Meet the Infinite Masters: Part 3

Monday, August 29, 2022

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Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been spotlighting our Infinite Masters! If you missed the last couple spotlights, you can check out last week’s here and our first spotlight here!

Pathfinder Infinite: Practically Perfect Panache, Swashbuckling Refined by Sasha Harving Pathfinder Infinite: Fearsome Foes and Fables by Ceri Rowland Pathfinder Infinite: Character Classes Precog by James Beck Pathfinder Infinite: Wrecked Upon the Shore by Simon Hunter

Get to know the newest Infinite Masters:

Sasha Laranoa Harving
Sasha Laranoa Harving (nov/nov), known to novs friends as Solatra, has been writing for tabletop roleplaying games since nov first rolled a d20, and has been doing novs best to take the RPG industry by storm.

Ceri Rowland
Ceri Rowland has been writing Pathfinder homebrew content since he first discovered 1e. His first campaign was written almost entirely from scratch, which seemed like a good idea at the time. Sometime later, he discovered 2e and fell in love with it, and later decided to take the plunge and start writing content for publication. His specialties are creature stat blocks and adventure modules, but he dabbles in a little bit of everything.

James Beck
Jewish LGBT writer and co-owner of Eldritch Osiris Games, James has worked with Deadly D8, written for Sinclair's Library, and has worked on several big projects.

Simon Hunter
A lifetime interest in TTRPG has become a reality for Simon as he creates and publishes adventures through Paizo and WotC IP. He couples this interest with a manic obsession for 3D printing and miniature painting, a love of coffee (both roasting and drinking), and a passion for astronomy. He really enjoys taking created worlds and adding in small additions that provide fun for players and game masters alike.

Jacky Leung
Jacky is an ENNIE Award-winning Chinese American TTRPG writer, editor, and designer. He is also the Creative Manager for Unbreakable Publishers, seeking to uplift Asian creators to tell their stories in their own voices. He has worked for Evil Hat Productions, MCDM, Baldman Games, and others. He is a big-time foodie, sampling cuisine whenever time permits or being lost in a food blogger's TikTok.

Adrian Kennelly
Adrian is a designer of supplements for a variety of systems at Azukail Games ( and Community Content Programmes and collaborator with other publishers.

Jamie Trollope
Jamie has been running and playing in TTRPGs for 30 years. They've been an integral part of his life—a creative outlet, a way of learning about good, bad, storytelling, character development, teamwork and how to relate to each other. Jamie creates utilities for Pathfinder 2e that he hopes will save people time, like the NPC Index or Smoke & Sail: Naval Warfare. He values creativity, collaboration, inclusivity and this amazing game of make-believe we all love so much. Keep rolling 20's everyone!

Gremlin Brothers
The Gremlin Brothers—Darkwayne, Batfoot and Froghorn—aim to create top-notch adventure content to deepen the experience of playing online or in person. Their first campaign—END OF DAYS—begins in the River Kingdoms and takes players across .the continents! Check it out, starting with Volume #1: The Siege of Castle Savinoy.

Luis Loza
Luis Loza is Paizo’s Senior Developer working on the Pathfinder Lost Omens Line. He's done a lot of work over the years creating new rules, setting, and fiction content for Pathfinder First Edition, Pathfinder Second Edition, and Dungeons & Dragons. You can learn more about his work at

Pathfinder Lost Omens Gods and Magic Pathfinder Infinite: 100 Hooks and Rumors To hear in or about Magnimar by Adrian Kennelly Pathfinder Infinite: NPC Index: Warriors by Jamie Trollope and Paul J. Steen Pathfinder Infinite: The Siege of Castle Savinoy by the Gremlin Brothers Pathfinder Infinite: Lost Omens Ancestries, Dragonkin by Luis Loza

Check out these amazing creators on Pathfinder Infinite and Starfinder Infinite!

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Look at all these wonderful people!

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Amazing array of talented and wonderful people. I own products by just about all of them!

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So great to be part of this team of awesome creators!

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