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Full Name

Gaelvin Sieti, Plane Song Gaelvin




Bard 20







Special Abilities



N (leans towards good)

Strength 12
Dexterity 32
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 32

About Gaelvin Sieti

"Hear my song, let it flow thru you and touch eternity"


Kethendmiirik: This masterwork guitar grants you a +4 circumstance bonus on Perform checks. When kethendmiirik is being played the user and all allies within 120ft. are immune to any form of silence, also when using bardic music allies with in 60ft. gain fast healing 3 for one minute, kethendmiirik has a constent calming effect on all beings with in its hearing range (this effect acts like the calm emotions spell but this effect can be dismissed by the user). The effects of three different songs can be used at once by the user (this ability stacks with any class abilities and feats but is limited to the abilities of the user). You can also command kethendmiirik to produce one of four effects (mass cure moderate wounds, call lighting, control weather, and mirage arcana) twice per day with a successful Perform 30 DC. If anyone other then a bard with at least 15 ranks in Perform picks up kethendmiirik they recieve one negitive level that can't be overcome and are struck deaf until they lose possession of it.

Hidden Power: Kethendmiirik has a hidden powers. The hidden power is unknown to all but the creator of Kethendmiirik. If Kethendmiirik's last wielder is killed and not ressurrected with in a month then Ketherndmiirik loses all its abilities for a year and ressurrects it's last wielder (as per the true ressurrection spell).

Lore: Kethendmiirik was created as a gift for Plane Song Gaelvin. Both its creator and the one who gave it to Gaelvin are unknown to all save Gaelvin himself which has refused to ever name them. It was created to enhance Gaelvin's own skills as well as serve him as a potent magical item. Kethendmiirik is made from a mix of dragonhide and many kinds of rare gems which gives it the ability to change color at will among other things. Its strings are made of fine mithral and adamantine with a small chain and a unique symbol (acts as a holy symbol for any god) attached to the top end of Kethendmiirik.


Gaelvin is well traveled and over the years has learned to avoid battles with monsterous creatures and can normally talk his way out of most fights. When forced into battle he puts Kethendmiirik's calming power into effect. If Kethendmiirik's calming power is overcome or ill suited Gaelvin uses his music as a weapon and shield but also has his trusty longsword, buckler, and quick feet to fall back on. Gaelvin has been involved with many wars and adventures which in turn has made him more suited to team work and supporting roles. Gaelvin's abilites are most effective in large groups where his empowering songs have been known to turn legions into engines of distruction and revive groups of wounded men.


Many name Plane Song Gaelvin as a friend and ally. Many powerful people call on Gaelvin for his skills as a bard as well as his silver tongue when it came to court battles of the quick witted mind and shifting words. Gaelvin's greatest allies are those made in other planes and among dragon kind whom he has taken a great interest in.


Gaelvin Sieti is a tall elf with dark blue hair and cystal blue eyes. His hair is kept short and thrown about in a roguish manner. His face is narrow with a sharp nose and with nearly a constent impish smirk. His body is light with strong compacted muscles and a lithe frame. Gaelvin favors clothes for the location but when freely moving about he prefers the attire of fine clothes mostly due to the habit of spending so much time in the presence of powerful beings or the courts of royality.


Gaelvin was born to a pair of traveling elves. His years on the road gave him a wider view of the world and a love for wandering. He found that his own lifestyle was ideal for a bard and took up the craft that shared his heart. He quickly learned that he had a talent and love for music that impressed even seasoned bards. After many years practicing his craft and traveling Gaelvin had a chance encounter with a wizard of great power. Gaelvin gave the wizard a stirring proformance. The wizard rewarded Gaelvin by offering to take him before a king in another plane for it turned out that this wizard was a plane walker. Gaelvin accepted the offer and has been hooked on planer travel ever sense. Gaelvin's skill grew rapidly and many planer beings granted him gifts. One such being from a plane of endless forest gave him power over plants while others have given him rewards such as magical items and riches, Gaelvin accepted all such gifts yet gives away much of his wealth or has the one who bestowed the gift keep it for safe keeping due to his traveling lifestyle. After years of traveling the planes and perfecting his art he returned changed and known as Plane Song Gaelvin. Many sent summons to hear the other worldly songs and epics he had gained. The summoners soon found that Gaelvin's songs gave them such peace of the mind and soul that whole cities would raise their voices in priase at his coming.