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I just downloaded the application today when my friends mentioned it, and I have to say that it made my job running combat much easier. I didn't get to fully try it this week (since I was mainly using creatures I created myself), but just being able to track initiatives and HP damage was much easier. I was able to give each creature it's own initiative count and not be overwhelmed. In fact, combat was incredibly smooth, much more than normal. At the end of the session, I threw a few creatures at the party just to see how well it functioned, and it was great. It was so nice to be able to take into account effects like Ray of Enfeeblement completely and not worry I missed it somewhere.

I definitely plan to keep using this, as it will help cut down prep time and speed up combat (that can be a big complaint in our group). Not much to suggest right now, but I may have more as I use it more.

Thank you for making this.

PDF is now available, just bought my copy and it is downloading right now.

I'm actually conflicted now. I want to get the guide ASAP, but I would rather have a hard copy as well. When I first starting playing with the core rulebook, I just had a PDF, but eventually got the hard copy because it was so much easier to look things up. I have the APG hard copy on pre-order through, but it has a release date three weeks away.

I think I may end up waiting to buy the PDF until tomorrow night, won't have time to read it before work anyway, and I want to stop at a few stores, see if I get lucky and can find a copy. I doubt it, but might want to try. Otherwise, just get the PDF and wait three weeks for my hard copy to arrive.

Just saw this on the website. Release time tomorrow is 9 am. It says 7 am when I am not logged in, so I am guessing it is 7 am PT, 9 am CT.

I hope it doesn't overload because I want to download it before I go to work.

cryosphinx wrote:
so will it release when the clock rolls to thursday at midnight since it should be in the database already, or will it be some arbitrary time thursday

I think it might be an arbitrary time, maybe not even tomorrow, and I'm only basing that on one piece of evidence I have.

If you look, the Pathfinder Adventure Path #37 PDF is coming out on the same day. It specifically says 2:00 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday). The Advanced Player's Guide PDF just says "approx. tomorrow". That could mean a random time, or it might even mean it's not guaranteed to be released for purchase tomorrow.

I was able to take a look at the inquisitor part of the APG today, and I have a question. Is there going to be some errata on the inquisitor? If you look at the slayer and true judgment abilities, they are still based on rounds and haven't been changed to work with the new format of the judgments.

I have to agree that the bookkeeping can be the toughest part of the inquisitor in battle. Tracking all of the bonuses can be tough.

For example, with the level 11 inquisitor I'm playing right now, with his longsword:

1d8+4 (5-12)

Now, add in buffs (for simplicity, I'm going to just list the attack/damage additions and ignore what else it does)

+2/+4/+6 to attack/damage from judgment (when appropriate judgments are active)
+2 to attack from heroism
+3 to attack/damage from divine power
+2 to attack from bane
+(2+2d6) to damage from bane
+4 to attack when flanking (from teamwork feat)
+1d6 to damage when flanking (from teamwork feat)

So, if all of that is active, my attack jumps to:

1d8+3d6+15 (19-41 / 35-64 on crit.)

If I power attack:

1d8+3d6+21 (25-47 / 47-76 on crit.)

I also have to be careful with flanking, because that can go in and out as people move around, and if others cast buffs, which I may get none, part, or all of. I also took the war domain, so I have the ability to add a feat for rounds/day. I can throw in vital strike there for an extra 1d8 of damage on single attacks. Also, the GM has made it more fun lately deciding to throw globes of invulnerability in battles, which negate benefits from heroism/divine power but the other bonuses remain. Of course, since the range is only 10 feet, moving in and out of that makes recalculating those bonuses even more fun.

Also, after reading that excerpt from the advanced player's guide again, I'm really going to have to see how they changed everything. Theoretically, if the judgments remained the same except they became level-dependent instead of round-dependent, at level 11 I would start out with the +6 bonuses to attack/damage, and they would grow to +10 by level 20. However, I also noticed what some other people have seen:

One of her signature abilities is to declare judgment on one of her foes, granting her bonuses when fighting that enemy.

If it was reduced to just one enemy per combat, judgments would be much less effective (though it would be more equivalent to the paladin's smite evil) and would also end up making the bookkeeping more difficult (keeping track of two different sets of buffs). However, in the ability example they give:

Purity: The inquisitor is protected from the vile taint of her foes, gaining a +1 sacred bonus on all saving throws. This bonus increases by +1 for every five inquisitor levels she possesses. At 10th level, the bonus is doubled against curses, diseases, and poisons.

That sounds like it's all foes. Honestly, I don't know how to take this, I really have to see how the final version in the book is done.

Sorry for the bump, but we're starting tomorrow and I really could use some help on this. Any ideas of which way to go would be helpful.

Here's something to add in. He's letting us use any books that he has available for feats (which is a lot). Also, he will allow me to add to the inquisitor spell list cleric spells from other books that I can argue would be used by an inquisitor.

I'm making an inquisitor for this new campaign that I'm playing in starting this week, and I need some help figuring out an idea for it.

Here's what I know/have decided so far:

- Level 8 to start
- Human character
- Iomedae as deity
- War domain (like the ability to get a free combat feat for RPD)

I won't have stats until the first session when we roll them, and we're going to start playing that day so I need a good idea planned out.

The main builds I've seen here are based on ranged attacks, but that just seems to be a waste. The tactical feats are more based on melee attacks. It would seem that melee would be better to fully utilize everything but ranged seems to give a better way to get more damage.

I'm also not sure which way to go with spells.

This can be tricky. The inquisitor has a wide variety of usages, but if it isn't focused right it could be ineffective.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.