there was a globe in that room.

SOME day we'll get a map of the rest of the entire planet of Golarion done. Some day...

I believe you, James, but what we really want is an actual globe. Brushed metal oceans with gold leaf landmasses. Or an inflatable beach ball. Whichever is more profitable for Paizo.

I am totally on board with both. I want the actual globe for my DM chamber, and the beach ball for use at sessions not in my own home.

In the mean time... how about a printable globe map (I just want to see where all the land masses & seas/oceans interact with each other for now) that can be cut & taped for a standby model. :)

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Dakcenturi wrote:

They've already been pretty specific about player being able to see bounties.

Goblinworks Blog wrote:
Everyone who is eligible to earn the bounty receives a notification, and if they encounter a character with a price on his head, they'll be reminded of the bounty outstanding on that character.

This system would still work except that the person who accepts the bounty would be notified when they encountered said "NPC of comparable skill" in my suggestion, rather than "Player named XYZ" (whom they could remember the name of and grief just for laughs), or some other identifying means like guild name etc.

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Perhaps the option to have a player accept/collect bounties on other players should be left out.
Instead make it where if a bounty is sought against another player, then that player would be hunted by a re-occurring "enemy" who becomes increasingly harder to survive against, until restitution/retribution has been made at 7x an amount deemed the value of whatever they were "wanted" for in the first place.

As for players who wish to play the role of an assassin (or other bounty seeker), their jobs would be to go after NPCs who were comparable in skills/abilities based on the level, class, feats, etc of the person any given bounty was being placed on. The reward received would be the same as if they had gotten the actual player, yet they wouldn't know who the player actually was to "grief" them if they just happened to pass them on the road.

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I'm sure it was posted someplace, but simply overlooked it but...
Can someone tell me when the proposed date is to gain access to the PDF superpack, as well as the estimated shipping date for the physical materials?

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I can stand behind the idea of resetting/restarting this topic/vote, as I too feel that many people made assumptions that were in no way in relation to what was being offered in the poll.

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I'd rather see a payment plan offered where someone could pledge say $100.00/mo until they made the $500.00 goal/pledge.

An option of this sort would have increased my pledge by at least five fold & about 4 other people I know personally would have done the same.

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The only thing which could have made any part of this more appealing to me, would have been adding hard copies of the core rulebook.