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Full Name

Gair Hearthseeker




Warrior 1 / Ranger 2 | HP 23 / 26 | AC 15; Touch 12; Flat Footed 13 | CMD 18 | Fort +6; Ref +5; Will +1 | Init +2 | Perception +6









Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About Gair Hearthseeker


Gair Hearthseeker Human(Kellid) Warrior 1 / Ranger(Skirmisher) 2 N/N
HP 26 / 26 (10 1st, +12 lvl, +3 Con, +1 FC)
AC 15
Touch 12
Flat-Footed 13
Armor Check -1
Init +2
Speed 30ft

Str 17
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 12

Fort +6
Ref +5
Will +1

BAB +3
CMB +6
CMD 18

Greataxe +6 (1d12+7/x3) PA
Club +6 (1d6+7)10ft PA
Javelin +5 (1d6+3)30ft
Sling +5 (1d4+3) 50ft

Traits : Inspired (1 / 1), Affable

Feats : Power Attack, Furious Focus, Cleave, Rapid Shot,
Special Abilities : Favored Enemy (Magical Beasts)+2, Wild Empathy (+2), Track, Combat Style(Archery),

Skills : 21 Ranks (14 Level, +3 Int, +3 Human, +1 FC)
Climb +6 (1 Rank, 3 Class, +3 Str, -1 ACP)
Craft(Bows) +9 (3 Rank, 3 Class, 1 Int, +2 Tools)
Diplomacy +7 (3 Rank, +3 class, +1 Cha)
Handle Animal +7 (3 Rank, +3 class, +1 Cha)
Knowledge(Nature) +6 (2 Rank, 3 Class, 1 Int)
Knowledge(Geography) +5 (1 Rank, 3 Class, 1 Int)
Perception +6 (2 Rank, 3 Class, +1 Wis)
Ride +5 (1 Rank, 3 Class, 2 Dex, -1 ACP)
Sense Motive +5 (1 Rank, 3 Class, +1 Wis)
Stealth +7 (3 Rank, 3 Class, 2 Dex, -1 ACP)
Survival +6 (+1 Track) (2 Rank, 3 Class, +1 Wis)

Languages : Common, Orc

Gear :
Greataxe 12lb
Club 3lb
Javelin x2 4lb
Sling -lb
Sling Bullets x19 9.5lb
Studded Leather 20lb
Mwk Backpack 4lb
Bedroll 5lb
Waterskin 4lb
Flint & Steel -lb
Belt Pouch .5lb
Torch x3 3lb
Silk Rope(50ft) 5lb
Trail Rations x3 3lb
Masterwork Fletcher's Tools 5lb
Mess Kit 1lb

Total Weight : 79lb
Light Load : 100lb, Medium : 200lb, Heavy : 300lb

PP - 0, GP -1 , SP -8 , CP -8

Bow Crafting Supplies - 26gp

EXP - 460

Move Action : Draw Greataxe
Standard Action : Attack Fey

[dice=Greataxe - PA]1d20+6[/dice]

Warrior 1 / Ranger 2 | HP 18 / 26 | AC 15; Touch 12; Flat Footed 13 | CMD 18 | Fort +6; Ref +5; Will +1 | Init +2 | Perception +6

The kellid of the Red Wolf Following have made their cook fires and laid their furs in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords for more than a century but the land has never been their home. Their true hearths were lost to them when the Worldwound swallowed once mighty Sarkoris whole. Life in the lands of the Mammoth Lords is especially harsh for a small following with no ancestral claims to territory and each Red Wolf grows up feeling the loss keenly. Despite this, the Red Wolf Following is proud and have managed to maintain their independence for more than a century thanks to strong leaders.

The twins Gair and Dwyn were born in spring to Andran the Flaming, latest in the line of these capable chiefs. Raised together, Dwyn, always his father's son, was destined to be a leader of men from a young age, while Gair was born to a different path. Dwyn strove above all to be first in all things, always racing towards the next milestone in his life, first hunt, first raid, first to take a wife. Few in the Following disagreed that Dwyn would lead them when Andran was no longer able and for his part, Gair did not begrudge his bother. Leading in the harsh world of the Mammoth Lords was a difficult thing, the responsibility and need for prestige swallowed a life whole.

While his brother chased acclaim, Gair simply established himself as a respected member of the Red Wolves. He became a skilled hunter just as his brother did but while Dwyn saw the hunt as nothing more than an opportunity to claim the biggest kill, Gair found something more. He felt a connection with his prey, with the hills through which they stalked each other. To hunt a beast was to understand it, to see the world through it's eyes and feel it's kinship with the land itself. This understanding took Gair further from the fires of the Following every year. He explored the far reaches of the Mammoth Realm, saw great wonders and honed his skills but he would always return to his tribe, his wife and son. Life in the north is brutal however and inevitably change would come to Gair's life.

As his two sons neared their 28th namedays, the reign of Andran the Flaming came to an end. Laid low by the very saber cat he had cornered after 3 days of hunting, meaning to honor his sons with the beast's pelt. His two son's led the party that tracked the beast down and it was Dwyn who eventually brought the beast down with a savage blow of his axe. Upon their return the nominations were made and to no one's surprise it was Dwyn the Following elected to lead in his father's absence. Despite their differences, the brothers had always been close and Dwyn Saberslayer asked that Gair serve as his second.

No matter what path their lives took however, there was no escaping the knowledge that they were not squatters in the Realm. Like most of his people, Dwyn saw redemption for the Red Wolves in the retaking of their lost homeland but as with many things, Gair was unlike his brother. Try as he might, he could see no future for his people in shattered Sarkoris. Even should it ever be reclaimed from the nightmares that had stolen it from them, things would never be as they once were. The Worldwound had consumed utterly over the last century. Should it ever be driven back his people would find nothing but desolation and ash where their ancestors had once lived.

The future of the Red Wolves would be found elsewhere though Gair knew not where that might be? The southern kingdoms were a world apart from the kellid way of life and the crown of the world even was no place for mortal men to lay claim but he knew one day his people would find their answer.

When word reached the Red Wolves by trader caravan of the newly discovered continent, Gair knew in his heart of hearts that this was the chance they had been waiting for. Arguing relentlessly, he convinced Dwyn to grant him leave to join the expedition to this undiscovered land. He would take it's measure and see if it could offer a new home worthy of the one they had lost. In honor of Gair's journey, Dwyn conferred upon him the name Hearthseeker and gifted him with their fathers great hunting bow, which as the new chief had passed to him after Andran's death. Finishing the remaining preperations quickly, Gair set out with the merchant caravan as is made it's way back south, bringing his wife Risa and son Bern with him.

The road to Absalom was long but eventually the three reached their destination and found passage with the grand fleet, hope burning in their breasts. Risa and Bern took to the seas quickly, finding a love of the endless horizons and the dolphins that chased their ships. For his part Gair did not find ocean travel to his taste. Those same endless horizons made him feel as lost as a silk clad southern noble on the northern steps. Staring into the dark blue depths, he felt as though something terrible was about to burst forth and drag them down to be lost forever. It got worse as the storm had ravaged the fleet and Gair became convinced men had no place on the seas.

After a miserable week becalmed, his initial fears were realized as the Kraken struck reared out of the waves and struck the remaining ships. It was pure chaos as giant limbs crushed timbers and plucked sailors and settlers alike from the decks only to cast them into the churning waters. Huddled at the foremast with his family, Gair sent arrow after arrow at the beast as it tore the ships apart. When one of the monstrous tentacles tore the mast from the deck, all three of them were sent flying across the planks. Bern caught his mother as she slipped over the edge but he could not hold her. It was all Gair could do to keep his son from being pulled overboard as well as they both watched in horror as Risa slipped into the cold water, never to resurface. In saving his son, Gair had let go of his father's bow and it too slid into the waves after the woman he loved.

Eventually the Kraken ceased it's attack, returning later it was driven away but not before taking the flagship with it. Things got uglier still after that but Gair and young Bern hardly noticed. They rode through the remaining calamities in a numb fog. Risa was gone and they were sure they would soon follow her into the sea along with everyone else on this ill fated voyage. Amazingly this was not their fate however. Just a few blurry days later the Laughing Lillend found itself in a sheltered bay, staring at the shores of their destination.

Gair is a tall warrior with ruddy red skin and lean muscled limbs. Long, dark hair falls loose to his shoulders, often hidden by the half helm he wears into battle. Like most of his kinsmen, Gair's features are harsh but unless roused to anger, his soft green eyes lend him an air of approachability. He dresses in close fitting furs an leathers, with high hide boots laced to just below his knees. He carries a large, brutal looking axe, slung across his shoulders.

Gair has always shown a zest for life all too rare among the battered Kellid people. His zeal for battle is matched only by his love of camaraderie and celebration. Quick to jest his position as the clan chief's brother has instilled in Gair a measure of modesty that keeps his fierce pride from driving him to rash action.

At least these things were true before the ill-fated voyage across the the seas to the new world. After the tragedies endured Gair is deeply wounded. He is like to throw himself into the tasks of immediate survival in the first weeks. Personable but devoid of the usual spark that has driven him previously. With time these things heal though and he will walk the path back to who he was before as we progress.

Gair sees no future for his people in the northern lands they now reside. Sarkoris is forever lost to the Kellid, even if they one day reclaimed it the destruction wrought by the denizens of the Worldwound will leave it uninhabitable. He sees this new land as their opportunity to forge a new homeland for themselves. Convincing his brother Gwyn that the future may well lay across the sea, he has been sent to take the measure of these new lands.

NPC Connection - Bern (Son):
Gair has brought his son Bern with him on his quest. At 16, Bern is newly a man and freshly blooded as a warrior. Gair hopes to provide his son a limitless future in these new lands. Like his father, Bern is pained by Risa's passing and will need time to work through his mother's death.