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I don't know Lord, he says. I never really thought about it.

Knights of the Dinner Table:


Ser Eisel and the Targaryen Prince simply nod and head outside for their duel as the rest of you get ready. They seem to not want to intrude on Brydan's flailing attempts at romance. There is a moment of quiet as the banter between Brydan and Athera stops before the sounds of steel clashing on steel begins. A number of strikes seem almost inhuman, and although you have each experienced duels before, without looking outside it is very clear that this is meant to test both men before they go out and hunt down bandits.

Apologies for the delay, college sucks. Let me know how you react to the sounds of the fight

Apologies again for the delay, got buried with some jerks. Had to use them as a ladder to get back.

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102 Space Journalist with a strong drive to find the truth no matter what it takes

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Colette Brunel wrote:
Sobokazhet wrote:
And that is acceptable for some.

Is it?

A 1st-level solarian with Strength 18 and Weapon Focus has an attack bonus of +6. With a tactical pike, they deal 1d8+5 damage in photon mode. Against an HP 17-18-ish enemy (e.g. a CR 1 akata), it will take them two regular hits to take down the enemy.

A 1st-level solarian with Strength 14 and Weapon Focus has an attack bonus of +4. With a tactical pike, they deal 1d8+3 damage in photon mode. Against an HP 17-18-ish enemy (e.g. a CR 1 akata), it will take them *three* regular hits to take down the enemy.

The former also has an attack bonus 2 higher than the latter, or 10% more overall chances of landing a hit.

In the case of the latter, I would say that the extra turn spent trying to take down the enemy is non-negligible, which could very well be *two* extra turns spent attempting to fell the opponent in the event that the character misses by only 1 or 2. Action economy is king, after all, and an enemy that stays up for one or two more rounds is an enemy that threatens the party for that much longer.

Seems like you want to play a soldier. Id much rather have an actual solarian

Gimme a bit on an update my internet server crashed and well, I lost half of the notes

Brydan, Athera, Jackson (The Duel of Legends):

Jackson arrives to open the door as Brydan finishes his sentence.

The Targaryen merely nods and stands up. Ser Eisel, he says with a smile. Maekar draws his weapon. I believe it is time for our duel.

Ser Eisel nods, and draws his white blade. I agree my lord,

Back on the Wagon *sets fire to a few villages*


I understand that completely lord. Joff says. Anything else?

tHE TOURNAMENT STARTS IN 2 DAYS. I promise tommorow i will givew an update for the fated duel of legends

I don't think they have a senechal. Also apologies for the delay my friends kidnapped me o.o

Something will be up tommorow. Ready your pitchhforks and reserve your coffins. Don't forget your tournament food as a legendary duel will take place

go for it

Still alive just have been busy

Lord of the Flies eh? If it weren't a girls camp I'd try to become the crazed leader... I mean boo down with them for distracting you


My name is Joeff my lord. he says, handing you the pitchfork. He takes a seat at your request. I don't know what I want. I was told to show up here to help you, my lord. I was also told not to accept being in your house until I unseated somebody.

Athera and Brydan:

Brydan seems to be worried about having offended your bodyguard there. Plus whatever else. He may be jealous but you can't really tell. Non the less he is focusing on everyone and trying to be the best host.

Maekar starts laughing as Athera brings up the fact she is here. You really are related to Dyanna. Although Eisel there only talked about himself. Now, what is this about bandits?!

I was going to head out with other allies of the Blackburys to hunt down bandits. Perhaps Ulrych could come as well. It would be a distraction tactic, get the enemy focused on the fact this House is still able to deal with issues like those with a major tournament happening the day after tomorrow. While showing off Blackbury's alliances. Ser Eisel replied. My original thought would have been to bring Athera to show an implied alliance with the Daynes, although she didn't seem to eager.

Count me in you knight, Maekar said. We can leave after our duel

Leo nodded. Meanwhile Brydan, Val, Tessa here, and maybe even Athera can go to this party, showing off yet another alliance. Plus it would help stop Brydans possible death.

Athera Dayne wrote:

Also I noticed I forgot to do her roll, so I just added that in.

Just had to add the last part huh? XD


also Eisel isn't that interested in nobility

I don't think Eisel cares?

Oh yeah Eisel doesn't care about his ability at all actually. He is just there to protect. And hang out with Athera.

Because he is a true knight and would never impose. :P or so I say. I could be psyching you out to get Brydan jealous

Yes. Just a guardsman....

At the dinner? Issara, Samson, Eisel, Athera, Maekar, Dyanna, Brydan, and Maekars... 6 kids. But the kids are busy talking among themselves. Issara is afk, and oh yeah Leo, val, and leos date.

You never know what she would do.

If it helps, Athera can confirm that Eisel has as good a social side as good ol Leo tyrell

People drink that punch you know. I did enjoy the check to see if you made Eisel mad. Im waiting on Athera's reaction to this

I feel like we are here joking around while Athera writes something profound

*rolls some dice* There is a sudden knocking at your door

I feel like Eisel left enough room in his statement where he only was talking about his intentions. He never once mentioned hers. Though if you get a knock on your room door after the party XD.

I have a thing, if you start metaing I start throwing stuff at you to kill you. Please read on. it is all there for organization. Marcus, I am finishing building the boy, so he doesn't have a name yet so i will be posting his responce tommorow.

... That is a thing he would do yes. But he has only known her for a day. He isn't Anna.

*evil gm laugh*

Enjoy my response. also damn you and good rolls


He seemed almost too calm for your tastes. Either this guy is the purest knight you could ever think of or he is a skilled enough talker to rival some of the greatest speakers. Though you feel a safer bet is that this guy is that pure and honorable. You are mildly flustered and may lose a word or two in your response but otherwise are completely fine. Just ignore the sweating. :P

Both work. sometimes you gotta roll with it.

And Look eisel likes you already XD

Athera and Brydan:

Ser Eisel takes another bite of some summer squash before placing his silverware down. He took a sip of wine and proceeded to relax before answering. Please Forgive me, my Lords, I am about, to be honest. Without sparing any feelings here.

Please speak up then, Maekar laughed.

Will do Prince. Now Brydan was it? What I wise to do happens to be something any true knight should do. Athera has saved my life, and the lives of two and a half peak men. They had jumped me and my fellows as we were on our way to give direct greeting to your brother. Some of my fellow men even died in that conflict. Funny how it was Athera who jumped in along with another word of yours, while what is it you did per say? To my knowledge, you spent your time with a lady discussing a threat on your life.

Ser Thorn takes another sip of wine, his face remaining calm and collected, his tone never changing from a peaceful banter. If you mean to imply I would abuse my oaths and life debt to bed Lady Athera you would be wrong. For no other reason than it is against my own oaths and beliefs. I understand this would be hard to imagine for a pampered lordling of the Reach who could be with any woman he so chooses, but some of us men in the Reach choose a different path. Despite Lady Athera's beauty, my guardianship is that. Guardsmanship. I would never use my position to impose upon a lady. I believe that answers your question.

Everyone is speechless for a second before Leo Tyrell speaks up. I think he may have been wondering if you enjoyed the poor girl's company. Not whether you wanted to abuse your position with her.

Then why didn't he simply ask that? Ser Eisel said with a straight, nonhostile face.

With that Maekar burst into laughter, destroying the remaining silence.

We have been waitin on you


You figure that spending the hours it could take to find Lord Tyrell's tent would be cut drastically if you get to the castle and speak to the Maester who should have a chart of where everyone is. The trip the the castle would take 25 minutes

Athera and Brydan:

Everyone seems to absorb the information as they eat. You notice that Maekar seems to have brought his own fork, one that seems massive compared to what you are used to but in his hand, it seems to be perfectly fitted to him.

It is Eisel who speaks first, seeming to break protocol. Lord Osgrey is an anointed Knight and Lord. As I recall he had a fault for gambling. If what you are saying is true then it is most likely an imposter, as I doubt the real Osgrey would stoop so low as to use poison. I have never heard of a mummer of Costaynes kin, but their family is the quite one of that particular alliance. There were rumors that Eustace had even died during the rebellion. But then that he had fallen back due to grievous injury.

The lords merely nod along with Eisel's assessment. Lord Tyrell picks up where the Knight finished. There were many rumors about at the time. Supposedly Costayne took an injury that left him unable to have any more kids. Even I supposedly lost a hand to a Spearman and his dog, but I seem to still have it. I brushed of Eustace's death as on of those fancy tales. Though the Costaynes most certainly had a mummer in the family. He was a good performer during the war. He never broke character in his performances. They got his burned corpse from the Ironmen I believe, though the Greyjoys seem to deny it. But there are many Ironmen crews out there.

Maekar shrugs. Beats me. This is my first time actually in the Reach and not just passing through it. Though if you are going to be murdered, might I suggest you bring your favorite weapon? Kill a few of those damn traitors while you are at it.

There is a lull as everyone goes back to eating before Maekar speaks again, this time to Ser Thorn. So Knight, apologize but since we are getting some time before the duel I must ask as it is my job. Please understand I mean you no disrespect but I get the feeling my wife would kill me if I did not ask. What are your intentions with my niece there?

Maekar chuckled a bit at his own question.

She saved my life Lord Targaryen. I must honor that action in kind. Ser Eisel replied.

A life debt you say? From what for? And are you sure it wasn't for her looks? Don't lie to me, Dyanna will find out. Seriously. It can be quite terrifying. The Prince of Summerhall replied.

Ser Thorn seemed to delve into thought. She saved my life from three Peak men who attacked me and my fellow knights as we wandered between the tents earlier today. While she is quite beautiful that is not my reasoning for honoring that action.

Maekar looked to his wife, who merely nodded back to him. I see then. Most interesting. If you are as good a fighter as you are honest I may find myself in a pickle.


The boy arrives surprisingly prompt, being escorted in by your guard, one of whom seems to have lost his helmet. The boy is dressed in mere rags and has a simple pitchfork in his hand. Hello Lord Grimwood. he says with a sincere bow. I was informed that I was to meet you but your guard seemed to be expecting someone else. I hope you do not mind that I had to challenge one.

Had you not been raised in the North you would have never known how strong manual labor such as farming could make a man. Sure everyone knows blacksmiths tend to be strong but farmers are often looked down upon. Yet this boy seems to be more than a tanned skinned well-muscled youth. He is holding his pitchfork as easily as a trained hedge knight would hold his sword.


After a ten minute walk through the encampments that have been made in anticipation of this tournament, you realize that you have no idea where Lord Tyrell could be. You know he has tents around here somewhere but they could be anywhere. Give me an empathy roll to see if you can figure out where to check

Also House Osprey doesnt exist :P

Poor Eisel and Maekar they just want to duel

Its the lord of the reach and a Targaryen Prince. So they would likely pay you back by helping

I know. So many people with status 6 or higher walking around in one concentrated area. Alos Brydan as one of the hosts, they should have been more respectful :P

Athera will be controlling Eisel for the duel for the sake of it not being boring. Also don't worry Brydan, you will get to know Maekar probably.

Actually, you are right outside. On the steps.

Also only Ulrych, Leo, Maekar, and Dyanna. That Knight people are paying attention too is only status 4

Athera and Brydan:

Ulrych nods and takes off as if he doesn't want to see the two start the fight.

Lord Tyrell and Maekar both look at you as if remembering you were there. However, it is the Knight who accompanied Athera who reacted first, bowing. Hello my lord. I take it you are the younger Blackbury? I mean no disrespect to you, my lord. I am Ser Eisel Thorn. What is it that you would like to discuss?

The knights bowing seems to motivate the two Lords. Apologies Brydan, What is it you need help with? Lord Tyrell asks.

Please Blackbury, what is your request, I will aid in any way possible, Maekar responds.

Don't listen to my husband. He is a warrior, not a schemer. What is your problem, I can help better than he can, replied Maeker's wife. You must be one of the people who took care of Athera, so I would be honored too.

Val and Brydan:

The Costaynes are definitely here. The mummer cousin was supposedly burned by the Ironmen. Val responds calmly as if she understands why you are asking. Yes, there have been many interactions. Peak, Costayne, and Osgrey are all very close. No one I know has died, but many smallfolk have gone missing since my father was replaced.

It is now 4pm in game

Athera and Brydan:

Ser Thorn escorts Athera to the castle, taking care to avoid any vengeful Peak men. When they arrive they see Brydan with a woman on his arm, along with several people in Dayne colors, including Ulrych the Sword of Morning. Before they can get close enough to talk a gray-haired man appeared with a woman on his arm. He waves to Brydan, but Eisel pauses.

Lord Tyrell, he calls out, bowing. I apologize for not finding you sooner. I have a debt to honor.

Not a problem Eisel. Is your debt to the madam ward? the man asked with a wink, bringing forth a slight blush from Eisel. How are you madam Dayne? I take it this noble Knight owes you his life?

Ulrych walks up to Eisel and nods. Please give your father my respects Ser Thorn. I know personally how much of a boon your family is to the seven kingdoms.

Is that a fact? says a commanding voice in a rather cheerful tone. All of you see a white haired, powerfully built man in plate mail approach the large group. In one hand he carries a large spiked mace, as easily as Brydan could carry a baby.

Brydan you notice Val has gone quiet and appears to be nervous with all of these powerful warriors and Lords around. Although you have no idea why everyone seems to be crowding around the man next to Athera. Even the Prince of Summerhall seems to have taken an interest in this plated man. This man looks like nothing special but seems to be some kind of suitor to Athera. Or that is what you can gather from Lord Tyrell's less than appropriate remark.

Ser Eisel bows to Maekar, just as a woman appears from behind the Targaryens shoulder. There you are Athera! she said, moving over to the young woman and giving her a powerful hug. Apologies for coming early. It seems that my husband took my threat of me leaving to the tournament on my own seriously and rushed us here.
I must ask since my sister cannot who is this boy you are with?

Ser Eisel and Maekar Targaryen seem to size each other up before the Targaryen man even looks at his niece. He gives Athera a massive bear hug, lifting her off the ground for a moment. Our meeting will have to wait a few minutes dear girl. I have an important meeting with Ser Thorn.[b]

The Targaryen then gives the young knight a hug, one which the knight responds in kind. There is a slight sound of metal clashing on metal before they release.

[b] So I finally get to meet one of the Thorns of the Reach. Would you do a dragon the honor of a duel? Maekar asks in a friendly tone. I wish to see your skill in person. My condolences about your father.

Ser Eisel nods. I would be honored to my Lord. Though my father would have been a better challenge for you than I shall prove to be.

Ulrych takes several steps backward, his face paling. Brydan.... he calls. Would you mind if I put Dawn in a safe place. I wish to conceal my presence until the Grand Melee.

Let me finish the post. RNG be damned I lost the post!


You got here ten minutes ago, avoiding Osgrey men the best you could. Since then you have gotten to meet Athera's family, including her uncle Ulrych Dayne, Sword of the morning. Val filled you in on everything, including that she noticed he wasn't her father when he privately condemned gambling. She believes he was replaced by Lord Costaynes Mummer cousin. You remember from your research that there is, in fact, a mummer Costayane who supposedly died back in the rebellion. Botting an interaction due to them not being here. Also, just any question in the discussion you want and I will answer.


Don't mind them. We have another problem. We have reason to suspect Lord Tyrell will be arriving at the party. I want you to find him and stall him by lodging a formal complaint against Hightower, Oakheart, and Blackbury for a breach of hospitality. That should stall him long enough to kidnap the Blackbury.


We plan on making you the House of the People. We have a man who we have placed into the Jousting part of the tournament. He isn't a knight, in fact, he couldn't have afforded the armor and lance had it not been for us. He is a farm boy who lost his family to bandits and decided to hunt them down. We found him after he beat the bandits that killed his family. He has some small fame in the Riverlands, but no title. He will be coming to talk to you shortly. He won't accept being a part of your House yet, but if he unseats an opponent and you offer it to him as a reward, he will join and others will flock to him. The stranger bows then fades away with the sudden appearance of smoke.

You don't know he exists. He was sent away to Lord Tyrell as a unknown spy was needed for this mission. Your father kept some things secret from you that he planned to tell before he died

Which he has. Mwahahahahahaha

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