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the Character Sheets seem to have a design problem.

There are only 7 cantrip slots, but with Focus Cantrips Classes like the Bard could easily have more than 7 cantrips to write down.

Is there a place where you can download the character sheet pack style Character Sheets where there are 10 Cantrip slots on the page and a different style of Inventory layout?


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Late to the party but I would love european shipping from Paizo :) In Romania we barely get PF2 content and D&D books are everywhere :( kinda sucks since im now switching to pf2 and i dont have from where to buy. PDFs dont cut it

I think most Europeans would be OK with english versions of the Books, no translation needed. I mean we play D&D in english (Rom-Glish aka Romanian English so a mix of both, but the source material is always in english since "fireball" sounds better than "bila de foc" )

I hope Paizo would find a way to send to the EU other than Amazon. Chaosium ships from their polish warehourse and they dont break the customers bank and it gets delivered fairly quickly in other countries

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Kinda off-topic but any plans for Paizo to offer cheaper shipping in Europe?

If I want to buy something directly from Paizo it costs me 30$ to get it shipped to eastern europe (Romania) and the Local Game Shops in my country sadly dont have all Pathfinder 2e books yet...

Would be nice if there was a cheaper way to get books to eastern europe :) Chaosium does it through their Polish intermediary for instance and the shipping cost isnt that bad.