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Full Name

Freia Gallowfield




Magus 4 Harbinger 1 | Hp 7/38 | AC 19, Touch 14, FF 16 | Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +7 | Resistance fire, cold, electricity 5 | Per +5, Darkvision, Deathwatch | Init +3 | Status: Aura of Misfortune, Fast Healing 1








Lawful Neutral




Common, Infernal, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnome

Strength 14
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Freia

Tiefling Female Magus (Hexcrafter, Fiend-Flayer) IV, Harbinger I
LN Medium Outsider (native)
Init +3; Senses Perception +5, Darkvision 60 ft.

AC 19, touch 14, flat-footed 16 (+1 Deflection, +1 Natural Armour +3 Dex, +4 Armour)
hp 38 (5d8+10)
Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +7 (-1 vs fire)
Defensive Abilities: Fiendish Resistance (cold, electricity, fire 5)
Speed 40 ft.
Melee + 7 Longsword +1 (1d8+5 19-20/x2)
or +6 Dagger (1d4+4 19-20/x2)
or +6 Sap (1d6+4 x2, nonlethal)
Ranged +7 Composite Shortbow (1d6+2 x3)
or +7 Dagger (1d4+4 19-20/x2)
Special Attacks: spell combat, spell strike, manoeuvres
Spell-Like abilities
At Will- Deathwatch
Spells Prepared:
Cl 4, concentration +11
0- Presdigation, Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Brand
1st- Ill Omen, Silent Image, Rimed-Frostbite, Rimed-Frostbite
2nd- Invisibility, Glitterdust
Initiator level: 3
Initiator modifier: Int
Readied: Murderous Spite, Broken Mirror Strike, Obsidian Sidestep

Cursed Razor
Disciple Weapons: Light Blades, Heavy Blades, Spears
Skill: Spellcraft

Aura of Misfortune (Stance)
Murderous Spite (Boost)

Shattered Mirror
Disciple Weapons: Light Blades, Heavy Blades, Close
Skill: Craft

Broken Mirror Strike (Strike)
Obsidian Razor Style (Boost)
Obsidian Sidestep (Counter)

Veiled Moon
Disciple Weapons: Light Blades, Double Weapons, Spears
Skill: Stealth

Fading Strike (Strike)

Manoeuvre Reference:
---Cursed Razor---

AURA OF MISFORTUNE Discipline: Cursed Razor (Stance) Level: 1 Prerequisites: None Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: 20 feet plus 5 ft. per 5 initiator levels Area: 20-ft (plus 5-ft/5 initiator levels) emanation centered on you Duration: Stance Upon entering this stance, you begin to project an aura of ill fortune. Opponents within 20 ft. (plus 5 ft. per 5 initiator levels) of you suffer a -2 penalty to all saving throws

MURDEROUS SPITE Discipline: Cursed Razor (Boost) Level: 2 Prerequisites: None Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal Target: You Duration: 1 round You channel your ill will into your attacks. When you initiate this boost the next melee attack you make this round against a creature with the cursed condition is considered a touch attack.

---Shattered Mirror---

BROKEN MIRROR STRIKE Discipline: Shattered Mirror (Strike) Level: 2 Prerequisites: None Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack Target: Creature struck Duration: 1 round/level With a mirror-bright slash you put jagged cracks in your opponent’s defenses. When you initiate this strike, make a melee attack. If you hit, the struck creature’s armor or shield (your choice) gains the broken condition for one round per initiator level. A successful Reflex save (DC 12 + your initiation modifier) negates the broken condition.

OBSIDIAN RAZOR STYLE Discipline: Shattered Mirror (Boost) Level: 2 Prerequisites: None Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal Target: You Duration: 1 round Like obsidian, you create a reflection that is beautiful, dark, and deadly at the edge of your weapon. When you initiate this boost you gain an insight bonus equal to your ranks in one Craft skill (chosen when you initiate this boost) to melee damage rolls for one round.

OBSIDIAN SIDESTEP Discipline: Shattered Mirror (Counter) Level: 2 Prerequisites: None Initiation Action: 1 immediate action Range: Personal Target: You Duration: Instantaneous With an act of will, you distort reality to avoid harm. You may initiate this counter whenever you would make a saving throw. Make a Craft check instead of that saving throw and use the result of that check to determine the save’s success.

---Veiled Moon---

Fading Strike:

Discipline: Veiled Moon (Strike) (teleportation); Level: 2
Initiation Action: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Target: Up to the disciple's movement speed
Duration: Instant

Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk +3; CMB +5; CMD 18
Feats Combat Casting, Rime Spell, Arcane StrikeP, Wild TalentP, Disciple Focus (Shattered Mirror)
P=Perk bonus feat
Traits Student of Philosophy, Ease of Faith, Magical Lineage (Frostbite)
Drawbacks Burned
Skills Acrobatics (1) +7, Bluff (2) +6; lie +10, Climb (1) +6, Craft (Sketch 5) +11, Diplomacy (5) gather information +8; other +12, Intimidate (1) +3, Know (Arcana, Planes, Local 1) +7/7/7, Linguistics (2) +8, Perception (5) +5, Profession (Hangwoman 1) +4, Spellcraft (1) +7, Stealth (5) +13
Equipment bonuses: +2 Diplomacy/Intimidate in Magnimar, +2 Diplomacy with city officials, +2 Craft (sketch)
Languages Common, Infernal, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnome, Ancient Thassilonian, Abyssal
SQ Arcane pool (5 points), cantrips, Infernal Mortification, Magus Arcana [Arcane Accuracy], Hex Magus (Evil Eye), Hex Arcana
On person:
Longsword +1, Soldiers uniform, Parade Armour +1, Dagger, Cold Iron Dagger, Wand of Infernal Healing (21/50) in spring loaded wrist sheath [left arm], Scroll of Shield in spring loaded wrist sheath [right hand], Composite [+2] Shortbow /w 18 arrows, Switchblade, Spell component pouch [+1 CL cold 4/7], canteen (water), canteen (Icecap Ale), Light Silver Hammer, Sap, Manacles (common lock), Shard Gel, pocket change (~3gp ~20 sp, ~40 cp), Pearl of Power I

'Imaginary' Equipment:
To more accurately reflect the fact that convicts aren't usually running about with magical bling - Freia has the following bonuses without having to carry it around:

Ring of Protection +1
Amulet of Natural Armour +1
Cloak of Resistance +1

Masterwork Backpack:
Bullseye Lantern, small steel mirror, blanket, Cold weather outfit, poncho, 5 doses of perfume (common), canteen (spirits), Kits: Mess, Grooming, Gear maintenance, 3 pints of lamp oil, 50 ft. of hemp rope, money, Masterwork tools (Craft [sketch]), Shard Gel, Darkflare x2,

Waterproof bag:

Spellbook wrote:
The book is heavy and leather bound - sealed with a secure lock. Both the leather and the metal of the lock is engraved and well maintained and it smells faintly of oil in addition to the elementary 'old tome' musk. The key is hanging from Freias neck on a leather strip and unlocks the book.

Spellbook (locked DC 25):
On the first page there is several sketches and paintings - by the looks of it, they were made by a child - and an inscription: Property of Freia Gallowfield. The first three words are in an precise blocky handwriting while the last one appears newer - and written by someone with a more flowing style.

-All level 0 magus spells, + Brand
-Blade Leash, Colour Spray, Feather Fall, Frostbite, Grease, Ill Omen, Infernal Healing, Shield, Silent Image, True Strike, Vanish
-Mirror Image, Bladed Dash, Invisibility, Glitterdust, Stone Call, Web

Sheet of paper with residential information of:
-Abraham Spade
-Reggie the Sea-green
-Xavier Pasellas
-Gene Duskade
Sheet of paper with:
-A most impressive picture of Ms Akadia a donkey with a mohawk
-Description of Ms Akadia, as told by the 'gardener'
-Very weak description of 'hooded accomplice', as told by the 'gardener'
Ms Akadia Neverholmes contract with the temple of Nethys
writers kit, 13 sheets of paper, Book of Letters, Book of Portraits, Scrolls of Shield x6, Ill Omen x2, Monkey Fish x3, Silent Image x3, Floating Disc x2, Mount x2, Clarion Call x2, Invisibility x3


Expended Resources:

Physical Description:

Freia is 5 ft. 4 in. tall and weights about 140 lbs, giving her an average build. That is the only average things about her looks. Her skin is pale blue and criss-crossed with white lines forming a intricate webs and patterns all over her body. Her hair has a deeper blue hue while her eyes lean more to cyan. She usually wears it in a long braid with bangs hanging down right over her eyebrows. She has rather large batlike ears that frequently interfere with her attempts to hide her visage underneath cowls and hoods. She prefers to wear such clothing in public to attract minimal attention and to avoid trouble. However, since the induction into the order the mask provides an ample barrier between herself and the outside world. She also likes small tasteful pieces of silver jewellery and frequently wear both silver earrings, hairclip and necklace.

Freia has a tattoo that runs from shoulder to shoulder across her collar bones. It is a unique pattern of clouds forming abstract scales, a crying face, the right hand of justice, and a symbol of death. It was given to her upon her initiation into the Tears and is penned in black ink.

Her armour is an old and worn uniform that showed signs of having been resized and repaired recently but is cleaned and well ironed. Anyone with a familiarity with Magnimar heraldry can see that the uniform is from the city watch, but atleast forty years old.

Since her arrival at the order of Tears her fathers old uniform is now part of a proper armoured kit. The old chain links and reinforced leather pads have all been oiled and exchanged. Most of the old makeshift repairs have been redone by experts and the insignia of the Tears has replaced the old city watch one.


Early Life

Her earliest memories are the smell of brimstone and the triumphant laughter. The laughter belonged to Erol the wizard, and he raised her under her first years. Freia never learned if Erol was her real father or the identity of her mother. Erol, Freia and a handful of serfs lived in a small mansion on the countryside. Erols talents as a father was as abysmal as his other social skills. He demanded servitude and obedience from both Freia and his serfs - often using the term daughter and minion interchangeably. The only times when he displayed a softer side to her was when he taught her magic - for she had remarkable talent for a girl of her age.

On the other hand, when his acquaintances were visiting she was little more then a prize to be displayed and marvelled at. During one of these visits the argument between Erol and another wizard over the ownership of a particular magical trinket got out of hand. Within minutes the mansion and surrounding countryside was laid waste and only smoking ruins remained. By chance and luck Freia managed to crawl her way thru the destroyed building and made her way away out. Sadly for her, Erols bad temper was widely known and as such there were no other settlements anywhere near. After several days of stumbling aimlessly around she spotted a caravan of merchants. Afraid that they scorn her for her heritage, as Erol´s serfs had, she sneaked unto the last of the wagons. After just a few days of hiding and eating scraps when the rest of the caravan slept she found herself in Magnimar. The city would then be her home for the following years of her life and she would primarily survive by scavenging and petty theft.

One fateful night however, as she neared her twelfth birthday, her luck ran out. As she was using her meagre arcane talents to salvage some food from a merchant stand she was spotted. This by itself was nothing new - in fact it had happen several times before. But this time it was different. Usually, it resulted in a brief chase, thrown curses and/or thrown objects. This time however the poor merchants wife and children had contacted a deadly disease and lay at death´s door. In the merchants eyes, it all made sense now. His family was cursed and the fiend had come back to torment him ever more.

The Hangman's Daughter

Before she knew what happened, Freia found herself pursued and hounded thru the dwindling streets of The Marches. She gave a good chase, but in less then an hour the torch wielding mob had closed the snare around her. They dragged her kicking and screaming towards the nearest town square to purge this evil and restore their neighbour and friends families health. They lighted a bonfire for this purpose and the merchant started to read his prayer, calling the gods to reverse the curse now that the source was found.

By now the city watch had been alerted of the commotion and a small squad arrived at the scene. By fate or by chance the local hangman also accompanied them. The guards were ill at ease at the prospect of intervening and condemning the merchants family to their fate. The hangman however, had studied the teachings of Pharasma and considered himself a good judge of character saw that this frightened child was neither evil nor powerful enough to conjure such a powerful curse. In truth he also saw himself in her eyes; condemned and feared from preconceptions - lonely in this world. He convinced the cityfolk to let the girl go - and since no one wanted to argue with a hangman they complied. He offered to take look himself the merchants family and thru the meagre divine power invested in him by Pharasma managed to ease their suffering. Freia could tell by the merchants stare that he would have preferred to burn her anyway - as a precaution. So it came to pass that the Hangman of Magnimar adopted Freia.

Charm of the Sorrows

Freia spent most of her days helping Ryan, the hangman, in his job. They soon discovered that she had the special gift of seeing exactly when the life left the hanged. Ryan took this as a sign that Pharasma was pleased with his decision to save the girl. This talent also helped Ryan avoid unnecessary embarrassment of releasing the hanged prematurely while they still contained the spark of life. This upbringing made Freia rather at ease around the dead and its caretakers - almost all of Ryan (and thereby Freias) friends and acquaintances were caretakers, gravediggers, priests of Pharasma and corpse haulers. These were the only people who would associate with a man of Ryans profession.

As Freia ages it became clear that she did so at a slower pace then a human. During the almost twenty years she has lived with Ryan she has barely made it past adolescence. Ryan however, are not getting any younger and are looking forward to retire in the coming years. It dawned on him one morning that Freia would outlive him greatly - and she would need to find her own place in the world. At the very least she would have to take care of herself again. He had taught her basic swordplay and she knew a little magic but what she lacked was connections and a social network outside the few gravediggers and other professionals she met accompanying him to work. He brought the subject to her one evening after pondering it for weeks. Freia first despaired at the thought of Ryan passing but soon came to realise while it may not come to pass soon, it would inevitably be the most likely scenario. As Freia pondered her future Ryan thoughtfully prepared his pipe. "You know, there are an organization here in Magnimar who don't care about mundane things such as appearance or race. They are called Order of Forgotten Sorrows and are caretakers of the socially misaligned - and anyone who completes a Tear´s work may apply." he then added with a big grin "Besides, I´m not planning on kicking the bucket any-time soon - Pharasma have to wait a while" This lightened her mood and after about a week of contemplation she came to the conclusion that she really had nothing to lose in taking on a Tear's work. Besides, she could enjoy a break from hauling the bodies of convicts to the graveyard.

The very next day she stood at the threshold of their home with a backpack slung over her shoulder. She was dressed in Ryan's old uniform from his days in the city watch (the clever man knew that a Tear's work sometimes involved a "hands on" approach to criminals and had as such prepared it). She gave Ryan a kiss on the cheek and a long hug "I will miss you old man" Ryan laughed and replied "Yeah I noticed when we fenced last night" his tone then got more serious as he waved her goodbye and shooed her out of the house "Don't forget to write! And don't do anything too stupid!" Freia laughed and waved goodbye. She then fixed her gaze in the air infront of her to ignore the stares and made her way towards the Sorrows grounds - for once unaffected by the strange sensation of not wearing a hood in public and humming a quiet adventurous tone.

List of Names:

Full Name: Ryan Gallowfield
Description: LG human male, ~60 years 6'5"
Ryan is a heavy, broad shouldered man with a kind face framed by a long well-kept beard. He is figure tempered by a lifetime of hard work and his hair and beard contains plenty of grey along with a few holdouts of black. He limps slightly on his left leg, the telltale signs of the injury that forced him to end a promising career in the city watch over thirty years ago and look around for another line of work. He values honesty and duty highly - and since he started to work as a hangman - friendship and loyalty. He picked his second profession pragmatically, not wanting to leave the businesses of law and order but realizing his injury would prevent street level work. ("Someone have to do it - and it's not like they can run away anymore!") However, the abrupt shift in how people regarded him (from 'ooh look the proud guard!' to 'eeeh the creepy reaper') left him prone to grumpy rants and angry glares. Age and raising a daughter has softened his outlook once more, but sometimes he relapses.
Relation: Adoptive Father
As Freias adoptive father and one true parental figure for soon twenty odd years, Ryan is the only person she ever felt like family with - so their bond is understandably close. He is unmarried but has spent an increasing amount of time with the apothecary old widow, a playful half-elf whom outlived her husband many years ago (Therese *something* - They would make an adorable couple Freia recalls smugly.)
Skills/occupation: Hangman, former guardsman. Wise & kind father figure (probably adept/warrior. Well rounded stats with above average Con/Str/Wis & low Dex [heavy build, limp])
Notes: Very likely to lift Freia off her feet for a hug, ask her to 'introduce her little friends' & offer lemonade should he ever be encountered, giving Freia the new and wholesome experience of mildly embarrassing but well meaning parents.

Full Name: Ninalderani Summerleaf Therianon
Description: CG gnome female, 53 years 3'3"
Ninalderani Summerleaf Therianon, or Nini for short, lives for adventure and to experience new wonders. Much to the malign of her surroundings she frequently takes upon herself to create the opportunity for such endeavours should the current situation threaten to become too dull. Luckily she is also easily distracted - clever companions keep small puzzles or curiosities around for when they desire some piece of mind.

Nini is an average sized young gnome woman. Her hair and eyes are dark blue like the sky before sunrise - just before it is turned scarlet by the first rays of morning. A priest once told her that it was a good omen from Desna, but Nini herself doesn't pay it much attention. She prefers to direct her devotion to all the spirits of the wilds - not that this Desna doesn't sound like a nice gal, but gods never been her first interest.
Relation: Friend
Nini is one of Freias few friends that are not affiliated with her adoptive father or his work. They met some ten years ago when the curious gnome decided to investigate who the weird blue-skinned girl she saw was. Freia loves to listen to Ninis tales of the wider world and sometimes even follows her along for some of her milder shenanigans.
Skills/occupation: Adventurer and explorer. Spends plenty of time travelling around the world, as fancy strikes her. Knows a little bit about magic, but it comes easier for her then Freia. (first world summoner)
Notes: Character from other (dead) pbp. Linky. Possible replacement should Freia perish. Will need rebuild/rescaling if she is going appear!

Full Name: Erol d'Atirce
Description: LN human male, ~60 years 5'11"
Ambitious and egocentric, but not necessary malignant. Did have an impressive moustache back then, one Freia once managed to pull. Once. The mansion shook from his screams of fury.
Relation: Biological Father?
Erol 'raised' Freia during her first years (in truth, Erols servants took turns doing most of the parental tasks).
Skills/occupation: Accomplished wizard - both within evocation and summoning. (Wizard with atleast Enchantment as an opposing school and dumped Cha. Perhaps Wis too)
Notes: Should be able to cast something capable of wrecking a house, like fireball. But that was several years ago ... Did he live trough the explosion that led Freia to leave her old life? If he did, why is he in Magnimar after all these years - is he looking for her?

From the Runewell of Wrath

Arcane Strike & Wild Talent (Psionic feat)

From two months of construction/other labour

1 rank in either Craft, Profession or Know (Engineering)