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The Razor Coast has drawn men to madness and slaughter since the world was young. Tulita natives, born from the same fire as this jagged coast, claim the Razor existed long before the world’s other lands. It is a crucible of flame cooled by the ocean’s caress and its mountains, reefs, and lightless depths teem with as many terrors as lustrous spoils. The Razor bucks the trappings of civilization in much the same manner the storm-tossed sea spurns the men who dare mount her. This is no place for the weak-willed. Untested souls are food for its storms, its fickle gods, its ancient spirits, and the evil predations of unfathomable creatures. No less dangerous are the men who make the coast their home and whose dark desires put most horrors to shame.

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Recruitment Interest Status:

The following people have expressed an interest in the game (this is in no particular order and if I missed you simply let me know.
Sorry if there is typo in the name):


Ixos - working on build
Mdt - withdrew
DM Jelani - working on druid?
Galorit - working on a bard
Theorythmus - withdrew
Fbdoury - working on an Aquatic Druid
Sixteenbitcoin -working on Ranger
Algar Lysandris
Nightflier - withdrew
Dreaming Warforged - submitted: Bad-Luck Baldek, exp/barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)

Fighting Chicken
Caps - Submitted: Chantif - Human Exp/Ranger (Witchguard Infiltrator)
Ralwind Winterbreath
Zayne Iwantani -working on a barbarian/fighter?
Ken 418
Thron - submitted: Darius - Human Aris/Fighter

Mith'aj the Tactful - submitted: Adan Silvertongue - Kitsune Exp/Bard(sandman)

Sunset - withdrew
Wolfgang Rolf - withdrew
Zordlon the Cat-King - partially completed expert/rogue (pirate)

Previously Slotted Players:
STR Ranger (Duncan) - inquisitor
Embrianna - witch

When I start to see builds I will begin to organize characters into smaller categories:


- Thoma Thorne (aka Ixos) - Human, Aris/Cleirc (Yog-Salhoth)
- M'Kumba (aka DM Jelani) - Human, warrior/druid (Saurin Shaman)

- Darius (aka Thron) - Human Aris/Fighter
- Bad-Luck Baldek (aka Dreaming) exp/barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)
- Chantif (Caps) - Human Exp/Ranger (Witchguard Infiltrator)
- Jack Garrison - (aka Zayne Iwatani) - Human, Fighter 2/Barbarian 2 (urban)

- Adan Silvertongue (aka Mith 'aj) - Kitsune Exp/Bard(sandman)

If I missed anyone let me know.

There are several partially completed characters.

I have added more substance to the Alias.

I purposefully have left some of his crunch blank at this point, as I would be interested (if selected) in possibly working with other players to develop a bit of history with them and as such take Teamwork Feats to symbolize their ability to work together in combat.

Hope that is okay, if not, I can easily finish up the build completely.

Galorit wrote:

Confirming I am creating a chaotic neutral half-elf aristocrat/bard actress/singer with an emphasis on illusions, ranged combat, and social skills. I plan on posting the complete package sometime tomorrow.

I'm so happy to have a chance to use Ultimate Equipment! Shopping time.


That's fine. I'm still planning to keep this open till next Friday, July 11th, or so. The holiday weekend and paizocon may have impacted submissions.

@ Darious - No problem. Once the group is selected and i open the discussion thread I'll let folks tinker with their builds.

Do we need to roll for that NPC level HP die here or take the max?

Embrianna wrote:
Do we need to roll for that NPC level HP die here or take the max?

Take the max.

Darius Rotarion:

Is there a lingering distrust for druids given your unfortunate adventure?

I haven't gone through the build yet, just the back story. if I ahve any questions I'll drop you a note under a spoiler.

Adan Silvertongue:

I have not reviewed the mechanic of your build yet but I will do that soon. If I have any questions I'll let you know.

As far as the Sow spell I'm tentatively not going to permit it.

Dark Archive

baldwin the merciful wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

baldwin the merciful:

Fair enough! I'll choose another spell, then. Do let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to discuss.


I still need to review the mechanics of your build.

Interesting archetype I haven't seen one played.

Do you think you'll be able to keep pace?
By the way, I like that you provided notice of your unavailability with your Queilla character.

Jack Garrison:

I'm still reviewing your character.
I noticed you've kept up a nice posting rate in the games that you are in 2-4 times a day. That's good.
I like to ask players that don't have a large history of PbP gaming if they can keep pace. If selected you will find my game takes a consistently quick pace.

Adan Silvertongue:

I see you are relatively new to PbP gaming. That makes it difficult to assess the kind of player and reliability of you posting. I usually take 1 relatively new player in each of my games, I believe in paying it forward. I keep a steady daily pace. I'm not trying to scare you off, I just want to make sure you understand the game commitment. Do you really think you can keep up with reading and posting rate?


So what motivates M'Kumba and how do see him and Finn developing? How do you see him getting along with the other members of the party or is he a loner?

What is the quickest paced game that you are in or DM?

Oh yeah. They freaked him out something awful. He looks at any "primitive" culture as savage and untrustworthy. Not to the point that he wouldn't work with or accept aid from them, but he would expect a double cross at all times. Only when proven that one isn't out to kill him (perhaps by saving his life) would he trust that individual, and would then try to "civilize" them.

Thomas Thorne:

I'm a player in a CoC table top game and enjoy the change of pace that it offers.

So what motivates Thomas? How do you see him developing?

I work at the computer all day and have the RSS feeds for campaign threads going to my phone, so posting during the day is not usually an issue. Whenever work is really busy I should be able to get a post in the morning and/or at night.

I should be able to keep up with 1-2 posts a day most of the time. I can give advance warning when I should be missing for a day or more. That is not something that should happen often.

I plan to be out of reach for a week vacation in September, and probably a few days around major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.).

I wrote the same note for Kelsier that I did for Quiella. I did not write anything for Kale because he was not in any module at that time.

Kelsier doesn't post much because he's not a very chatty guy. That group is not big on interaction beyond what's required for moving forward in the module. So most of the interaction I write there is nodding at other PCs (and speaking occasionally) and asking ooc questions. I don't believe in filling space for the sake of filling space.

As you can see, my combat descriptions have been pretty bare, but I can adapt to writing them in a more descriptive way as you've described. Although, again, I don't believe in filling space for the sake of filling space, so don't expect paragraphs for a single attack roll.

I like writing, and can be very verbose (see: all of this spoiler), but I also believe the best writing doesn't use more words, sentences, or paragraphs than necessary.

All that said, I have no doubt that I have a lot to learn about how to RP well, and particularly with how to RP well in PBP.


Fair enough. I'm a player in one game that pretty slow moving and my character is sardonic in nature. His comments tend to short, so I understand Kelsier.

The adventure has a tone of NPC's to interact with, I'm sure your RP will come around if you're chosen.


I would LOVE to play a Rogue of sorts! I had a character created for this campaign once and definitely would like the chance to play it.

I had an idea for my character which the GM, prior to saying the game was being dropped (IRL), was working with me on. Basically, my character is a contradiction: a man of principles and a man that is all-too-willing to take moral shortcuts to achieve his goals, as is evidenced by the Rogue class. There were two main goals I had in mind for the character. The first is that he somehow undergo training as an assassin, perhaps stealing some document detailing the techniques he uses, learning from a guild or teacher, ect. He would be the type that takes pride in his work, but still has pangs of guilt that drive him to use his techniques for a more noble end. The second is that I wanted him to fall in love with a woman that gives him very powerful, very real feelings. I was thinking that it could be someone from a similar background (Criminal,) as him. The GM said there was a semi-major NPC that fit this bill. Are you amenable to either of these goals being fulfilled in the course of your campaign? I love playing an antihero character. Don't worry though, I'm not one of the players that allows the characters background and personality to interfere with the game.

Sath Saltblood:

Initially your character looks good, post the alias when you finish the character.

It seems that most of your games die out but you've been in one long term game that I see. I like to ask if you think the pace will be fine with you? If you check my other two games COT and RA you will see that I'm very consistent with my posting and game pace.

the Silver Prince:

Good to see your interest. The recruitment is open until July 11th, or thereabout. Read up on the build requirements. I have no issue with love sparks in my games - it's adult themed - and my Council of thieves game has a variety of love interests that played out in down time.

As far as an assassin is concerned that will depend on the party make up. The game is sandboxy but some of the players may not appreciate the the stealth assassin. So you may be boxing yourself into a corner if that is your character concept.

Thou art thorough indeed. You are correct that I have started several weeks ago and don't have much proof of my commitment but the high post rates of your game has me rather excited. I am in two games now and was just invited to another and yet I still find myself checking in several times a day. I sit at a computer all day at work with mostly unrestricted access to the internet. And even if I wasn't or have a busy day, I come him and immediately check my games. I can usually do a lot more than 1/day but if I can't I will tell you ahead of time.

As a side not I forgot one thing from my build. Forgot to add the +1 ability increase for level 4. I think that's it but if I get picked I will give it a once over again before making the alias.

baldwin the merciful wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Gm Bladwin:
M'Kumba has more than one motivation, but his two main motivations are escaping his past, and hedonism (as in enjoying pleasurable experiences). He was a loner earlier in his life by necessity at times, but he prefers the company of a few close friends. He doesn't like crowded/loud/noisy spaces though. This will become more clear when I finish his backstory, I'm still outlining it right now.

Story-wise he could develop into a more good leaning character, or a more evil leaning one depending on the influence of those he adventures with. Build-wise he will continue to advance as a druid, providing melee beef via Finn and summons if necessary, and crowd control/ranged support through his spells and bow. Though he can also melee and heal. How I would play him is going to depend somewhat on the rest of the party.

The fastest game I'm in right now as a player is KC's Age of Worms. We started March 25th 2014 and we're up to 4,371 posts. I play Cuetzpalli (a character pretty similar to M'Kumba actually).

The fastest game I run is probably my Absalom Aberrations, which is much slower due to slow players. We've been going since January and we're up to 1,155 posts. I don't like DMPCing people, so it often goes a day or three without an update while I wait for people to post.

I always post in the games where I'm a player before I update my DMed games though. I do live in GMT+8 timezone, so it's a 12 hour difference from the American east coast.

I'm not going to post with this alias again until after selection (in case I don't get picked), just wanted to make it easy to find my reply.

I would like to play an assassin, but truthfully I am fine with my character just being a rogue. Should I propose the idea to others or just plan on going a more 'traditional' route?

The Silver Prince:

I don't know the make up of the of the party at this time. Recruitment is wide open. Come up with the character that you want to play.

Silver Prince here, posting as Salviato 'Bloody Sal' Barrabio! I will be working on some more of him, but this is the skeleton of the character.

EDIT: Also GM, are my stats agreeable or would you prefer I tweaked them? I tried to make him balanced, but at the same time I tried to keep him at a level where he could perform adequately in combat, the social arena, and in general utility skills.

EDIT 2: GM, what are the deities of the setting? And which of the books is the spoiler-free player's guide? Probably going to buy the PDF of it soon!

Baldwin, what is your opinion on the Hat of Disguise It amuses me greatly, and is perfect for the character I have in mind.

I feel the item leaves some interpretation, though. Do you feel it is- A permanent disguise that can be switched at a whim, or disguises that need to be consciously refreshed every 10 minutes as per the Disguise Self (clvl1) spell?

The former would make for an interesting major magical item, but the latter makes the most sense. If you agree with the latter, how noticeable would you say re-triggering the item would be?

Dark Archive

baldwin the merciful wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

baldwin the merciful:

I completely understand your concerns, not scared off. I appreciate your inclusion of relatively new players, very admirable.

Every day I am on the paizo boards, reading multiple threads throughout the online campaign forums as well as rules/advice/campaign setting.

My career involves a ton of work at a computer, and I am self managed. Reading and posting multiple times daily won't be an issue at all. I did mention I've gamed for 25 years, but it has been a few since I've had a tabletop game. I have been itching to get back into it and very much would like to find a long term, mature and role-playing centric campaign to which I can participate and build my presence on the PbP scene.

From what I have seen, your campaigns are right up my alley.

Do let me know if you have any concerns about my build, also. I have considered dropping the Sandman archetype and be more of a party buffing type as well, but that remains to be seen. If I am chosen, that decision and those similar can be made in coordination with the rest of the party. Tricksters can be built in many ways, fortunately.


I like cosmic horror in small doses. CoC can be rather . . . hopeless. But I love when mythos stuff shows up in other things.

As for Thomas' motivations, I see him as a dreamer. Not simply in the literal sense, but that he is drawn to and inspired by the creation of meaning. He grew up unconditioned by material restraints. He has never known want. He was so privileged that his whims could be arbitrary. This made the world around him seem less real, less meaningful. So one of his major motivations, though he would probably not phrase it like this -- is to be meaningful. His dreams give him a sense of purpose that had been lacking.

The irony of him finding meaning in a cosmic horror amuses me.

Is remains the child of privilege, however, and still enjoys the finer things in life even if he no great meaning in hedonism.

Does that make sense? Did his story make sense?

GM, my apologies for the somewhat horrible descriptions in my profile. It's almost 3:00 A.M. Please don't think my normal style is that bland lol!

baldwin the merciful wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

I am fine with the daily posting- most of the games I have been in drove me nuts due to a lack of posting- I want to be involved with a consistent, fast-paced game.

This is algar Lysandriss Submission

Put a background up in M'Kumba's profile. Let me know if you have any further questions or comments, please.


I am still going to build an Inquisitor but have decided I will not be Duncan (I have played him a few times already)

This was one of the coolest fights I have seen on TV.

I have been inspired by the Spear wielding Martel.

So I am going to try and build the best Polearm Light Armor Inquisitor or Maybe a Kensai Magus I can
Has to kick a$$ in melee and emphasis on Agile spear fighting.

Trip monkey would be cool.
Anyone with any cool suggestions please PM me.
Remember I have been lucky enough to already have a pass into this game and I will be getting TEAMWORK FEATS from my class, anyone who wants to use Teamwork feats can know there will be at least one other character using them

Seeing as I am basing my character off the same thing and style, if I get selected I REALLY wanna work out a joint background or something, and would totally go teamwork feats with ya. Reach warriors of doom!

And for any old school WWF fans out there that get the following reference:

I got dibs on Hawk.

Road Warriors. Great tag team and awesome shoulder pads of doom.

I would be interested in playing a Bard with an Archaeologist subtype, if that is something that's open for an option?

Crap dude. Sorry. Didn't wanna step on anyone toes.

I am also considering the spear style with a Kensai build. Less buff and more blast but I am still bouncing ideas/feats combos.

This is my other favorite example:

Dain GM wrote:
I would be interested in playing a Bard with an Archaeologist subtype, if that is something that's open for an option?

This recruitment is still wide open and the archaeologist fits, so have at it.

Sophia VanderMoot:

You need to update character. 1 NPC level (pre-adventuring life) and 4 Class levels. I noticed there was a lack of cleric submissions or chatter.

Galorit wrote:

Baldwin, what is your opinion on the Hat of Disguise It amuses me greatly, and is perfect for the character I have in mind.

I feel the item leaves some interpretation, though. Do you feel it is- A permanent disguise that can be switched at a whim, or disguises that need to be consciously refreshed every 10 minutes as per the Disguise Self (clvl1) spell?

The former would make for an interesting major magical item, but the latter makes the most sense. If you agree with the latter, how noticeable would you say re-triggering the item would be?

I have no problem with the HoD. I can see how the there is can be some interpretation questions. Its a first a spell it's not permanent and the cost appears to be off to make it so. As far as triggering a simple adjustment of the item or something similar.

I read a couple threads but didn't have clear answer. If you can find rules interpretation, I'm happy to reconsider.

Salviato 'Bloody Sal' Barrabio:

I haven't looked a the mechanics of your character in detail but you stats look fine. Did you include your NPC level, I didn't see it on your sheet.

Pathfinder deities, I really don't have restriction. There will be a couple new deities introduced in the game that are RC specific. This will be part of the character's quests and knowledge that they gather in game. The world and universe is far larger than they could originally fathom.

Do you think you'll be able to keep up with the pace of game? if you've looked at my DM profile, you'll notice that my games are consistent and active. It's important to communicate if there is an absence from the game.

I believe I've looked at every character that has at least been partially submitted so far. If I've missed one let me know.

STR - How about a spiked chain or dire-flail for a trip monkey build? Both also have disarm if we going for less than lethal methods of combat. :)

Forgot about the NPC level! Then again, it was past midnight when I started working on him. I'll get that fixed soon!

I can keep up with post rates! Now that I have my hypoglycemia somewhat under control, I can generally post throughout the day. The low blood sugar used to keep me muddled and confused, forgetting half the time about it, but no more. I can even make an exception and post on Thursdays, which are normally my game days for my local group.

I shouldn't be absent, unless I have to have surgery on my pancreas or something like that. If I will be absent I will let you know, either personally or through one of my many friends on the boards which have my phone number. I can even give you my number, if you would like an easier method to contact me.

I was also thinking about possibly converting Sal to an Elf. Does the Elven race have any special history in the Razor Coast? If so, would you allow the Elven Archer class from Kobold Press? I believe it's on the SRD.

STR Ranger:
I was considering an interesting Inquisitor build before I saw that you were playing an Inquisitor and then decided I wanted to submit the build for another campaign. Maybe you're interested in the idea.

2 levels in Monk with the Sensei archetype gets you
*WIS to AC
*WIS for all attack rolls and CMB rolls instead of STR or DEX
*Class Skills: all knowledge skills, along with a lot of other useful skills (like Acrobatics, Stealth, Perception...)
*A bonus feat (Combat Reflexes!)
*Nice saves
*Proficiency with a Temple Sword (basically a Longsword with Trip)
*The ability to Inspire Courage like a lvl 2 Bard.
*Stunning Fist 3/day at 5th overall level (2/day at Campaign start). You can also use the Howling Ghost Monk archetype to swap this for Punishing Kick (or something like that), but I liked SF better.

1-2 levels in Magus (Kensai) gets you
*INT to AC (up to your level in Magus)
*Weapon Focus (I was going to go Temple Sword)
*ability to enhance your weapon for a few minutes a day
*Magus spells (more or less meh but some utility for you)
*the ability to use Arcane Mark to attack twice with the Temple Sword at -2 using Spellstrike at lvl 2

This lets you max out WIS and let STR and DEX go a little lower than you otherwise might, which is nice for Inquisitor features (like Cunning Initiative). I was going to go Inquisitor of Shelyn for Glaive proficiency.

It's a little MAD, since you want to have some STR, DEX, and CON, but it's different, and you could be pretty good at Tripping, and wouldn't miss often. At lvl 4 I'd go Sensei 2/Magus 1/Inquisitor 1. Of course, this does hurt your BAB a lot if the GM doesn't let you do fractional BAB. It also takes a while to start really getting into the Inquisitor levels since at level 5, if you go with both levels of Magus, you still have only 1 level of Inquisitor.

Bloody Sal:

Changing to an elf is fine.I haven't seen anything special in the RC history with elves. I'm not going to pull other 3 PP material into the game at this point.

I've a few characters that I could enter depending on the needs but I'm also tempted to build a sea witch style character after reading a bit about the background.

Hmm though in all honesty I'd like to know what are the chances to get in at this point. It takes a while for me to build a character backstory I'm satisfied with and do all the crunch.

I think I will switch to an Elf anyway. Might be quite interesting roleplaying an Elf in a Caribbean setting... a stranger in a strange land. He would definitely have a good dose of that Elven pride and penchant for self-indulgence.

Also, do you mind if I seed in Elven words and phrases, which I've collected over the years, into his normal speech? I think it would really make him seem Elven, rather than put down foreign characters and spoiler it below, because obviously with foreign characters people cannot think of how his speech sounds.

By the way, are there any caster slots open? I know the healer/utility caster is taken by Embrianna (You may want to homebrew up the power of the healing hexes, because they've always been a bit... underpowered, I suppose?) and there seems to be a lot of people selecting Rangers, which are sort of in the 'stealthy' slot. Besides, I'm a VERY adept caster, as some of my tactics would suggest.

Do you allow creative uses with spells beyond their descriptions? For example, if foes were in the water, could I cast Lightning Bolt at the water to deal part of the damage to all enemies in the water, within X spread? I believe in utilizing my spells to maximum advantage and like to be creative with what I can do. I would, of course, ask before doing anything of the sort because I don't want to step on your toes or anything.

Northlander wrote:

I've a few characters that I could enter depending on the needs but I'm also tempted to build a sea witch style character after reading a bit about the background.

Hmm though in all honesty I'd like to know what are the chances to get in at this point. It takes a while for me to build a character backstory I'm satisfied with and do all the crunch.

Recruitment is still wide open until Friday (I'll provide at least a day's notice if I shorten the recruitment time). That being said there were two players from one of my other games that have automatic passes: an inquisitor and a witch. So your likelihood of getting in with a witch build is nil, but a second arcane caster or supporting caster is not out of the question. I'm going to run this with 6 players maybe 7. Take a look at my other games and you can see that I run an organized quick paced game that doesn't get bogged by party size.

I'm a bit surprised there hasn't been any oracle builds chatted about or submitted.

Ahh yes. I saw the inquisitor but missed the witch for some reason. Eh. I'm more likely to go for a Bladebound Magus if there's no strong opposition for that. A half-orc one.

I mean I've been playing a sorcerer in the other PBP so I would rather avoid the more traditional arcane casters.

The one I've built as an alias (Gorrim Blackblade). How would that look background wise? He is pretty far from home but the motivation is the same regardless of the place, and I'll need to redo some of the crunch but basically that's the story.

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