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Full Name

Gaius Gallonica


N Male Tiefling Wizard 7

About Gaius Gallonica

Gaius was born in the city of Kintargo and lived through the rule of Barzallai Thrune. Spotted by Anariel, an arcanist and member of the Gallonica family there to help the Silver Ravens, she promised him a new life free from discrimination. She took him to their compound in Egorian where he was tested rigorously and demonstrated a facility with conjuration magic. He was sent to the Academy in Korvosa, his fees and living expenses paid for by the family.

Of course, nothing in this life is free and when he graduated the family called him back to recompense them for all that they had given him. He was dispatched to work with the Pathfinder Society, something he rather chafes at. An academic type he dislikes the disruptions society adventures place on his first true love, the summoning and binding of outsiders. One day he hopes to learn more about the contract between Thrune and Asmodeus and the mysterious Kintargo Contract he has heard Anariel talk about.