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Hi, new GM here. Just had our first session on this yesterday. It went pretty well, although I did end up fudging some roles for the asteroid lice to avoid serious harm to the players.
Here's one thing that I'm stumped on - and apologies if it doesn't quite fit with this thread, but could very easily come up in future sessions - how to handle character deaths? I can only fudge so much, as a DM, and it only makes sense to do so in the first book... but what if a player dies in the following books? How to fit them in the overall storyline, given the first book depends on cloned players?
I'm thinking that any future characters could be clones or sleeper agents created by either the reptoids, who have become aware of the Greys' plans.
Thoughts? Have any of you had to deal with this issue at all?

Hi, sorry for hijacking this post. I've experienced similar issues when trying to make online purchases... I click to confirm the order, and nothing happens. I've seen numerous responses to similar complaints, where the customer service rep states this is likely due to the address on file not matching the address in the credit card or with the bank.

If this is the case, then why isn't there a pop up or message for your customers? Something to let us know what the potential issue or issues may be? Don't you think letting us know would be beneficial? Then we could review the issue and attempt to fix it ourselves.

Instead, we are left scratching our heads, clicking on the confirm order button, thinking it's something on our end. Quite frankly, it really is poor design.