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Almonihah wrote:
I can vouch that Mowque runs some interesting solo games. :)

Interesting? They're definitely the best. I am looking forward to following along with this one.

GM Mowque wrote:
@Almonihah- I will try to avoid blinding anyone this time.

Yeah he's going soft, he only half-blinded my character!

Jabs aside, a note to all applicants; unlike many GMs Mowque, WILL thoroughly read and most likely use your backstory extensively. They always say to write your backstory as if everyone in the group will read it, but this time it's true. Put your heart into it and you'll get something special out if you're chosen.

I said I would follow this game but I lied. So I'm back to collect information.

What does everyone think about the new rules? I'm attending Gen Con this year, and I assume Paizo will have a playtest going on that I will probably join, so I'm looking for words of wisdom/expectations.

I'm not in this game but I'll probably be lurking to see how the 2.0 stuff plays out.

While I'm here, glad to see you're back and well R0b0! The Sons of Dammerhall are still slowly and steadily making their way through the cavernous earth to reclaim their ancestral homeland.

October sounds good. I'm writing backstory and hammering out peronality notes so I can completely forget about them and go off the wall within the first week.

Also being haunted by going 18 charisma, including nightmares of never being able to ever hit anything... WHY HAVE YOU CURSED ME, GM?

Yeah, they did a really good job of making you pay for a maxed out stat. I'm fine with that, because they also killed the super annoying minmaxing.

I could end up being wrong but this is still the paizo designers-it's better to be really good at one thing rather than okay in a few different things. I mean this is why we're a group, we're covering each other's weaknesses.

I think I have everything figured out mechanically, I just need to get it into a character sheet format and write up background. I went whole-hog into charisma, so while she's going to suck at combat she should be able to talk her way out of most things (and make the GM's life as difficult as posssible ;).

GM: Wooowww that sounds like a really bad time for everyone involved. I've never been interested in society because it seemed too video game-y (I can play video games for that), but maybe I should be.

Darkness: You're absolutely right, which is why I probably won't go down a combat-focused route. The small arms are just sooo piddly it bothers me a bit, but them's the tradeoffs.

I don't think having two operatives would be a bad thing, they seem to pack high customizability.

Vlogs! That's the word I was failing to remember, thank you. Yeah, that entertainment industry it's a churning pit of humanity, for better or worse. Totally up Astrianna's alley to record, comment on, and most importantly MONETIZE her adventures.

Thanks for the flexibility on builds. If I don't like one way I'll try the other. I had the same thought about the standard action. It seems the Enoy can use their standard action every turn for some very powerful buffs and healing... so why be shooting with it? Of course damage going out is damage prevented in the long run, but eh, we'll see.

What's the Scoured Stars incident? Is it in those links you posted? Haven't had a chance to look that over yet. Lots of new lore bits to learn...

I wasn't very inspired by the new races either. Maybe we're just old-school?

I haven't gotten much down on paper yet but my Envoy is probably going to be a half-elf born to a fling (in elven terms) between an Elven diplomat (mother) and Human diplomat (father). She'd end up cycling between living on Castrovel, being raised by her half-sibblings and tutors, and Absalom station in a similar situation on her father's side until her parent's relationship fell apart and she stayed with her mother's family on a more permanent basis. Still frequent trips to Absalom for her mother's diplomatic duties, though again she was mostly with her half-siblings and tutors.

Life of luxury and wanting for nothing, she dabbles in many things and has a talent for people and the arts.

I'm still deciding if she ends up going into music and becomes a singer/rockstar that got bored of her band or she's more of a video personality. I'm leaning towards video personality, specifically an "irl streamer" as they call it these days, broadcasting portions of her life and making videos about them. It could kind of fit the whole adventuring thing be the perfect way to scratch the itch that is her narcissistic tendencies/constant desire to be the center of attention. I guess I should actually watch some these irl things so I can get a feel for how they operate. Ugh, I've never dreaded doing character development research before... it seems so banal.

Mechanics wise she'll be focusing on Bluff, Intimidate, and Diplomacy, and talking our way through annnnyyything no matter how big the lie. Even with this there are two ways I could build her. One focuses more on damage, giving her the Longarm Profiency, Weapon Focus, Versatile Weapon Specialization, etc feats. The other focuses on getting ever higher bonuses or utility in bluff, intimidate, and diplomacy via Skill Focus, Skill Synergy, or tasty utility feats like Veiled Threat.

I'm not sure which route I'll go, but I'm leaning towards focusing on skill points and out-of-combat utility while leaving the pew pew to you guys. We'll see.

I've always liked the old stat blocks, because it gives a little nuance to characters and creatures that allows for easier roleplaying. Especially with intelligence, wisdom, and charisma. I was a little upset to see that they had removed it from creature sheets, and then confused why they left it for player characters? I mean either get rid of it or don't...

But I don't really care that much, so in conclusion it's a fine house rule.

Yeah that's fine, it's not hard to divide by 5.

Believe me, as a chemist in the USA I desperately wish America had adopted the metric system...

I'm a bit busy preparing for some friends to visit this weekend, so I won't have too much time to work on my character, but I'll be around.

GM Stargin wrote:
One thing you guys will have to watch out for is that the avatar selection on the boards is fairly dire for most of the races. Galorit has a great one for the Ysoki already

Ha! This is actually a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. I picked this as my avatar because I love squirrels, even if the squirrel depicted here is dead and being used as bait.

Most of your house rules look great. Block Initiative is THE way to do combat in PbP if you ask me.

I'm not 100% on the out-of-combat healing being max- resource consumption and management is an important part of the game and should have an air of randomness to it for the sake of excitement. That combined with Starfinder having easily replenished Stamina makes me think that rule will be unnecessary.

Probably won't have to worry about Save or Die spells cause it doesn't look like any of us are going to play casters?

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There are a lots of types of Princesses out there... best hope there are more Princess What's-Her-Name types rather than Queen Slug-For-A-Butt types.

Seems lke we're leanng more towards Neutral at this point. That's good, because I aim to flush at least one sentient creature out of an airlock before the adventure path is over.

Wow people really like to crap on the Envoy, huh. My favorite was someone called it "hot garbage", which not only made me laugh but also makes me want to play it out of some deep seated rebelliousness.

Well based on what everyone else is saying I'll probably go Envoy, acting as party Face, unless I have some kind of epiphany and change my mind.

I'll likely be recycling the personality of one of my old characters, who is Chaotic Neutral. She's obsessed with fame/fortune and has narcissistic/sociopahtic tendencies, but at the end of the day just wants people to like her. She errs on the side of good, because heroes are more popular than villians.

As you know, I like dwarves. So I'll shoot him while he's sleeping. :D

Hi friends!

Azih, I had no idea that was your GM handle... I was literally reading a post from your GM Stargin handle from July of this year about why some pbp games just evaporate when I saw you had sent me a private message. I did a double-take (Double-click? Double-Tab? I don't know, I had to check twice) It was really, really bizzare and I will put it in the top 10 most statistically improbable events in my life.

I've almost read through the entirety of the Starfinder Core Rulebook, will probably finish it tonight. Otherwise I have no experience with Starfinder , but I absorb rules like a dirty sink sponge so I shouldn't have too much trouble adapting. The worst part will probably be the subtle rule changes, like no more penalty for shooting into melee and such.

Anyway, I have ideas/motivation/inspiration for either an Ace Pilot Operative or an Icon Envoy. Darkness, if you want the pilot role I'm more than happy to make the Envoy and be the group Face/Captain. Even if there's not much starshiping pilots are still good for driving vehicles!

By the way GM, what were the two house rules you said you wanted to test out?

Unfortunately I developed an excruciating tooth problem the past two days that is preventing me from sleeping more than what seems like a few minutes at a time.

I have a severe phobia of medical needles and a unhealthy dose of dental anxiety, which translates to me having to be tranquilized and then completely anesthetized whenever I need work done on my mouth.

These sessions usually take longer to schedule than regular dentist visits so i don't know how long it'll take for me to get it fixed. The fatigue and anxiety is likely to make me irritable and I apologize if I treat anyone poorly. Maybe I can find some drugs to fix my problems in the short term. For added fun, over the counter painkillers don't work on me, and come to think if it most anesthetics don't either.

Melodrama summarized: I'll still be working on Vallen, but it may not be as high of quality as I'd like. I apologize if i slow things down or take a while rewritimg stuff.

I happened across this while looking at magical equipment:

Ornery Pistol:

Ornery Pistol

Slot none; Aura strong transmutation; CL 12th; Weight 4 lbs.

This pistol acts as a normal +2 pistol, but it has a strange aversion to talk of peace. Anytime the wielder or an ally within line of sight that the wielder can hear attempts to improve a creature's initial attitude with the Diplomacy skill, without spending an action, the pistol leaps into the wielder's hand and takes a single shot at the creature the wielder or ally is using Diplomacy against. If the wielder or ally is attempting to affect multiple creatures, the gun shoots a random member of the group. This occurs even if the pistol is unloaded, as the pistol's curse magically loads itself with a normal bullet and black powder when the action is taken.

Intended Magic Item

any pistol

Hahahahahahaha I love it.

Councilor sounds like a really good role for Vallen, perhaps that will be his calling.

When selecting my starting equipment would you like me to pay full price for my firearm or the crafted (half) price?

That's great, thanks Jesse! Really helped me trim up my selected skills. Vallen won't be so much of a skill monkey as just focused on a certain set of mechanical skills.

I actually think iron priest will work well with guns. Vallen can use alchemical cartridges (paper) for his loads, which reduce the amount of time to load a gun but increase the misfire chance. Misfires give the gun the broken condition, but because he can spontaneously cast Make Whole it's not a big issue. This also means i don't need to take the Rapid Reload feat early on, though it does stack and can reduce loading an early two-handed firearm to a move action!

When selecting my starting equipment would you like me to pay full price for my firearm or the crafted (half) price?

Feats wise, i believe i will go:

1: point-blank shot
3: precise shot
5: craft wondrous magic item
7: craft magic arms and armor
9: most likely Rapid reload to take advantage of Full Attack, especially if we find Advanced firearms. Alternative is Craft Wands
11: Craft Construct (this is the point where crafting constructs is feasible)

I'll think about the rest when we get there :p

By level 7 we'll be wanting to seriously consider making our own magic items most likely, and won't have the real funds to do so until then.

Of course this can all be regulated to npcs, but it's more fun if i get to roll the spellcraft checks!

Cassandra: I may go Abadar to solve our high priest problem, but I'm slightly reluctant to do so because devotion to Torag is a core part of Vallen's personality. Now, if we could have a Chief Engineer position...

Jesse, how do you feel about the extent of the Profession: Architecture skill for designing cities, roads, etc, and not just buildings? Or would this fall under Profession: Engineering instead? I would say that Architecture would be used to design a bridge, while Engineering would be used to build it.

What is your take on Profession: Architecture vs Profession: Engineering, essentially? Just trying to prioritize skills.

I'll think about the clockwork stuff, that's quite kind of you! It doesn't immediately appeal to me, though. Building a city, or having a team of engineers, does.

Wow, thanks for all the suggestions and analysis, guys!

After some consideration I believe I will take Jesse's kindness and go the Iron Priest route. It's exactly the kind of flavor I wanted. I don't expect there to be clockwork stuff or the like, and will probably not pick up any ranks in Craft: Clockwork, though Vallen may construct other types of golems in the future. I'll think about the Open Minded Feat- feats are precious few for clerics.

Carinna Del'annerie wrote:
Healer and Skill-monkey needed: I'd like to remember you that we are down to three players, and we are looking for two more... I believe there is no real need for you to try to fill the two roles by yourself. Also I'd not really worry about your dwarf being able to deal damage, since by supporting/buffing our more combat oriented PCs, you'll for sure deal more damage on the long run.

I agree Carinna, I don't want to stretch myself too thin. Dipping into firearms will give him at least a little bite when everyone is already buffed/healed. I'll consider how many ranged feats he will actually get (point-blank shot, precise shot, and rapid reload, mostly).

Hello Korinne! Thank you for telling me the general alignment. I will have to think about that as well. Vallen could easily swing to neutral good with a few tweaks, but I might also leave him as is just so the group has a goody-two-shoes foil. ;)

You make a very compelling case for me to go ahead with Vallen. Really the ninja and zen archer were off-the-cuff, I didn't even think about how it would suck to justify their presence.

As for Why, it's easy for me to imagine him being simply hired by whomever is sending you all out to establish this kingdom in the first place, or as you put it, acting as a racial liaison or perhaps a "gift" of support to the new kingdom. When the beautiful walls and perfectly laid out streets start springing up, the Dwarfs wouldn't mind taking credit, eh? In fact, in Vallen's previous backstory, he had always dreamed of designing an above ground city, which is technically unlimited in space unlike the subterranean.

The terrain itself isn't a bother. He likes working outdoors and grumbles only mildly at inclement weather. Priority heals to whomever gets the reference.

Wow, thank you for showing me the Cardinal archetype. I thought I had combed all of the cleric archetypes long ago, but I was wrong! This may be perfect for him. Losing spontaneous casting hurts, but nothing leaving a few spells slots open can't solve.

The question is exactly how useless he'd be in combat. I was originally thinking Cleric and picking up Artifice (Construct) and Black Powder Inquisition for his domains, giving access to firearms. But why would he hate magic? That's silly. It's really just an excuse to round out his damage, which I could accomplish by just going Earth domain for Acid Dart. In conclusion, crossbows were invented for a reason, and at some point maybe Vallen can build a golem with a ballista arm and he can ride on its head.

As for your trap problem, what do you think about the Nimble Fingers, Keen mind trait Jesse?

Hello everyone! Thank you for the recommendation, Cassandra- your words are flattering. It's good to see you again, and I find it funny that your DM ended up being in another game with me.

I toyed with the idea of reading through the gameplay thread, but I think it would actually be more fun to come in on this blind. I've never been in a Kingmaker game before, so you'll be able to fill me in on juicy bits in character. I do have experience with the downtime mechanics though, and can put those to great use (I like to use spreadsheets).

What kind of character are you all looking for to fill out your game?

I have a character from a defunct game that is perfect for this setting- Vallen Silverclasp, a dwarf cleric and craftsdwarf (architecture, masonry, engineering, etc... great for building towns!) Further down the road he would be good for making magical items most likely.

He's a bit weird because he's focused on high skill points instead of divine spells, and he's also about as brave as a rabbit with agoraphobia. Vallen does a lot of hand-wringing and worrying, but he's dependable, and I will probably retool him to give him access to firearms so he can hide behind a boomstick. :D In any case, his personality is written out, which I find to be the most difficult part to create.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy I wouldn't mind playing a Ninja, Zen Archer, or Unchained Rogue maybe, but it will take me longer to come up with a character concept.

The Warlord wrote:
Don't go away Galorit, enjoy the fun, we will see if something develops, like a recurring enemy for the characters you could play :) and RP as needed.

Oh now that sounds delightful. Everyone needs their Charr Aznable.

A warning I have no mekton zeta experience or books, just interest, but I can learn just about any system thrown at me.

I noticed you posted some documents in the recruitment thread, I'll look them over later and see what I can learn in terms of combat and such.

What a shame I just now found this while casually perusing the boards. I spent last month looking for a pbp gundam mekton zeta game and gave up the idea not too long ago. Funny to see one pop up under my nose.

Have fun everyone, I'll be watching to see how it goes. (Sieg Zeon!)

I finished stats and everything, sat down to re-write Vallen, and stared at the computer screen for about an hour. Nothing. Zilch. No inspiration.

I find this strange, because I consider myself a very dwarfy person. But something is wrong, and I can't seem to get in the groove. I apologize for making you wait on me, and then nothing come of it, but my heart doesn't seem to be into it.

In conclusion: I'm going to withdraw my submission and wish you all the best of luck. Strike the earth!

I will try to get a first draft together tonight. Will probably go full cleric of Torag (engineer/stonemason/architect and expert on arcano-mechanical systems. That's right, SKILL CLERIC) with domains in Artifice (or Construct, or maybe just Earth) and the Black Powder inquisition in place of a second domain for firearm proficiency and gunsmithing. Perhaps he will craft wonderous items in the future as well?

I toyed with the idea of cleric/wizard/mystic theurge because his Int will be so high, and i may still think about it some more, but Pathfinder tends not to favor the multi-classing.

Question for gm:

Crafting firearms during character creation is fine, yes? Can we craft advanced firearms?

I have a priest of Torag/craftsdwarf/architect from a defunct game that may be able to fit into this easily. Amusingly it was also a settlement game, but not an entire planet. Will have to evaluate the situation later.

In any case, thanks for running an exquistely dwarfy game. There needs to be more of these!

I just wanted to encourage this unique marriage of Paizo writing and the world of Pokemon. Best of luck to all of you, and most importantly- have fun.

Grand Moff Vixen wrote:
At this point I think I will withdraw. I have been sick, and to prevent holding up the recruitment I will just back out. That and I can't think with a headache that makes my head feel like it will explode.

Sorry to hear that GMV. Hope your head clears up- If you can put together a character tomorrow please do! I loved your character idea.

DM Nerk wrote:
Isn't that pretty much an alchemist with the milkmaid archetype?

This had better be in the next Paizo publication.

@Tomag: Take as much time to polish as you like! It's going to be a while before we select someone, Nerk has to cross an extremely large body of water first. Also, that's funny but a dwarf ranger would bridge the gap between cleric and ranger. It's amusing because when we vote on things, the two clerics vote the same and the two rangers vote for something different. Our rogue used to be our swing vote.

@Mushroomeque: That's up to Nerk, but he did omit the connected npcs for some reason I assume. Your character sounds fun though and I'm already imagining some of the interactions with some of our more... egotistic... npcs.

DM Nerk wrote:
I will NOT push for any character type. I firmly believe that what matters is having a good player, who's playing what s/he wants to to play. If we end up with all human rangers and dwarven clerics who are engaged and having fun, I'd rather that than a carefully balanced party of rules-lawyering, semi-weekly-posting, cheese-wizarding munchkins.

I'd still like to see a cheese-wizard though. Someone who designs, makes and distributes arcane cheese. Has ever a character existed? I certainly hope so.

Also a current player here.


*Prepare your character as if you will not come in contact with civilization again for a long time. You will only have what you bring with you. We really regret not bringing shovels. Though a forge will be completed soon and our few smiths can start banging away, when we find some source of ore.

*Food is scare and currently our main settlement is on the verge of starvation. As Browman said, skilled characters are going to get some extra mileage, hell even Craft (Baskets) could be useful right now. If your character was a brewer or baker, give them some ranks in those professions/crafts. You'd be surprised how many mundane things people need and how much they appreciate it.

*There is a ton of work to do, we are literally building a town from the ground up. We keep track of everything in Google Spreadsheets. Organizational skills are a plus.

*As Browman said, we have two dwarf clerics and two human rangers right now. One is a skill cleric (me, I know I'm crazy), the other is a combat cleric, and we have a sailor/skilled ranger as well as a switch-hitter melee/ranged ranger.

--This leaves a lot of room open for other people to fill the gaps, but Nerk, and ourselves, will be looking for not so much party balance but someone who is going to have fun playing their character. We all have "that character" floating around in our mind and are dying to play it- that's why we want. (You may literally be dying though. Seriously we're really hungry.)

--We have no pack animals or mounts until we find some in the wild and tame them. You probably do not want to be a cavalier or someone focused on mounted combat, unless Nerk says you can buy a mount.

*All of us are heavy roleplayers, and our characters knowledge, mannerisms, and feelings drive our actions. Be prepared to discuss ethics from your character's point of view, we often have those conversations. This is why your character's personality and backstory is important.

--Here's a great example of the things we talk about: A horde of cannibalistic humanoid children are rushing towards you in an attempt to defend their home after you killed all of their hyper-aggressive warrior parents who slaughtered your friends- what do you do and why?

Intercepting some questions

*We post 2-4 times on a typical day.

*Combat maps are either described or made in the Googledocs Spreadsheet. Surprisingly effective and often colorful.

*If you look at our campaign, you will see we have two characters each. The lower level characters are our cohorts, which we call 2PCs. They are unrelated to our main characters and allow us to have two group operating simultaneously, typically an exploration party and a town party. Nerk will likely give you a list of npcs to choose from- they start off normal folk and can take class levels later.

Brief Synopsis of our adventure so far-

Landed on the beach of the new world on the last ship to survive. Began setting up Newspring. Party of explorers sent to investigate the wreck of another ship that almost made it.

Discovery of cannibal Kurus and their attack on the survivors, rescue of the the other survivors, brought them to Newspring. Establishment of a council to direct activities. Another exploration party sent out to find Kuru settlement- discovery of seemingly neutral bugbears who have not spoken with us. Discovery of mysterious undead.

3 days travel away from Newspring is some old native Dwarf island fort ruins the kuru had occupied. Killed all of them, explored the ruins to find evidence of demonic worship by the dwarves as well as evidence of native elves working with the native dwarves hundreds of years prior. No contact with either species yet. Island fort could be functional as a town with cleaning up.

Food situation dire in Newspring, half-rations for all, we've started to eat the dogs, dwarf fortress style. Dog leather armor in progress. Attempting to find new land to forage while building farms/gardens. Currently exploring the surrounding area, evidence of violent hobgoblin tribe nearby. Also killer monkeys.

DM Nerk wrote:
Despite the hopes of my current players, you will not be natives of the new world, full of useful information and connections.


baldwin the merciful wrote:
Is there something you specific you have in mind?

As a bard gains versatile performance, the performance skill bonus starts to cover other skills, which makes the skill ranks put into the overrided a waste. Of course, if you don't have any ranks in certain skills before you pick up your 2nd or 3rd versatile performance, you might get killed because of it.

Let's say I put a rank in sense motive at 4th level, and then at level 6 picked up versatile performance for sing, which would let my perform: sing cover sense motive. At that point I would like to retrain the rank of sense motive into something else so the skill point is not wasted.

Part of me feels like this is getting my cake and eating it too, though.

baldwin the merciful wrote:
Is your character ready for review?

Almost. The crunch is done, and I have notes for a backstory. I said I would be finished yesterday, but I was delayed, my apologies. I will turn my notes into a brief background tonight and if selected I will spend some time fleshing it out.

Baldwin- How do you feel about retraining rules? Just curious.

I'm glad everyone else has found the Handy Haversack- I just finished organizing mine!

Thron wrote:
I put sections for each pocket with their respective weight capacities. Dunno if anyone else is OCD about stuff like that, but I'm a sucker for random minor details.

Oh I made sure those side packets were not over capacity too. I can't help it. I found a small tent fits perfectly in a side pouch, it's 20lbs.

Baldwin, what is your opinion on the Hat of Disguise It amuses me greatly, and is perfect for the character I have in mind.

I feel the item leaves some interpretation, though. Do you feel it is- A permanent disguise that can be switched at a whim, or disguises that need to be consciously refreshed every 10 minutes as per the Disguise Self (clvl1) spell?

The former would make for an interesting major magical item, but the latter makes the most sense. If you agree with the latter, how noticeable would you say re-triggering the item would be?

Confirming I am creating a chaotic neutral half-elf aristocrat/bard actress/singer with an emphasis on illusions, ranged combat, and social skills. I plan on posting the complete package sometime tomorrow.

I'm so happy to have a chance to use Ultimate Equipment! Shopping time.

Bard: 3d8 ⇒ (2, 8, 6) = 16

I like what I see with the recruitment breakdown.

I will be putting together a chaotic neutral singer/actress bard with emphasis on illusions in the next few days for submission. I have not decided on a race yet, but my main idea is that she is constantly imitating those around her (ranging from mockingly so, meaning it as a compliment, or simple professional enthusiasm). She may or may not have multiple personas that she falls in and out of, maybe. Have to decide if she's crazy or just enjoys being other people. Of course, by extension this will make her a master of disguise and general skullduggery, which will all be good fun for her.

Consider me interested! Looking forward to hearing more about your homebrew ideas for the campaign and house rules.

Edit: The fact you use maptools makes me happy.

After looking through the mythic rules, I find myself less interested. Have fun everyone, I doubt you'll have a shortage of people who want to play!

I'm interested, and happy to help out a new GM! I have a bard/rogue in mind. An actress and singer who has supplemented her income through less scrupulous means, or perhaps a ranged focused fighter/rogue (though Lillyanna also seems to have that in mind). Maybe an elf, or half-elf. I'll think about it.

Questions for thought if you don't already have the answers:

-What are your plans for maps or position/combat tracking? (Google doc spreadsheet, scenes described in detail, Ditzie, etc)

-How do you intend to run your combat? (PCs take their turn, enemies take their turn / normal initiative, etc)

-What kind of posting frequency do you expect, and how will you respond to those that do not meet expectations? (1 post a day, nebulous, etc)

-Are you looking to run a more combat-focused, roleplay-focused, or balanced game?

-You mention you intend to follow the RAW, but do you have any house rules/concerns on the top of your head you would like to bring up?

DM Nerk wrote:
@ Galorit: Any new skill that can't be justified by your character's experiences in play are either skills that he's always had but that he was rusty at, or are granted to him in a dream by a seven-legged shih-tzu smoking a cigar and talking like James Cagney.

Best mental image of the day. I'd like the latter please, my character is having problems with nightmares anyway so it will be par for the course.

Makandal wrote:
Clue me in, please!

Makandal, if you click on the names of the characters of the recruitment thread, it will take you to their profile page. Your character's alias' profile page is where you are to put your character information. I would recommend finding a statblock/character generator (such as PC Gen) to make things easier.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Nerk. I hope to have my character submitted by tonight.

A question for you- Will we be required to find someone to teach us new skills we have no skill ranks in? If so, what if we have reasons for a character knowing of unranked skills and having the capability/background to self-teach? I have the feeling my character may rapidly realize he'll need to start making weapons and armor just as much as shovels and houses...

Bobson wrote:
Definitely still interested, but time is a bit over-booked this weekend already. Any word on when you're closing submissions?

Also curious about this. Yesterday was crazier than I expected and I'm still drafting a character.

I saw this campaign today and immediately fell in love with the idea. A substantial amount of lurking has been waiting for this moment. I have not taken part in a pbp game on these forums before, but will do my research. Due to a current nightmare of exams I will be putting together a character on Saturday for consideration.

First idea that sprang to my mind is an expert/cleric craftsdwarf (NG Torag Artifice/Earth stonemason/carpenter/architect) with visions of a new city in his head. Sent with a sibling (or more, that perish in the storm) by their aggressively expanding clan to start an outpost, possibly. Could end up being an aristocrat instead of expert depending on background.